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The OSHA Compliant First Aid Kits are a perfect addition to every office or place of business.
Rehabmart is owned and operated by Occupational and Physical Therapists - we would like to show our gratitude to health science professionals as well as any student who is differently-abled! Most items are processed within 24 hours and shipped from the warehouse within 48 hours via 3-5 day ground delivery service (unless otherwise noted).
Heavy items (anything over 150 lbs), bulk-freight, palletized items and custom fabrication made-to-order items may have longer shipping lead times.

Contains an Assortment of Practical, Single-Use Disposable Items to Treat Injuries in a Sanitary and Simple Way. This course was developed to meet the OSHA, FEMA, and American Red Cross guidelines and standards related to Emergency Preparedness, at work and home, and covers types of emergencies, how to act in an emergency, accessing information, assembling emergency kits, establishing communications, planning, and evacuation.
They contain a nice assortment of practical, single-use disposable items that will allow you to treat injuries in a sanitary and simple fashion. Strategically configured for any workplace, these kits are designed to provide protection for four different size groups of employees.

Order cancellations must be completed on this product within 24 hours and require a 15% cancellation fee.

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