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We decided to share this bit of information with our readers…who knows, it might save a life someday! A study found that a third of those who died from plane crashes would almost certainly have survived if they’d taken certain precautions. Bear in mind that – unfortunately – you may have several minutes’ warning before impact, so use the time to go through any plan again. Although, some people have pointed out that one of the two recommended brace positions is impossible for anyone in an economy seat, where the space in front of you is simply insufficient to adopt the suggested position. One of the strangest findings of research into crashes and passenger behaviour is that over and over again people struggled with what you’d imagine would be the easiest of tasks – undoing their seat belts.
One of the keys to survival can be to listen to, and follow crews’ instructions, but if they or your immediate neighbours appear to be in a trance, then you have to make your own moves and decisions.
In a smoke-filled plane, some sources suggest you keep low to the floor as there’s likely to be less smoke at floor level. People do the most remarkable things after crashes, one of the strangest of which is trying to retrieve some, or all of their possessions.
OMGnigeria brings you close to your favorite celebrity with updated details of all interesting things they are involved. You are A passenger Riding on Singapor airlines Flight 769, You were flying on an Airbus A380. With the map you get, is the other plane crash supposed to show up in the map after you find it? Passengers in plane crashes today, such as the one in San Francisco involving Asiana Airlines Flight 214, are more likely to survive than in past disasters. Saturday’s crash was the latest where a big commercial airliner was destroyed but most passengers escaped with their lives.
The most famous was a US Airways flight in January 2009 that lost engine power after striking a flock of geese after taking off from New York’s LaGuardia Airport. A British Airways flight in January 2008 crashed short of the runway at London’s Heathrow Airport. This April, a Boeing 737 flown by Indonesian airline Lion Air crashed into water short of a runway in Bali. Regulators started mandating such cabin improvements after two deadly aircraft fires in the 1980s.
First, an Air Canada flight made an emergency landing at Cincinnati’s airport in 1983 after a fire broke out in the bathroom.
Two years later, a British Airtours aborted a takeoff in Manchester, England after an engine fire.
Today’s planes come with ground proximity warning systems, which alert pilots if they are too low.
That technology didn’t exist in 1974, when a Trans World Airlines plane heading for Washington Dulles International Airport crashed into 1,754-foot tall Mount Weather in Virginia.

Today, thanks to these advances there are about two deaths worldwide for every 100 million passengers on commercial flights, according to an Associated Press analysis of government accident data. Just a decade ago, passengers were 10 times as likely to die when flying on an American plane.
Those in the airline industry often say that a person is more likely to die driving to the airport than on a flight.
Time and again, having a notion of what you are going to do in the event of a crash or forced landing has been found to be fundamental to survival. Be sure that you have removed any dentures, pencils or other sharp objects from around your person. The reason is that in times of stress people revert to learned, normal behaviour and when it comes to seat belts normal and instinctive means a car seat belt.
For every inch of slack you are increasing the potential g-forces to which you’ll be subjected.
In a similar vein, stunned passengers were often found to have remained seated waiting for instructions that, for whatever reason, didn’t come. Listen to flight attendants, get to an exit fast, check quickly that it is viable, inside and out, then get out and move as far from the plane as fast as possible. OMGnigeria captures latest entertainment trend from our homeland, Nigeria and around the world.
In mid Flight The plane's Left wing Clipped a mountain When The Plane's Auto pilot Shut off the engines The plane Is now Extremely Damaged. Improvements in cockpit technology mean that planes rarely crash into mountains or each other – accidents that are much more deadly. Carpeting and seat cushions are now made of materials that burn slower, spread flames slower and don’t give off noxious and dangerous gases.
Doors on planes are much simpler to open and easily swing out of the way, allowing passengers to quickly exit.
Flight attendants at many airlines now train in full-size models of planes that fill with smoke during crash simulations.
Aircraft engineers have looked at structural weaknesses from past crashes and reinforced those sections of the plane. The plane landed safely but half of the 46 passengers and crew died because they couldn’t quickly escape the smoke and fire. The Boeing 777 involved was manufactured in 2005 and contained all of the advances in safety. Airport fire departments frequently hold drills where crews simulate a crash and practice coordinating with area hospitals on how to care for the injured. Accidents with planes hitting mountains or each other in midair, typically at speeds up to 500 mph, are rare in North America and Europe. Such a system would have probably prevented the 1960 midair collision of a TWA jet with a United plane over New York, killing all 128 people on the two planes and 6 people on the ground.

There are more than 30,000 motor vehicle deaths each year, a mortality rate eight times greater than that in planes. You are flying on a plane and you make a crash landing in the water, there were no survivors except for you. First, really do listen to the safety announcement and read the safety card, and if you don’t, then at the very least know exactly where to find the nearest exits. Also be sure to hold the brace position until the plane has come to a standstill – often there will be additional impacts after the initial one. Following a crash, investigators found that many people scrabbled around to find the push-button release on their belts, as this is the release with which they were most familiar.
The same can apply to aircraft crew, who, despite their rigorous training, may also be stunned and fail to react.
If possible wet a handkerchief, or other piece of material – the seat back headrest, for example – to cover your nose and mouth.
The chances are you’ll simply be trampled, crushed or suffocated under luggage, falling bodies and the rush of other passengers.
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From 1982 to 2009, that figure improved to 39 percent, according to an Associated Press analysis of National Transportation Safety Board data. And planes now come with rows of lights on the floor that change from white to red when an exit is reached.
Price, the former chief pilot for the Atlanta base of Delta Air Lines and founder of consulting firm Falcon Leadership.
The deadliest aviation disaster in history remains the collision of Pan Am and KLM jets on the runway of Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands in 1977.
You try to survive and trade among them, will you last?Additional NotesDiamond for well built jet plane! In foggy conditions, amid confusion over air traffic controller instructions, the KLM plane took off while the Pan Am jet was taxing down the same runway. When you get there, you will see some challenges, you have to complete all of these to win, post you time of how long it took you to complete. Had such radar existed at the time, the KLM pilots would have probably seen the Pan Am jet in its way.

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