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You Myrtle Beach computer repair specialists, 1on1-Computers, wants you to know there are maintenance steps that you can take to avoid unexpected computer repair.
Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your software disks with any keys, new peripherals and driver specifications.  Depending on the type of backup you are using, you may need this information if your hard drive needs to be reformatted and reinstalled (which can happen during computer repair). Run Windows updates when prompted or have them set to run automatically.  Microsoft is always coming out with new updates that will add new features and help the performance of your computer. Using a few common computer maintenance steps can help prevent the cost of a computer repair.  However, if you have used a computer for any length of time, you know that computers fail and a computer repair call will need to be made. The next time you need to make that call for a computer repair, call 1on1 Computers, your Myrtle Beach Computer Repair specialists.
Good post about general maintenance items to check off the list at least on a monthly basis if not weekly.
Here are my five common-sense techniques and strategies to solve common computer hardware problems.
Don’t get frustrated and don’t be afraid of the computer problems consider it as the best opportunity to learn.
If you feel frustrated just leave it for a while, take a minute rest then go back with your fresh ideas to solve the problem or if it’s too much to handle seek help call someone who can help. Mejores Firewall gratuitos para Windows 7 : Los ordenadores son muy propensos a sufrir danos severos en el sistema a causa de los ataques de virus.
Como proteger nuestro ordenador de los malware :  Los malwares son conocidos como programas o codigos maliciosos que cuyo objetivo es danar al computador de cualquier manera o invadir la privacidad del usuario con programas espia.
Como proteger tu celular de los virus,programas para la proteccion de tu movil :  Los telefonos moviles funcionan, al igual que las computadoras u otros dispositivos, con un sistema operativo usado para hacer un medio de conexion entre el usuario y el ordenador.
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The most effective way to troubleshoot your PC is by isolating the problem to a specific parts by trial and error. It’s OK to look inside your PC There is only 5V and 12V DC voltage supplied to the components outside the power supply.
Results will vary based on your computers overall running performance and the hardware in your computer. Just think of the satisfaction, the knowledge and experience it will give you after you solve the problem.
But always remember to power down and unplug the power chords before opening your computer.
Try other components or peripherals on different machines and see if the problem still occurs. Check if your microprocessor, memory modules, Video adapters and sound cards are inserted correctly and didn’t “pop-up” during transportation. For instance, when you see an unusual blue screen with an error message, copy the entire message onto a piece of paper. In many situations, that message may point to the right direction in getting the problem solved quickly.
Minimum & Recommended system requirements were posted before game was officially launched back in October 2011. BF3’s on line multiplayer gaming now kills most dual cores, quad core is needed as entry level processor. Dual cores might be able to run certain maps, but high out door texture maps, 64 full player maps will be a huge struggle.
Your choice of cpu is more important in BF3, with your graphics card following right behind in this game.Your computer in general needs to be running well also, no CPU spikes from known or unknown software, hardware running clean and cool, etc.
Each of your computer’s components is evaluated to see how well it meets the minimum and recommended requirements for specific products.

Had a good time, especially when using Mumble voice between members, met a few good people and players, ran a server for several months, then needed a break from it. Smooth as butter for 11 months straight on BF3’s high video game settings with a few tweak adjustments listed down below. My screen is large, and got use to having the map zoomed large on lower left of screen, it did not bother me, got use to it. AND USED IT!On the high terrain maps like Caspian Border, Teheran Highway, Gulf of Oman I seen a FPS drop in areas maybe 50-75 fps range, and at times it’s as high as 85 on same maps. HBAO ON, AA x16, Motion Blur off, Vertical Sync off at 1920x1080p screen resolution = BF3 75-100 FPS.
First game I played with these upgrades, seemed like I was making kills very easily than before, moving much quicker for advancing and getting by death shots or winning one on one gun battles much easier.
AMD Phenom x4 955 BE Quad Core was using all 4 cores at 80-90% usage.If you are looking you squeeze out a bit more FPS, keeping reading on below. FPS increase, smoother game play from the tips below will be dependent on your computers hardware, and how well your operating system is running. Trust me, I spent year and a half on BF3 since release date, I have tested and tweaked settings individually to find my sweet spot with the Phenom and GTX 560 in regards to smooth game play, good graphics with showing a boost in FPS. You run the risk of having graphic driver problems, conflicts during driver installation when installing new over old drivers.

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