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The Paranormal Research team from the hit A&E TV show "Paranormal State" is called in to investigate a terrifying supernatural event at Poison Spring State Park, historical site to a grisly Civil War battle.
Scour over 40 locations and 20+ Hidden Object scenes of hauntingly beautiful Poison Spring State Park!Enjoy detailed, hand-painted artwork, full voice-acting, and a story inspired by true events!- Detect spiritual occurrences with special gadgets, such as the EMF Meter, the Thermal Cam, and more!- Solve 30 spooky puzzles and save the state park in Paranormal State: Poison Spring!Special Collector's Edition with 13 new locations, 3 bonus Hidden Object scenes, and 8 extra puzzles! The Curse of the Werewolves Collectors EditionWelcome to the Curse of the Werewolves - a hidden object adventure game with blood-chilling visuals and an enthralling storyline.Exorcist 2Take up the cross and slip into the role of a young exorcist on his first solo battle with the forces of evil.
Solve perplexing puzzles and search for cleverly hidden clues to save the park before it's too late!
The Paranormal Research team from the hit A&E TV show "Paranormal State" is called in to investigate a terrifying supernatural event at Poison Spring State Park, historical site to a grisly Civil War battle.
PRS creates a hole in a bathroom wall in an effort to find an EMF spike, only to say the spike couldna€™t come from a pipe- because ita€™s copper. Josh claims to have found an EMF spike in the basement bathroom which he thinks emanates from behind a copper pipe in the wall. Copper conducts electricity, this is a known fact, so the copper pipe could have been the source of the EMF.
Screenshot 3, Paranormal State a€?Smoke and Shadowsa€?Appears at approximately 7 minutes 4 seconds.It is my opinion this scene is filler material to create the illusion that something paranormal or supernatural might be about to happen.
Screenshot 2, Paranormal State a€?Smoke and Shadowsa€?Appears at approximately 6 minutes 51 seconds.Note: Could this be a re-enactment shot during the day? Screenshot 4, Paranormal State a€?Smoke and Shadowsa€?Appears at approximately 7 minutes 21 seconds.Ryan and Josh take turns whacking the wall. POSSIBLE CAUSES OF AN EMF SPIKE THE PRS DIDNa€™T TELL YOUIt might appear that since the PRS couldna€™t locate the a€?true sourcea€? of an EMF spike that there was a paranormal or supernatural causation for the spike in the wall. 3.An electric junction box or fuse box mounted to the outside of the wall could have produced an EMF reading stronger than what would come from a single strand of wiring or a pipe. 5.Wiring either in the house, the wall, or outside the wall, could have been improperly wired. 6.The copper pipe, or another nearby water pipe, could be the source of EMF even if Saraha€™s house power was off. Join the team as their newest member, solve this ghostly case, and reunite two wayward spirits in this eerie Hidden Object Adventure!

Save the soul of a possessed girl and uncover your hellish adversarya€™s dark secret.Exorcist 3Save your nephew and banish an ancient demonic entity. Her job and life are being threatened by dark spirits who have taken over Poison Spring Park, a Civil War battleground and museum.
We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Josh uses a TriFielda„? meter and claims he detects an EMF spike, which shouldna€™t happen because ita€™s a high reading and the power to the house was shut off.1.
Ita€™s supposed to be after 11:46 PM at night, but could that be daylight and the outdoors seen through the blinds? The power was supposed to be shut off when one of the readings was taken, so he wonders how there could be an EMF spike.
It might be interpreted that Eilfie is ready to strike a dastardly EMF entity that might pop out.
It is my opinion that the EMF spike either came from the copper pipe portrayed as not being the source, or from another source not shown. Although a window can be seen on one of the basement walls, if the location of the wall whacking was below ground, there could have been a power line, such as a distribution line, buried outside near the wall. Since most properly wired homes are grounded, there could be ground currents passing to the visible copper pipe from neighboring homes, thereby producing an EMF. Join the team as their newest member, solve this ghostly case, and reunite two wayward spirits in this eerie Adventure game!
In this chilling Hidden-Object Adventure you join the team of ghost-hunters and try to exorcise the ghosts before it is too late.
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Ryan gets permission from Sarah to crack open up the wall to see if they can find whata€™s causing the EMF spike, because the idea portrayed is the spike is a paranormal supernatural phenomenon.Ryan and Josh take turns whacking the wall, while Eilfie stands poised with a crowbar in her hands as if shea€™s ready to attack whatever is causing the EMF spike to mysteriously emanate from behind the wall. But the fact is, copper conducts electricity, and rational explanations as to possible sources of the EMF spike were not given.

This seems to imply that there is a paranormal or supernatural entity behind the pipe, perhaps in the wall, thata€™s producing the EMF spike. Could this be an indication that the PRS knew what caused the EMF spike, but creatively hid the knowledge of the source by having Paranormal State show a carefully-worded closing on-screen caption?Below is a screenshot from the end of the a€?Smoke and Shadowsa€? episode, saying the PRS was unable to find the source of the EMF spike in Saraha€™s house.
Thrills abound as you race to solve a series of terrifying puzzles, investigate chilling hidden object scenes, and put together the pieces of who - or what - is behind it all! But once a hole is put in the wall, nothing is seen behind the copper pipe to indicate the cause of the spike. This may (or may not) be important in understanding that the EMF source was known, and wasna€™t supernatural or paranormal. The following causes are only speculation since I wasna€™t on location at the time, but none-the-less, could be the a€?true sourcea€? of an EMF spike, and technically not be a€?ina€? Saraha€™s house.
The outside of the wall was not shown, and since the PRS didna€™t tear down the wall, we cana€™t be sure if the EMF source came from something inside of, or outside the wall.
Paranormal State has repeatedly used filler scenes with brief shots containing items such as spiders, birds, wind chimes, and one or more shots of the moon; perhaps implying there is a connection between the investigation and a paranormal or supernatural event. Paranormal State might be using some slippery language to obfuscate an otherwise simple (non-ghostly) cause for the EMF spike.As a note, the EMF source could have been either in the wall (if it wasna€™t the copper pipe), or something like a wire or pipe or other electrically-conductive material attached to or near the wall outside the house. Thata€™s why ita€™s used a lot in electrical wiring.Since the PRS didna€™t offer scientific reasons as to how an EMF spike could emanate from a copper pipe, or apparently from behind a copper pipe- I will provide some possibilities below, of how an EMF spike might occur.
That way, the on-screen caption could be interpreted to the extent that the a€?true sourcea€? of EMF was not a€?ina€? the house. PlayStation, PLAYSTATION, PSP and the PlayStation logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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