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Things might change, and I really hope they do, but The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is looking a little bleak from where I stand. Joey Davidson has been a diehard gamer ever since his dad brought home the family’s NES and a copy of Paperboy.
Plants vs Zombies has been an amazing franchise, from a humble start on mobile phones to the successful move to PC and consoles. Customization is surprisingly deep in Garden Warfare, players can edit their plants or zombies with accessories such as sunglasses and other items. THE BAD: The game being online only is probably the biggest downer this is mainly due to the lack of an actual story or campaign, which is a consistent problem with online only titles. OVERALL THOUGHTS: Garden Warfare is an excellent attempt at spinning Plants Vs Zombies into a new genre.

Now Popcap and EA are taking on the third-person shooter genre with the Garden Warfare spin-off which is released for PC , as well as current and last gen consoles. Plants vs Zombies is fun enough to make even the toughest of tower defense critics fall in love with the genre. Yes the focus on third person gunplay is heavy, but it’s still a tower defense game at heart. Along the way you unlock different characters, which I suppose could be classified as classes if you’d like to do that. It’s unique power ups and characters made things fun when you were trying to kill time while on the road or in a waiting room. Like previous Plants vs Zombies entries, you’re also able to use different power ups which also simultaneously act as weapons.

The lack of a campaign is an annoying clutch that comes with online only games, however the amount of content that Garden Warfare does bring is enough to satisfy those looking for a quick, fun time killer. It looks like a poor man’s copy of Left 4 Dead or Dead Island, and it does so with graphics that feel five or six years old. However with the release of Garden Warfare the franchise is looking to take a more permanent role in video games, and Plants vs Zombies has plenty of options to tackle.
There’s multiple modes in the game, which is nice as in the original Plants vs Zombies there was only story mode and a few minigames, but in Garden Warfare you have options and plenty of them.

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