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Utrzymana w stylistyce fantasy sandboksowa gra cRPG, bed?ca debiutanckim projektem studia AAD Productions. Staramy sie, aby ilustracje zawarte na naszym serwisie oddawa?y jak najlepiej realny wygl?d gier, nie retuszujemy ich, lecz ze wzgledu na konieczno?? pomniejszenia grafiki, cze?? screenshotow mo?e nie oddawa? prawdziwego wygl?du gry.
The 'Zombie Survival Map' plots petrol stations, grocery stores, and even gun shops in major cities across the world, should the worst happen and the undead take over the planet. Mapped out in an ominous black and red colour scheme, the map, the map shows the nearest location for key locations in the fight against zombies, such as convenience stores, gun shops, and hardware stores.Usefully, it also points out liquor stores, shopping malls, military facilities and police stations. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Exo-Zombies Outbreak revolves around 4 employees who had worked for Jonathan Irons’ private military organization, Atlas Corporation.
This guide is designed to provide you with a walkthrough of Exo-Zombies Mode, different tips and strategies, an overview of all the changes, and surviving strategy on higher rounds. Some players might see it as a reminiscence of Zombies Mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops II, there are some minor and major changes. There are quite a handful of weapons in Exo-Zombies Mode and most of them are from the game’s Multiplayer Mode. Similar to players, zombies acquire exo-suits at higher rounds and start dishing out more damage. There are some zombies who self-destruct and some can disable your exo-suit for a little while.
For more information, you can check out our How to Quickly Acquire Exo-Suit in Advanced Warfare Exo-Zombies Mode. In Exo-Zombies Mode, there are several Mystery Boxes that reward players with random weapon. There are a total of 2 Weapon Upgrade Stations located on the map and upgrading a weapon costs 2,500 Credits. The first Mystery Box can be found by taking the immediate left from your initial spawn location and heading towards the Main Hub. For more information on where to find all random Mystery Boxes and all Weapon Upgrade Stations, refer to our Advanced Warfare Exo-Zombies Outbreak Mystery Box and Upgrades Locations guide.
Your exo-suit may be able to help you sustain for a while, but without any upgrades, it’ll soon die out on you.
For more information on each of these Exo Upgrade Stations and where to find them, make sure to check out our Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Outbreak Exo Upgrades Locations guide. Unlike a single power source as experienced in Zombies Mode in previous Call of Duty games, each area has its own power source in Exo-Zombies Mode. From this point, head inside the central dome and interact with generation located on the western side of your entry point. Once you’re inside, head inside the first door on your right to find another generator.
Go up the stairs and you’ll eventually come to a large circular room with the last generator that you need to kick start.
Now that we’re done with all our serious chores and preparing to fight off the endless waves of undead; how about a little fun? In order to do so, all you need to do is to interact with certain objects found on the map and voila!
The first object is a wrench stuck in a wall near a decontamination chamber located on the left side of your initial spawn location.

For more information on the precise locations of these intractable objects, make sure to check out our Exo Zombies Classical Music Easter Egg Guide.
During the first few rounds, zombies are not much agile and you won’t find struggling much. One amazing tip regarding the Mystery Boxes is that you can get a weapon of your choice with it. In Holding B, you’ll come across a Weapon Upgrading Station which essentially is Pack-a-Punch Machine in Exo-Zombies Mode. Each time a weapon is upgraded, it receives increased damage, camo, certain attachments, and more. In case you go down and a teammate revives you, you’ll leave your tombstone at that place. At lower rounds, you can be certain to one-shot zombies, but as you progress towards higher rounds, it’ll take 2-3 shots to kill a zombie from medium-to-short range. Last but not the least, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for random Supply Drops and Boosts that you receive throughout the Exo-Zombies Mode as these are a great help. Although many people believe that Exo-Zombies Mode is pretty easier than Zombies Mode featured in previous Call of Duty titles, things indeed get real nasty at higher rounds. You’ll come across a weapon named MAHEM in Mystery Box which I believe, is the only Special Launcher in this game mode. The best thing about this weapon is that in Exo-Zombies Mode, it can be fired from the hip unlike the Multiplayer Mode. Furthermore, provided that you’ve acquired an exo-suit, jump over a zombie if it crosses path instead of wasting MAHEM ammo. Therefore, it’s a good idea not to let them touch you and always be on the move while staying close to the walls.
These bombs are acquired from the box and all players receive one Decoy Bomb after every round. When tossed, these bombs hover in the air for a while and all zombies in the area are lured to it.
Ambicj? tworcow by?o po??czenie mechaniki klasycznych tytu?ow RPG (jak cykl The Elder Scrolls) z aspektami survivalowymi i swobod? eksploracji ?wiata, typow? dla wspo?czesnych produkcji MMO.
Although the new game mode retains the same formula used by Zombies Mode featured in previous Call of Duty titles, the exo-suit has, once again, proved to be a game changer.
And while everyone will learn all about them sooner or later, it’s a good idea to have a brief overview before kicking off things. In order to do so, you need to head inside the first door on your left (from your initial spawn location). At this point, you need to activate a generator to open the central chamber containing the exo-suits.
In addition to this, Weapon Upgrade Stations can be used to upgrade your weapons for better results – for extra damage, handling, and things of this sort. However, Mystery Boxes have random spawn locations – the first one is always the same. Now, before you set out to restore power, do make sure that you’ve at least extra 5,000 Credits. From there, trace your steps back to the blue-lit tunnel and open the door leading to the Main Hub for 1,000 Credits. From your previous point, come out and go through another small tunnel on the right side and open the door to Exo Room for another 1,000 Credits.
The second object is a bone saw which is located near Hallway B, right next to a Pack-a-Punch Upgrade Station.

Once you’ve interacted with all three objects, the music will start playing and will last for about 7 minutes.
One of the things to note here is that you can now sustain 3 consecutive hits from zombies before going down.
Upgrading a weapon costs 2,500 Credits and every weapon in the game can be upgraded to Level 20 which is max a weapon can reach. These mutated animals are much more agile than normal zombies and can kill you in an instant. In addition to this, there are zombies which self-destruct and disable your exo-suit for a short while.
However, like I’ve mentioned above, you can always upgrade your weapon and make it better at higher rounds. However, there is another weapon which works more effectively with this particular strategy. But once again, if you can’t get MAHEM, stick to CEL-3 Cauterizer and upgrade it as much as possible.
This is a small circular room with two staircases, a central dome, an elevated platform, and a couple of doors to move in and out of the area.
There are quite a lot of different types of zombies which self-destruct and even disable your exo-suit for quite a while.
One of the most important things that you must have for this strategy and any strategy in general is Decoy Bombs. For those of you who don’t know, Decoy Bombs are essentially Monkey Bombs, but much more powerful.
And lastly, always keep an eye out for random Boosters and Supply Drops that arrive on the map.
Akcja gry ukazana jest w perspektywie pierwszoosobowej, a rozgrywka – zamiast na wykonywaniu kolejnych zadan fabularnych – koncentruje sie na samodzielnym odkrywaniu kolejnych lokacji. W wypadku gier na platforme PC, screenshoty powstaj? w konkretnej rozdzielczo?ci i jako?ci ustawien graficznych, mo?e sie okaza? ?e na twoim komputerze gra bedzie wygl?da?a inaczej. Once you’ve emerged out of this tunnel, take the stairs on the right side and open another door. These upgrade stations offer different exo-abilities which are extremely important if you wish to reach higher rounds.
As soon as you see your desired weapon in the Mystery Box, you need to interact with it at once – and that should provide you with the weapon of your choice. However, if a player rushes to the Decontamination Chamber before dying out, the infection can be cured. At Round #30, it won’t kill all zombies around it, but a significant damage is dealt to everyone.
Podczas rozgrywki musimy dba? o zapasy ?ywno?ci, co umo?liwia nam zbieranie ro?lin oraz rozbudowany model ?owiecki, pozwalaj?cy nie tylko polowa?, ale rownie? zastawia? sid?a. Ilustracje posortowane s? od najnowszych do najstarszych, cze?? starszych screenshotow mo?e pochodzi? z wersji beta gry lub z przedpremierowej wersji gry. Dzieki systemowi rzemios?a, wiekszo?? potrzebnych nam narzedzi wytwarzamy sami, korzystaj?c z odnalezionych surowcow i przedmiotow.
Rozwoj postaci odchodzi od tradycyjnych schematow – zamiast rozdziela? punkty do?wiadczenia, bieg?o?? w danej czynno?ci zyskujemy przez jej odpowiednio czeste wykonywanie.

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