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This is the first issue of Popular Electronics that has a Daniel Meyer's construction article.
People old and young enjoy waxing nostalgic about and learning some of the history of early electronics. So unwieldy were they that most had a belt clip and shoulder straps to help support and manipulate them. A Great Lakes tanker loaded with acid had been in a collision just off shore and lost most of its cargo.

Once at the beach, the boys lost no time in putting their electronic beach buggy into action. A little disappointed, the boys started back to their command post, but before they reached it, the wagon stopped again.
Again the boys trudged back to their command post, and the wagon chugged on down the beach.
The boys had been so intent on examining their find they had not heard the short dark man approaching in the soft sand.

His beady black eyes glinted coldly out of his pasty white face as he held out a demanding hand for the plates.
Carl and Jerry, both talking at once, began an explanation of how the electronic beach buggy worked.

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