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MGen GLENN J RABONZA (Ret.) Administrator, Office of Civil Defense and Executive Officer, NDCC.
The Philippine Archipelago occupies the western ring of the Pacific Ocean (Western Segment of the Pacific Ring of Fire), a most active part of the earth that is characterized by an ocean-encircling belt of active volcanoes and earthquake generators (faults) making it vulnerable to tsunami.
Administrator, Office of Civil Defense – Member & Executive Officer Secretary, Interior & Local Govt- Member Secretary, Public Works- Member Secretary, Transportation & Communication - Member Secretary, Social Welfare & Development - Member Secretary, Agriculture - Member Secretary, Education - Member Secretary, Finance - Member Secretary, Labor & Employment - Member Secretary, Trade & Industry - Member Secretary, Health - Member Secretary, Science & Technology - Member Secretary, Budget - Member Secretary, Justice - Member Secretary, Natural Resources – Member Secretary, Foreign Affairs - Member Director, Phil. Vision A service-oriented organization A prepared population A safe nation Mission To administer a comprehensive national civil defense and civil assistance program by providing leadership in the continuous development of measures to reduce risk to communities and manage the consequence of disasters. 1 The Development of the ASEAN Co-ordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management (AHA Centre) The 8 th ARF Inter-Sessional Meeting.
2 nd Meeting of the Asian Advisory Group of Parliamentarians for DRR 5-6 Febuary 2014, Vientiane, Lao PDR Institutional Arrangements for Disaster Risk. HFA Review 2009-2011 Lao PDR Meeting of the ISDR Asia Partnership 29 – 31 March 2011, Jakata, Indonesia Presented by: Mr. 1 Introduction: A Short History of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Law William C. PROGRESS ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE AADMER Meeting of the ISDR Asia Partnership 29-31 March 2011, Jakarta ADELINA KAMAL Head, Disaster Management and. ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES (AFP) DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENSE AFP RESPONSE IN HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE AND DISASTER RELIEF. Fragments of the Columbia orbiter, stored in the RLV Hangar at Kennedy Space Center Credits: NASA). The disintegration of Space Shuttle Columbia following reentry of STS-107 on February 1, 2003 was a disaster and a tragedy.
Space activities are changing these days in the US and worldwide: there’s no more shuttle,  but there are new commercial startups and new players every way you look. While the design basis may be a throwback, the whole concept of commercial transport is new to NASA.
On the whole, safety really does seem to be up to each individual’s initiative to go forth and find the expertise that exists and apply the lessons to future generations of spacecraft. To read more from this interview including Ciannilli’s experiences from the Columbia debris search, check out the Remembering Columbia Special in the Winter Issue of Space Safety Magazine, available online January 25th. Having wandered into professional writing and editing after a decade in engineering, science, and management, Merryl now enjoys reintegrating the dichotomy by bringing space technology and policy within reach of an interested public. The EPC will perform an annual risk assessment that reviews a comprehensive range of threats, including natural disasters, hazardous materials, violence, and pandemic diseases. While there may be a number of similarities in the nature of emergencies, each will have additional problems related to that event and will be discussed individually below with their related mitigation actions. All staff contemplating work with flammables should first check with the Safety Office to learn the recommended procedures.

The Dorchester County Emergency Management Agency will contact the Safety Officer when there is a severe weather alert and the Safety Officer will initiate, the E-2 Communication system.
Flood - Horn Point Laboratory is situated on one of the highest points in Dorchester County. If flooding is expected, move electronics, files and hazardous materials off the floor to a higher safer area. Horn Point Laboratory is not within the siren radius of the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.
In the case of perceived threat or actual violence on campus, the individual recognizing the serious possibility of an event or witnessing the event should leave the scene, call 911, and then wait in a safe area until the Dorchester Sheriff‘s Department arrives in order to describe the situation to the responding officer.
Each supervisor (faculty members, office managers, maintenance managers) shall design and retain a “telephone tree” enabling quick contact with their direct reports to ensure continuity of business, academic, and research programs.
The list shall be updated annually by each supervisor and sent to the Emergency Preparedness Committee before their annual meeting in March.
Training on appropriate information sharing related to distressed or disturbed members of the campus community will be addressed by the Multi Disciplinary Behavioral Assessment Team with is currently being developed by UMCES Human Resources. Emergencies can occur with varying degrees of severity that requires different levels of response and management. ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM) - of relevant projects of the ASEAN Regional Programme on Disaster Management 1. But it is important to remember that this tragedy did not stand on its own; it followed 17 years after another Shuttle disaster, the explosion of Challenger moments after its launch.
Ciannilli is the Project Manager for the Columbia Research and Preservation Office and of the Space Shuttle Challenger Office and recently launched a website to gather everything from documents and photographs to reports and remembrances relating to STS-107.
Given these changes and many unknowns, is there anything still to be learnt from the loss of an orbiter from a retired spacecraft program? Ciannilli himself notes that “there are some inherent differences that are pretty big differences.” The Columbia accident was a primary driver for the premature retirement of a Space Shuttle that was already in the midst of an extension program designed to keep the vehicles working until at least 2020. With many of the new spacecraft being built on a capsule model, what’s really needed in the expertise from Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. The agency can regulate who will be allowed to carry its astronauts, but there are limits to how much the agency can dictate safety design to its commercial partners.
Ciannilli and his colleagues are always happy to pass on their tribal knowledge, but acquiring that knowledge will inevitably be a personal process, driven by a personal passion for safety. After three years as Space Safety Magazine’s Managing Editor, Merryl semi-retired to Visiting Contributor and manager of the campaign to bring the International Space Station collaboration to the attention of the Nobel Peace Prize committee. The Information Technology Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Policy are in place to provide for the continuity, restoration and recovery of critical data and systems. The following chart summarizes the levels of emergencies and types of response that may be required.

ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM) - Operationalization of relevant projects of the ASEAN Regional Programme on Disaster Management ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response (AADMER) ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response (AADMER) Standby Operating Procedures for Regional Standby Arrangements and Coordination of Joint Disaster Relief And Emergency Response Operations (SASOP) Standby Operating Procedures for Regional Standby Arrangements and Coordination of Joint Disaster Relief And Emergency Response Operations (SASOP) 2. PENAREDONDO MILITARY ASSISTANT FOR OPERATIONAL READINESS, Office of Civil Defense, Department of National Defense National Disaster. Although the direct technical causes of the two accidents seem unconnected, the organizational factors that allowed these incidents to happen are very much related indeed.
If anyone is dedicated to keeping the memory of these accidents alive, Ciannilli is that one. The reaction seems more emotionally than rationally based; although the Space Shuttle had a checkered past, there’s no reason to suppose that brand new spacecraft with as-yet unknown foibles will perform any better. Unfortunately, retirements and layoffs have made deep inroads into those wells of knowledge but, Ciannilli explains, each generation of engineers does his best to pass on what he knows to those who follow him.
No amount of procedures and guidelines will automatically ensure safe design and operations.
The total volume of all flammable chemicals should not exceed 40 gallons in the laboratory.
The Integration and Application Network (IAN) building personnel should go to the Center Administration basement.
Civilian institutions need to further upgrade their capabilities and reduce reliance to AFP. UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) OSLO Guidelines OSLO Guidelines Civil-Military Coordination Course Civil-Military Coordination Course Asia-Pacific Conference on Military Assistance to Disaster Relief Operations (APC-MADRO) Asia-Pacific Conference on Military Assistance to Disaster Relief Operations (APC-MADRO) 3. So as we remember Columbia ten years after its loss, the biggest question we must ask ourselves is: how do we ensure that in another ten years, we don’t repeat the tragedy? In some ways, the loss of a 30 year accumulation of knowledge – and the engineers that accumulated it – can’t help but make it more challenging to achieve adequate safety. And in that reality lies the urgency to remember our past incidents, accidents, and errors. ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)-Voluntary Demonstration of Response (VDR) for disaster relief 4. By reminding new generations of engineers of the stories of Columbia and Challenger, Apollo 1 and 13, we remind them how easy it is to lose the diligence that prevents such outcomes. Touch the can with the gas dispenser nozzle and keep the nozzle in contact with the can inlet to prevent a spark from static electricity. Declaration of Principles and State Policies, 1987 Constitution) As protector of the people is best exemplified in times of major catastrophe in which the AFP, along with the civilian government agencies and institutions, undertake activities aimed at saving lives, preventing needless suffering, protecting property and minimizing damages during disasters and calamities 2.

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