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I love capturing beautiful nightscape photography, and I’m always happy to share what I know and what I learn. In this 10th article I’m going to share my thoughts and processes as I go through Planning and Preparing for a Nightscape Weekend.
So I’m going to make sure I control the things I can control and give myself the best chance of success. As I said above, I’m currently in the middle of my own planning and preparation phase for a weekend away. I’ll now take you through the steps that I went through to be ready for this nightscape weekend! You need to decide when you’re going to head away – is it for a weekend, or just for the night?
So you need to look at a Moon Phase Calendar, and find some candidate weekends that fall on favourable Moon Phases.
For my weekend away, I wanted to head away for 2 nights (a Friday and Saturday night), and I wasn’t fussed on whether it was New Moon or a partial crescent Moon. You may have had some locations in mind for a while, you may go back and visit previous locations but with better knowledge or better gear than you had before. For my weekend away, I chose to head to Coonabarabran (the home of the Siding Spring Observatory) and Narrabri (the home of the Australian Telescope Compact Array radio telescopes).
Alex Cherney (a nightscaper who inspires me greatly) recently posted a timelapse from ATCA as part of their 25th Anniversary celebrations, and it’s certainly reinforced my decision to go there. On the other hand, you might want to go alone because you don’t want to share the unique location, or have the hassle of worrying about someone else if you want to head somewhere else at the drop of a hat. Andrew has only recently started capturing nightscapes, but he’s enthusiastic, passionate and a very fast learner.
You’ve decided where and when, and now you need to make sure you can get time off work (if you have to take any extra days off) and also make sure your family are ok with it.
I’ve been able to make contact with the right people to get permission to shoot at night at both locations, and get access to areas normally off limits.
In terms of getting there, Google Maps is certainly one of the easiest ways to plan your route. You can also use cloud prediction sites like SkippySky, and for the analytical, Phil Hart has written an article about Forecasting Cloud for Australian Astronomers. A good place to start is my Nightscape Gear Checklist, but you’ll likely want to add to it to make it more detailed and include more of what you need for a night or two away from home. Do you have enough spare batteries, and how will you recharge them the next day ready for another night? The more advanced you get, the more gear you accumulate, and ultimately the bigger the list will get when you plan to head away! Just make sure you write down your list – so you can use it again next time and check it off as you pack (both before you go and when packing up to come home!). Use tools like TPE, Stellarium, StarWalk Astronomy and Photo Pills to do sky simulations of the location at the date and time you’ll be there. Keep a note of your plans in your Evernote notebook or wherever you’re keeping track.
If you’re taking timelapses or star trails, take note of the settings you might need – how many shots do you need to fill out 15 seconds of timelapse, or what length of exposure at what ISO will you use for an uninterrupted star trail?
I’d originally used the timelapses of Alex Cherney and Emil Paell as inspiration for Narrabri.
Unfortunately it’s during this planning phase that I discovered the Moon would be smack bang in the middle of the Milky Way, pretty much eliminating any chance for Milky Way nightscapes over this weekend. The landscape photographer in me also can’t wait to capture the beautiful Warrumbungle Mountains, and any other country-side out there at dawn, dusk, and any time in-between. Some of this you may not wait until you get home – it depends what you take and how much time you have, but for starters, get the images off your card and onto your hard drive. I hope you will enjoy this series and your feedback and comments will always be welcome. Please share with your friends too! Mike Salway lives on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia and loves Photography, Amateur Astronomy, CrossFit and Karate. Enter your email address to receive an email when I publish a new blog post or image, or connect with me on social media using the icons below.

My name is Mike Salway and I'm passionate about photography, amateur astronomy, CrossFit and Karate. No doubt you have heard this quote many times – “Fail to plan and prepare plan to fail.” It’s not exactly a worthless platitude is it? We’re often perplexed when a business owner will ‘confess’ they’ve been dazzled with a big business idea and haven’t thought it through to validate it or prepare for it. Why then is it any different in planning and ‘going into training’ when it comes to launching a big business idea?
If this message strikes a chord with you and you’re either just getting your big idea together or have already started out, you can be sure that gaining a healthy dose of business acumen at any time will be a massive boost to your ideas, enterprise, success and your attitude to it. James Caan and Bev James created the Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy with people like you in mind. So, if you are absolutely serious about making your business succeed, make a beeline for our ticket hotline and book yourself a ticket for our next TOTAL Business Mastery Seminar with James Caan, Bev James and the EBA Millionaire Mentors for Saturday 20th August. The Entrepreneurs' Business Academy is a unique and highly practical one stop resource for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, providing a range of courses , EVENTS and materials that give step-by-step guidance for entrepreneurs on their business journey. Not enough business owners think about how they would manage if their businesses were struck by an unforeseen negative event. This calls for the skills of Forensic Accounting and Claims Services (FACS) specialists, a division of Marsh Africa, to calculate the value of the loss. Businesses do not always have the resources and expertise available to quantify, support and manage the claims process. Naidoo further advises that when preparing a claim, a FACS specialist must keep in mind that each claim is different and presents its own unique set of challenges. Marsh Risk Consulting’s FACS Practice works successfully with both in-house and external law firms in the pursuit of a claim. Posted on 30th June 2015 by Admin.This entry was posted in News and tagged Marsh, Marsh Africa, Nolan Naidoo, Plan for recovery. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. I’m keen to inspire others to head outside and look up at the sky, and to photograph the sky. What do you need to think about, plan and prepare for when it comes to heading away for a weekend of Nightscape shooting? No doubt I won’t capture everything and will forget things along the way, but hopefully this will help you plan for your own weekend of nightscape shooting in the near future. Especially if, like me, you have limited opportunities to get out under the stars – I want to be sure I make the most of my opportunity and have the best chance of success of capturing some great images. I’m heading to Coonabarabran (Siding Spring Observatory) and Narrabri (Australian Telescope Compact Array) to do some nightscapes.
For nightscape shooting, you need to be aware of the Moon Phase, and likely plan your dates around the best time for dark skies and favourable Moon Phase. New Moon, if it falls on a candidate weekend, means the darkest skies – which are great for deep sky shots with as little light in the sky as possible. I used the Sydney Observatory Moon Phase Calendar, and picked some dates in August and September that were likely candidates.
Unfortunately, when I look at the sky simulations for that weekend, the Moon will be right in the middle of the Milky Way.
What objects, structures, natural foreground interest, beaches, mountains, valleys, rocks, rivers, lakes, will you plan to include in your foreground?
You need to consider how much time you have to get there in comparison to your date and time. I’ll certainly be hoping to emulate his success but hopefully also add my own personal touch and style. My contacts as a result of running IceInSpace for the past 8+ years have certainly helped with this. It’ll take us about 6+ hours to get to Coonabarabran, another 2 hours to get to Narrabri, and then about 7-8 hours to get home on the Sunday. While not a great prediction, it at least gives me an idea of how cold it will get at night to help me prepare what clothes to take! You can add anything and everything (notes, images, videos, voice memos, pdfs etc) in there to assist with your planning.
When you have 2+ camera bodies and you want to do timelapses, then you’ll probably add dolly’s, rails, more tripods etc! For example, Andrew is going to borrow my spare Canon 40D body – so I need to add that to the list, as well as batteries and charger for it.

You want to be able to picture where the Milky Way will be, where the Moon will be, what planets might be in the sky, when the Sun will rise and set and in which direction.
I’d started thinking about Milky Way shots with the radio telescopes framed nicely in the foreground. It’s a good idea to either take multiple copies, or leave the images on your card as a backup until you get a chance to make multiple copies. Astrophotography has always interested me and this localised guide (living in Sydney) is really useful. I love to capture beautiful landscapes and night sky scenes, and love it when I can show people the wonder of our universe.
The truth is that unless you know where you are heading, without the right kind of plan you are unlikely to get to your exact desired destination. The EBA's courses have been put together by James Caan and Bev James MD of EBA and The Coaching Academy, and specifically designed to teach its participants the skills required to take an idea and turn it into a reality.
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This makes FACS a crucial business service for its ability to quantify the claim in accordance with the Insurance Policy, present the claim to the Loss Adjuster on the client’s behalf then negotiate a fair settlement for the client.
This is to address any issues that may arise at the beginning of the claim. “It is difficult to get involved further down the line when the claim is already in distress”, he adds. The multi-disciplined South African team is based in Sandton, Johannesburg and comprises Chartered Accountants, Forensic Accountants, Claims Advocates and Claims Preparers. “The South African FACS team has assisted hundreds of clients in all industries with complex losses ranging from approximately R500 000 to R2billion.
However, sometimes you WANT a partial Moon Phase, as it helps light the foreground if it’s behind you and not in your shot. I really needed a whole 2 nights to get both locations in, and even then, I’m only at each location for 1 night. Someone to share the driving, talk to about your planning and preparation, share gear, share ideas and ultimately share the experience. He was able to get the weekend off too so we’re now going through the planning together. If it’s going to be cloudy where you had planned to be, then maybe you could drive an extra few hours to find clear skies. I’ve also borrowed some gear from Fred Vanderhaven (more lenses etc) that I need to keep track of, so I have to add that to the list. Let me know your challenges and frustrations and questions about nightscape photography, and I’ll add them to the list of topics I’ll cover! Threats include any sudden, unexpected calamitous event that creates an inability for an organization to provide critical business functions for an undetermined period of time.
This is a highly specialized field which requires the focused attention of relevant experts. This service provides clients with the muchneeded assurance that their best interests are being taken care of which is especially important during times of distress where senior staff need to focus on the operational issues of the business rather than the claim. Sometimes you’ll work this in combination with Step 2 (the location), as you might WANT some moonlight to naturally light up a valley or rock formation or escarpment.
If you’re heading away for 1-2 nights, then you have more flexibility to head further afield to darker skies or more exotic locations. These interruptions range from events such as natural catastrophes, cyber-attacks and supply chain failures, which may result in great damage or loss to that organization. When this happens, that an entity suffers such a significant loss, obtaining assistance from the insurer for maximum financial recovery of the losses will be important— perhaps crucial—to the future of the organization. It’s affected by factors such as the length of the loss period, the length of the indemnity period, whether there are any disputes in the interpretation of the policy and whether it is a partial or full loss of the business. Due to the complexity of each claim, the process of finalising a claim is a factor one cannot predict. The finalization of a claim could range from a few weeks for a straight-forward claim to months for more contentious claims. Companies are becoming increasingly exposed to risk and, more than ever before, need to be prepared to pay for loss mitigation and continuity plans.

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