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At Robinsona€™s Aluminum Construction Inc., we use only the highest quality aluminum framework, fiberglass insect screening and ceramic coated fasteners during construction. Screen in your patio and pool today and protect itself from the Florida weather elements and insects. Not just for swimming--enclosed pool areas provide beautiful and serene settings for morning coffee or breakfast, reading a book or watching a sunset. Screen rooms are an excellent choice when looking for a way to get one step closer to the outdoors. At Robinsona€™s Aluminum Construction Inc., we buy only the highest quality materials and utilize years of design and building experience to provide you with a finished product that will compliment your home and your personal tastes.

We believe that attention to detail is of the utmost importance and can ultimately separate a good pool enclosure from a great one! Screening in your patio, lanai, birdcage, or pool is an investment to your home that will add value; therefore you want to make sure you have your screen enclosure professionally installed. Screen room enclosures are not only an excellent way to increase the amount of living space of any style home, they are also a great way to add beauty, improve appearance, and increase the value of your home.
Screen rooms give you the needed protection from unpredictable weather, animals, pests, and debris. We readily accept and relish the challenge to design, build and install enclosures that other companies decline to even consider.

Every enclosure built is approved by a certified engineer and by your local building department. It is virtually maintenance free and can protect your pool area from the annoying dirt, debris, insects and mosquitoes that so often ruin our outdoor fun, giving you a reason to go outside and enjoy the Florida sunshine in a safe, refreshing way. Pool enclosures combined with home door alarms, roll away fencing, water alarms or other such safety devices greatly decrease the possibility of accidents.

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