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Britain's spy agencies like MI6 have gained popularity through the James Bond series of books and films.
Don't worry if you're feeling hangry, you could nibble on barbacoa and freekeh until wine o'clock. If you're tempted to check out your local cat cafe or fast-casual restaurant, make sure they don't charge you cakeage (charge for serving a cake they have not supplied themselves). The news agenda is also reflected in the new definitions, with Grexit and Brexit (the potential withdrawal of Greece and Britain from the eurozone) making an appearance, along with deradicalization, microaggression, and social justice warrior.
Technology and popular culture remain strong influences on language, and are reflected in new entries including rage quit, Redditor and subreddit, spear phishing and blockchain. So if you are bad tempered as a result of missing a meal (hangry), you could nibble on slow-cooked shredded meat (barbacoa) or a cereal made from unripened wheat (freekeh) until it is an appropriate time for a drink.
Tue 5Ultimate SurvivalBear Grylls is dropped into swamps that were devastated by the 2004 tsunami for a week of challenges in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Out of EgyptA look at how changes in society in Mediterranean cultures moulded religious beliefs.11pm, Discovery HD Showcase500 Days of SummerJoseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel star in this film about a woman who doesn’t believe in love.
A rabbit named after Playboy publishing magnate Hugh Hefner is dying out primarily due to sea level rise, a new study concludes.

The Lower Keys marsh rabbit, known to scientists as Sylvilagus palustris hefneri, is medium-sized with dark brown fur and a gray-white belly. Scientists were surprised to find out what's been lowering the population counts for this real Playboy bunny. They found that only 8 percent of the rabbit's downturn is directly attributable to human development. When the station needs to be moved, a bulldozer will tow the entire base to a new location. Combined, these factors basically mean that any permanent building has a maximum lifespan of about 10 years. You are looking at the Halley VI Antarctic research station, a research facility that's officially set to open on February 5. 8pm, OSN Movies HD +2An EducationCarey Mulligan is a precocious teen in ’60s London who swaps her education for a love affair.
Looking to overcome these problems, Hugh Broughton Architects have designed a research station that features extendable legs on giant skis. The station, established by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), will be home to over 50 scientists.

And each of them is equipped with retractable hydraulic legs which will enable the structure to clear the rising ground each year. Living accommodations and laboratories, clad in blue glass-reinforced plastic, are positioned on either side of a larger unit clad in red.
10pm, OSN Cinema +2Hope and FaithA hilarious US sitcom about a happily married mum of three and her celebrity sister. Not only that, ice and snow quickly accumulates on the surface of the frozen continent, burying any structure that dares to defy the elements.
And when the station needs to be moved, a bulldozer can tow the entire base to a new location. 7.30pm, OSN ComedyHouse Hugh Laurie plays the sadistic and witty Dr House in this popular medical drama.
10pm, OSN FirstMantrackerTwo friends are let loose in the Canadian wilderness with a map and end location.

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