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CNETTech CultureThe challenge of wooing Generation CThe challenge of wooing Generation CAs Nielsen coins a new term to describe young adults ages 18 to 34, a group it considers bound together by a digitally connected lifestyle, one Gen C'er has some advice for advertisers.
But as attractive as people like me and my "Gen C" brethren can be to advertisers due to our always-on status, we also pose a tantalizing challenge: can they get us to notice their ads? We spend much of the day in front of screens, be they smartphones on the bus, computers at work, tablets and Roku-connected TVs at home, or all of those at once. I honestly do not notice the ads on Facebook, or at the bottom of the New York Times Android app, or at the top of Gmail. Advertisers will probably like this stat out of the Nielsen report: 19 percent of smartphone and tablet owners also searched for product information and 16 percent looked up coupons or deals while the television was on.
Personally, though, I have such a blind spot for ads that when Web sites make the unfortunate choice to put a piece of actual content on the right side of the screen where I'm used to seeing an ad, it's too bad for them, because I miss it.
According to Nielsen, 18- to 34-year-olds comprise the largest group of smartphones owners in America, by far.
On those rare occasions when an ad on Hulu that I must sit through to watch my beloved "30 Rock" hits home, I focus on it.

Think of the iPad commercials that suggest in no uncertain terms that if you don't own an iPad, you're missing out on a world of learning, communication, entertainment, and fun. It also didn't hurt that my friends on Facebook wouldn't shut up about how much they loved theirs.
The Nielsen report draws from a broad range of research efforts across Nielsen and NM Incite, including panel data, metered device usage, and surveys, according to a Nielsen representative. Ett slimmat skal med ett inbyggt magnetfaste pa baksidan, som tillsammans med de smarta Proper M-tillbehoren utgor ett system som gor det mojligt att anvanda din iPhone var du vill. Nya iPhones har en mindre dockningskontakt an dess foregangare, sa kallad Lightning-kontakt. This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!Please upgrade today! If you've ever been ignored by a twentysomething in an elevator who's too busy texting to hear your plea for a sixth-floor button push, you already know what Nielsen's getting at. Census, people in this newly labeled age group (formerly called Gen Y, or the Millennials, or Generation Next, or sometimes just "those kids with some college education who are largely unemployed but building iPhone apps in their spare time") make up just "23 percent of the U.S.

This makes us perfect targets for ads, but also so used to a constant onslaught of information while multitasking that we can be incredibly adept at filtering out the data we don't care about. Of course, I can't speak for all of my generation; I do have friends who are constantly marveling at how the targeted ads on Facebook know them so well that they often take the click bait.
I bought an iPad after two years of thinking it was an unnecessary, overpriced luxury, because the marketing of it as an addictive product that would increase my connected productivity and happiness seeped in through osmosis and I literally looked up from my computer one day and said aloud, "Today I'm buying an iPad. Frame advertising messages like this: what we're selling is fundamental and necessary to your connected life.
Like many Gen C'ers at the start of a career, I'm extra careful about how I spend my dollars.

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