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World Movies, Indiaa€™s only international channel from UTV Network, presents Martial Arts Weekend on 20th and 21st June. At the height of Chinaa€™s Warring States period, the country was divided into seven kingdoms.
HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS tells of a passionate emotional journey, in which three people suffer for love it tears them apart, yet they are willing to sacrifice everything for it.
Earlier this year we saw Darren Aranofsky offer his interpretation of the Noah’s Ark story. Noah’s Ark will follow Gilbert the aardvark as he tries to convince his friends that boarding the ark is their only chance to survive an impending flood.
Stevenson previously worked on the first two Shrek movies as well as Madagascar and was nominated for an Oscar for directing Kung Fu Panda. The film is tentatively slated to begin production later this year, according to the magazine. In addition to a fresh face, filmmakers intend to offer a new take on the life of the fallen rap star, who was murdered in 1996.

HERO is the first foreign language film to open at number one at the US box office and nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at Oscars. Philip LaZebnik has an equally impressive resume in animation with Mulan, Pocahontas, and The Prince of Egypt - an adaptation of the story of Moses. Rivele and Chris Wilkinson have signed on to write script about Death Row superstar's final years. Rivele added that the script centers on their perception that Shakur was miscast in the hip-hop world in which he found himself. Rivele explained that the movie won’t aim to resolve who murdered Shakur, but rather focus on who he was and the person he attempted to be. Shot in Ukraine for its climatic fight scenes, the movie was nominated for Best Cinematography at Oscars.
Hero & House of Flying Daggers is known for its extravagant landscapes, vivid colorizations, and intricate and spectacular arrow-and-sword fight scenes. The studio has recruited John Stevenson to direct an animated feature from the perspective of one of the animals on board the ark during the flood.

Noah’s Ark will be the first animated feature from Unified Pictures so it is difficult to determine what the producers will bring to the table. The movie will push a thesis slanted more toward asking why anyone would have wanted to kill the talented superstar.
Hong Kong's most commercially successful film actor, Andy Lau and Ziyi Zhang with a string of Chinese and international hits to her name have starred in this international box-office hit. The studio could bank on the success of the creative team as well as the popularity of Bible story adaptations in recent months with Noah and Son of God earlier this year and Exodus: Gods and Kings on the horizon.

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