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Life Design Craft has several handy preparedness printables, including a 72 hour kit list, a 2 week supply meal list, and a 2 week emergency essentials list.
Quote:So do oils have a longer date than 1 year?The canned KTC Ghee available in the UK has a best before date of 2 years from purchase. Every year there are a few things I commit to in the new year – get healthy, organize better, finances in check and THIS WILL BE THE YEAR I DO FOOD STORAGE.
The other thing I found when I was researching for food storage information was a handy little newspaper clipping from the 1960’s. Agree with Denise – if I do this (and I will!) how many people for how long can be fed with what I do have? Many items can still go stale pretty quick – like crackers, mixes, powdered and instant foods. Yes, this list seems do-able (at least the purchasing of food) but WHERE would I put it all!?!?!
I would expect that it would be usable up to 3-4 years from date of purchase.2Kg can costs around $15. The images will just be enlarged on a new page which you can print or save to your computer.

With your color scheme and ideas i am assuming you do thrive…if you dont you should look into it.
After 9 years and thousands of ideas, I realize I'll never be able to check them all off my list. That's like comparing prices on a hamburger you make vs one at Red Robin, or In-n-out.With that said- I have both Mountain House meals, and canned food (among many others).
They both have their place, and you are paying for convenience, quality, and storage period to name a few when you buy mountain house.I don't think you can go wrong with either as long as you pay attention to expiration dates, and know what you are getting and how to properly utilize them. We on this forum have divergent opinions and survival strategies, and there is no perfect answer, as we all are dealing with different facts, assumptions, needs, and scenarios.
There's nothing wrong with ghee, but it's very expensive, we don't use it in our daily diet, and so we feel that we don't need it in a survival situation. Having heard about the results of long term static food storage from the 'bomb shelter' days, we select standard dry and canned foods with long shelf lives of 1 to 3 years and store those in sufficient quantities to survive for thirty days or more. For example, Skippy Natural peanut butter; No trans-fats, shelf is a year or more and it requires no refrigeration when opened. Add par-boiled rice, dry pasta, honey, canned meats, dry and canned beans, oil and flour, and any variety of canned veggies and you have a full survival pantry.

The trick is to use it daily by freshness date, and replenish it in quantity when you see it on sale. An added advantage is that you can replenish everything at sale prices, as you never have to 'run to the store' for the things you have in your cache. The 'human consumption dates' are much longer and vary by food type.We feel that the best food to have on hand is the food we eat anyway. We calculate that based on our location and the risks that we perceive and plan for, it is most likely that we would 'shelter in place' (80%) as opposed to 'bug out' (20%). The one concession we make to 'bug out' scenarios is that we keep half of our water in five - 7 seven gallon totes for portability, and we have the means to transport our entire food supply if we had to.

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