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The year 2011 brought many favorable changes for Survival Resources, not only in product development, but in consulting agreements and private training.A  For 2011, we also committed to both sponsoring, attending, and teaching at the Dirttime Event in California, as well as the Pathfinder Gathering in Ohio.
When we first decided to offer outdoor skills courses, we noticed that many of the available schools offered various extended programs of a week or more. At the 2nd Annual Pathfinder Gathering in Ohio, John taught a class on Survival Kits and co-taught a class on tarps with Steve (Critr Gitr) Davis. Seminars are offered as a part of an on going education for those who have minimal time or budget.
We have conducted seminars for various groups and organizations, as well as provided custom seminars to certain corporate clients. Each evening , students sit around the campfire and discuss lessons and make pine needle tea.

Desert Shelter: where, what, why and how to build improvised shelter to prevent hyperthermia, how to sleep cooler using physics, using space blankets and tarps and desert clothing choices. Water Wisdom: learn the truth about creating water through evapotranspiration, bag and solar stills, how to defeat dehydration and hyponatremia, simple yet effective maximal hydration techniques, desert water requirements for men and women, naturea€™s water indicators and modern and primitive water disinfection techniques.
Signaling for Rescue: getting attention using mirrors, ground to air, sound and smoke, setting up your vehicle for rescue and activating the Search and Rescue system. Hot Weather Psychology and Physiology: hot weather trip planning, recognizing desert priorities, arid land traveling techniques, desert survival gear and dealing with fear. Desert Flora and Fauna: desert weather, desert plant and animal adaptations, edible and medicinal plants of the Sonoran desert, rattlesnakes, scorpions, cone-nosed bugs and more. Arizona is the only state in the union that is home to all four North American deserts, the Great Basin, the Sonoran, the Mojave, and the Chihuahuan.

While each vary in their flora and fauna, all present a challenge to those who venture into them unprepared. Whether you are new to the desert, a day hiker or a multi-day backpacker, this course explores how to keep you and your loved ones alive during a possible desert emergency.
Discover the truth about what it takes to prepare for and adapt to arid landscapes in the southwest and around the world.

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