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Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) from Per Mar Security Services provides an opportunity for more independence and a greater peace of mind.
Available to both new and existing customers, Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) units come with a communicator which connects to a phone line or radio, and provides the customer with a pendant to utilize in the time of medical need. In a home application, PERS offers a better way to manage everyday living while still offering the independence everyone is used to enjoying.
Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) allows individuals and their families to live more fulfilling and independent lifestyles without constant worry.
The agreement names Tunstall Americas as a distribution partner for Numera's mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS).
Recalled Classic models have catalog number 0-7425 and serial numbers 0408044281 through 4410052723. By using a PERS unit, individuals are able to access direct and immediate one-on-one assistance in a time of need. By simply pushing the pendant button, an individual can be connected to the central station operator who can then help determine the most appropriate course of action that needs to be taken. The first four digits of the serial number are manufacture dates from January 2008 through August 2010 in WWYY format.

Why: A single Amber Base station set to Common Area Mode will not detect a low battery or dead battery warning signal from the remote pendant that notifies the end user or system administrator to replace the pendant battery.
Ideal for both personal and commercial use, PERS provides a way to better manage everyday living with fewer worries. Recalled SelectX models have catalog number 0-100729 and serial numbers 2308600299 through 3013079617 The first four digits represent manufacture dates June 2008 through July 2013 in WWYY format. Consumers should immediately contact their system installer or a Visonic alarm installation professional to determine if their Amber base station is set to Common Area Mode, and if so, to either reset their unit to another mode or make other system changes, such as adding an additional base station.
The centers feature high-speed communication infrastructures and the highest security available.
The first two digits are week of manufacturer and the second two numbers are the year of manufacture. Only a professionally-trained PERS system installer can identify and modify the particular mode configuration.
The centers are HIPAA compliant and staffed by professional telephone Tunstall Agents who have been highly trained on the mPERS solution. For example serial number 2308 600299 indicates a manufacturing date of the 23rd week of 2008 or roughly June 2008.

Owners are also reminded to manually test their Amber PERS pendant regularly for low battery status.
By simply pressing the mPERS emergency response button, the customer will be connected to a Tunstall Agent who will evaluate the situation and determine appropriate action. If the center cannot contact you or determine whether an emergency exists, it will alert emergency service providers to go to your home. Each unit has an external label on the back of the base station, with the product name and serial number. Transmitters Transmitters are light-weight, battery-powered devices that are activated by pressing one or two buttons.

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