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OSHA records indicate that construction job sites rank fourth and manufacturing sites rank second in the number of recordable injuries each year.
Because construction and industrial job sites are dangerous, having proper first-aid equipment on a job site and an individual with first-aid training is an OSHA requirement (29 CFR 1910.151) at all workplaces where there are no infirmaries, clinics or hospitals close to the workplace. First-aid training can be tailored to the needs of a job site, and can target injuries that most frequently occur in that particular work place.
Typical small, wall-mounted first-aid kits are adequate for a job site consisting of up to three employees.
First-aid supplies in kits should include gauze pads and rolls, adhesive bandages, wound cleaning agent, latex gloves, resuscitation equipment and directions for emergency assistance. If you are uncertain about the type of first-aid kit that is needed for a job site, consult a local fire and rescue department for assistance. Depending on the type of work environment, automatic external defibrillators (AED) may be installed, particularly job sites working around live power lines. Neff Rental has stringent internal first-aid safety guidelines to ensure that its branches, delivery trucks and maintenance trucks have fully stocked first-aid kits, and our personnel receive first-aid training. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Emergency First Response (EFR) is the fastest-growing international CPR, Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and First Aid training organization.
Many divers take the Emergency First Response courses to meet program prerequisites, such as Rescue Diver, or as preparation for becoming a Divemaster. The Emergency First Response program meets requirements for CPR and First Aid in the workplace (OSHA Guideline 29 CFR 1910.151), and incorporates the latest procedures for emergency patient care. Stay current with news and information you can use to help your health and safety programs. Combine the power of Mancomm's OSHA General Industry Regulations and the easy to reference General industry Fieldbook for the ultimate compliance source.

Make compliance with dense government safety regulations simple with MANCOMM’s 29 CFR 1910 OSHA General Industry Regulations. This current edition of 29 CFR 1910 OSHA General Industry Regulations also includes all of the revisions to both electric power generation, transmission and distribution and the development, maintenance, and certification records regarding inspections of mechanical power presses. This convenient guide contains all the most frequently referenced OSHA general industry regulations. The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals is a worldwide initiative to promote standard criteria for classifying chemicals according to their health, physical and environmental hazards.
Enhance the protection of human health and the environment: Consistent and widespread use of GHS will enhance protection of human health and the environment by providing an internationally comprehensible system for hazard communication. Promote sound management of chemicals worldwide: GHS will provide a harmonized basis for the first step in the sound management of chemicals, identifying hazards, and communicating them. Facilitate Trade: GHS will reduce costly and time-consuming activities needed to comply with multiple classification and labeling systems, promoting more consistency in regulation and reducing non-tariff barriers to trade. Moving equipment, falling objects, blocked views, working from heights and underground, and flying debris create hazards that can accidentally injure workers or cause fatalities.
Training includes how to respond to non-lethal and life-threatening health emergencies, and assessing a scene and the victim. When a larger number of employees are working a job site, additional or larger first-aid kits should be provided.  All employees should be made aware of the location of first aid kits. A number of factors should be considered when installing an AED, including local regulations, physician oversight and coordination with local EMS.
Dedicated to training the lay rescuer, EFR courses encompasses adult, child and infant CPR skills, provides AED and First Aid training, and feature an outstanding First Aid at Work component.
Remember, all of our classes are small, so register early to ensure we don't sell out for your desired dates. You can take the class with or without the O2 Administration section, or take O2 Administration by itself.

Updated through January 2015, the book provides you with a comprehensive set of the most up-to-date General Industry regulations. Use the General Industry Fieldbook for training, everyday guidance, and quick compliance reviews. It uses pictograms, hazard statements, and the signal words a€?Dangera€? and a€?Warninga€? to communicate hazard information on product labels and safety data sheets in a logical and comprehensive way.
GHS will help ensure more consistency in the classification and labeling of all chemicals, thereby improving and simplifying hazard communication.
OSHA standards also require CPR training for people working in confined spaces and electric power construction job sites to help victims until emergency personnel arrive. The company’s award-winning programs and state-of-the-art training materials make it a favorite among divers around the world.
They have taken a significant step in emergency preparedness, and feel confident that they can provide care should an emergency situation arise. Utilizing MANCOMM’s signature formatting approach – RegLogic® – this edition includes notations for changes within the past year and letters of reference. The primary goal of GHS is better protection of human health and the environment by providing chemical users and handlers with enhanced and consistent information on chemical hazards. This improved communication system will alert the user to the presence of a hazard and the need to minimize exposure and risk, resulting in safer transportation, handling and use of chemicals.
Flip the book over and those same numbered paragraphs are translated into Spanish, making it easier than ever to communicate with every worker in your facility. Every safety committee member and supervisor should receive this indispensable reference tool.

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