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Post-apocalyptic video games are in trend today, with every major game-maker dabbling in the post-apocalyptic world and bringing out some crazy games. This year’s E3 showcased some of the biggest titles in the market that took gaming to a whole new level.
A game that puts you in a zombie infested world, this one is a survival game in its own league unlike Resident Evil and others.
The game that got people hooked on to the world of Gordon Freeman, Half Life had it all, and more. A series more popular for it multiplayer gaming capability, Gears Of War brought co-op gaming to the consoles. There are barely any video games out there that allow us to be animals, except for Mario Kart and Sonic, but dragons and other fictional creatures can barely be considered as animals. Let’s have a look at few video games that have cemented their place as the torchbearers of our post-apocalypse. This one forces you to think about each and every action you take and the game takes a different turn with regards to your game-play.

Essaying the role of a scientist who is burdened with the task of saving the world, Half Life 2 follows the first one after a gap of eight years. A permanent Xbox resident, Gears Of War is equally addictive when it comes to its story mode.
Tokyo Jungle changes that and allows you to be an animal who is to survive in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Stay in the know about the best in men's health, relationships, fashion, power, money and more with India's largest men's lifestyle platform. Expect the typical cartoonish graphics, funny enemies and funnier quotes from Sam while you are busy crushing them. You have to manage a group of survivors along with keeping an eye out for zombies, fending for food, and watching out for your fellow mates who might have an ulterior motive. Half Life 2 takes you through a world torn apart by the creatures and you are meant to combat them with thorough efficiency. The game revolves around aliens who declare war on humanity and it’s your job to get everything back in place along with some smart artificial intelligence acting as your comrades.

You can be a lion, a beagle, a deer, a hyena among many others and your task is sheer survival. A post-apocalyptic video game that forces you to think in a realistic fashion is definitely a win. For Half Life fans who adored the first one, Half Life 2 will definitely rekindle the love all over again. A game known for its innovative gameplay, Gears Of War is definitely a video game that will keep you glued for a long time. Scavenge for your food, mark your territory, protect it, start a family, while watching your back and keeping yourself fit at the same time.

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