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Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld shares a passion for cinematic arts with his grandfather, Jacques Roitfeld, and his uncle, Pierre. Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld lists among his favorite artists Tom Sachs and among his prized possessions the invitation that the artist sent out for his Lever House opening in New York last May. Sachs is famous for works that explore themes such as branding, consumerism, and product fetishization; one such example is "Hello Kitty Nativity" in which he staged a Christmas scene for the windows of Barneys with the iconic character Hello Kitty in Chanel in the starring role.
Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld loves to unwind and relax with friends at the Rose Bar in New York City. Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld, Salim Langatta, PC Valmorbida, David MushegainWith regard to the exhibit and particularly David, Vladimir said, "I enjoy working with my friends and people of my generation and when I had the idea a few months ago to put on a photography show in New York, these guys just came naturally to me.
Hey Matt we had good success with the ones that look like green maggots on the spring trip. Woodswoman, bought the spam at either a Cub or Rainbow Grocery store since those are the two biggest one closest to me.  What is in your area?
If you put grape kool-aid, fried chicken and some Kools, it would be a nigger survival kit! Renae Chiovaro is the authorHow to Have it All where she writes about Easy Recipes, Gardening, Juicing, Country Life, Healthy Living and so much more.
Vladimir followed his passion to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles where he earned degrees in Business, International Relations, and Cinema & Television.
Sachs is also a talented photographer, including a recent session with Vladimir and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld for Pop Magazine. The exhibit, sponsored by Louis Vuitton, was on display at the gallery Collective Hardware on Manhattan's Lower East Side. I’ve been seeing them for many years, they have all a passion in common which is photography, and I really always loved their work. Lightsticks, matches, Flashlight, signal mirror, wire saw, whistle and directional compass.
I carry these every time I go into the field and figure I could survive a day or two with the contents which is more than adequate in the areas I frequent (i.e.

I have an even smaller version of it around here somewhere that I would love to come across soon. With stand-by tickets, my daughter (five) and I didn’t know exactly how long we’d be away from our home. This tiny (it’s 3 by 5 inches) retro-style container holds an impressive 74 items, including a variety of adhesive bandages, antiseptic pads, sting-soothing wipes, antibiotic ointment, safety pins, and waterproof matches.
Join me as I journey through motherhood learning to balance work, raising kids and saving money. Join her as she journeys through motherhood balance work, raising kids and living a healthy lifestyle!
USC is one of the world's top private research schools recognized for its selectivity and its strong programs in the arts, technology, and international trade; approximately 35,000 students enroll each year. Probably the biggest draw is the music: constantly evolving and ever sophisticated, the playlist includes the best of internationally known DJs from Paris, Rome, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Montreal.
He has worked for Vogue Paris, Vogue Hommes, Vogue UK, i-D, Muse, and has a column in Vogue Nippon for which he visits models at home and photographs them hanging out. First aid compartment consists of: stainless steel scissors, gauze roll, adhesive tape and bandages. The trouble with my survival kits is they always start off small, but then grow into huge, unwieldy, overstuffed backpacks filled with a full compliment of camping gear!
Then you make a few bush sets and your time can be spent on shelter or fire.Everyones kits are great and food for thought. I bet they have them too.The rod and Striker I have I believe I got from another member, I separate the two when I actually use it. As a former teacher, Litsa wears many hats that it takes to make a home a functioning home!
When Vladimir went to study at USC in Los Angeles his friend Salim knew David who was also living in LA and he introduced the two friends. You know, this show, mainly I’m just giving these guys an opportunity to show in New York.

Try the company’s All Purpose Tin ($5), which is even more slender but still houses 27 pieces. I have said over and over again that a person who is properly dressed for the current and immediate future weather conditions does not need additional shelter to survive an unplanned night or two outdoors.
Could make tinder thouh if nothing else.The psk thing is another of the little revelations I had. I wanted the show to be more personal than that—moments out of each of their own lives. So by eliminating elaborate shelter from the kit, and focusing on the two biggies, fire and water, you can pare down the size and weight of a kit considerably. You start with an altoids tin and end up with a backpack, and still have that redundant deadweight altoids tine with tiny inneffective bits of miniature gear that you replaced with real camping gear anyway.
David is showing a lot of portraits and what I love about his pictures is the way he can really document a person. My kit will contain redundant means of fire starting, means of water collection and purification, and a few bonus items to make the stay less miserable, like a plastic bag for keeping dry from rain above or snow below, etc.
Join me as I journey through motherhood learning to balance work, raising kids and staying healthy. I want it to be sort of a minimalist approach, assuming that I will be sufficiently dressed for the weather.i will try to throw something together and get pics. In the pouch with the Altoids tin is a Fresnel lens kept in sleeve with duck tape on outside and 1 Diethylene Glycol fuel gel pack.

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