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This is the first year of the Wasteland Film Festival, the world's only post-apocalyptic short film competition and exhibition, and Synthetic Human Pictures will be there. Wasteland Weekend will be held from Thursday, September 27th to Sunday, September 30th, 2012. Post-apocalyptic fiction is a sub-genre of science fiction. For a novel to be post-apocalyptic, the setting must be one where the end of the world has already taken place and characters are trying to survive and start anew. The post-apocalyptic genre has a wide range of readers, though typically they are those who already enjoy science fiction stories. The Locus Awards have a young adult category, where post-apocalyptic titles are often chosen. The Andre Norton award is a sub-category of the Nebula Awards that is presented to the year’s best sci-fi or fantasy novel for teen, and will consider post-apocalyptic titles. The Bram Stoker Awards, an annual award for horror books includes a young adult category, and will consider post-apocalyptic novels. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The few survivors plan to gather in the wastelands of the California desert to celebrate another year of beating the odds.
Submit your non-zombie post apocalyptic films, as well as weird, cool, or atmospheric films (such as El Topo, Videodrome, or anything by Lynch or Cronenberg). The end of the world event that occurred can be anything from war, to plague, to natural or man made disasters. Additionally, the story can take place right after the cataclysmic event or years after the event. Directed by Stephen Krystek, Contingency takes place in the near future under the heel of government-sponsored population control.
Post-apocalyptic fiction differs from apocalyptic fiction, where the end of the world is currently taking place and the characters and fighting to survive it.
In post-apocalyptic novels, technology can be that which we have never seen before, or there can be no technology at all. As with most novels written for teens, adults can be absent in post-apocalyptic novels.  However, it is not uncommon to have an adult in a post-apocalyptic novel positioned as an evil figurehead, or the one person our hero or heroes are trying to find or keep safe.

Entertainment and activities will include live bands, thunderdome combat, gyrocopter flyovers, fire dancers, wasteland burlesque, Road Warrior vehicles, a barter town, and jugger - the bloodsport of the future.
Also,  characters can remember what the world was like, or they can’t remember at all what the world was like and will fantasize about the way it used to be or even go so far as to create myths about the world before the destruction (often our current day).
Post-apocalyptic novels can have elements of other genres in their story.  The most common is to have dystopian governments in place. Kim) and Abigail (Annie Boon) face the possibility that they may be the next victims of the militia's (Charlie Steak, Greg Bronson) terminal policy, they form a contingency plan to survive.

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