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In late 2007, one of my chase partners from my early days of chasing - John McGinley - sent me this poster, created by his son, Jack - who works for a digital imaging company in California. Do you remember lugging your Pentium 3 or your AMD K6 and that shiny new ATI Rage 128 graphics card with a 30 pound 19″ CRT monitor to your friend’s basement to LAN the night away? Fast forward to today, and he's primarily a casual PC, Mac, and Linux gamer who enjoys some PS3 gaming occasionally. He does not own the copyright to the images used for this composite, but the design of the poster is purely his.

Do you remember when every game had LAN support for multiplayer because the Internet gaming hadn’t yet gotten popular? He's in charge of PLAS, Pittco's next-generation LAN party management software and helms Pittco's sponsorships and social network presence. El arte es el concepto de ideasque dan a entender dan a expresar ideas , sentimientos , pensamientos! Pero nada mas no es eso!tambien es cine, fotografia y todos es basado en lo visualSonoros:Tiene diversas expresiones que tiene como fin crear un orden!

Mc, Dj , graff , B- boy Cada CREW tiene un significado y es el que tiene su significado su siglas!ERS: Estilo Revolucionario al Sistema!un ejemplo haci! Tambien su CREW lo ponen en los Graffs o son mencionados por el Mc!                               Musica:Hay varios tipos de musica que son escuchado desde el RAP , HIP - HOP , O ultimamente tambien se ha escuchado el Reggae!

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