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Risen and Gothic creator Piranha Bytes have announced a new open-world, roleplaying game called ELEX. Arktos Entertainment Group and Hammerpoint Interactive have released the official website for its upcoming, zombie-apocalypse MMO, The War Z. A huge open-world game where you have the freedom to play how you want - but your choices have consequences. Browser game studio Pixel Pandemic has opened up its free beta of Radiated Wasteland.Radiated Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic, free-to-play browser based MMORPG. The ambition of the development team has been to adapt classic gameplay features from the great RPGs of the past two decades to the browser format. The people of Oasis 4, however, don't want any part of the war that the surface has to offer. However, as the months and years have passed, the scavenging parties have had to go further and further out in order to find enough food and water for the village.
The upside is that you get to play the game right now and offer feedback as it progresses through development. The downside, of course, is that you're gambling that the game will be finished or will evolve in the way you want. DayZ est un FPS qui se deroule dans un univers infeste de zombies et dans lequel il va falloir tenter de survivre avec d'autres survivants dont il faut se mefier.
Vendu a plus d'un million d'exemplaires en l'espace de quelques semaines en Early Access, DayZ est le nouveau jeu que tous les joueurs PC adulent. We all know that Fallout 3 is shaping up to look like something pretty special and that it’s currently under development at Bethesda Game Studios, the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion guys and that Fallout 3 is due out later this year for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on it… but until then we’ll have to be happy with these latest screenies. The game was first announced on July 19 and, within 24 hours, gathered more than 100,000 registrations for the closed beta. You've survived the zombie apocalypse by living in a bunker for a year and now it's time to venture out.

This tiny community has survived for almost three decades, well-protected from the radioactive clouds that suffocated the surface of the earth. With the air not nearly as toxic as it was years ago, people are creating communities and fortified towns to protect people from the mutants. The resources that have been scavenged from nearby areas and from hunting are almost depleted. The player is Will Mackenzie, a pilot trying to eke out a living in this chaotic new world. The Steam Early Access page for The Long Dark says that the player will run into both friendly and hostile survivors.
The Long Dark is only in alpha at the moment which means that there's still a lot left for the developers to add or revise.
The Vancouver-based company was founded by Raphael Van Lierop, the director of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine who also served as producer on multiple Company of Heroes and Dawn of War games.
You can create any kind of character you want and explore the open wastes of post-apocalyptic Washington, D.C.
The War Z, currently in alpha stage, is slated for release in fall 2012 for the Windows PC platform.The game is an online, multiplayer, survival-simulation game set in an open world infested with zombies. Scavenge for supplies, find other survivors, trade or fight with them, form relationships and build a community. Although there has been news of other underground cities migrating to the surface, the people of Oasis 4 know that the surface world is rife with danger. Unfortunately, many of the mutants are still very much human, and have compiled themselves into raider tribes.
Only the youngest and strongest in the village go to the surface to scavenge supplies for Oasis 4 to survive on. Now, Oasis 4 is faced with the difficult decision to finally migrate to the surface and convene with the other communities. There's also going to be a Story mode that features a full cast of characters living in the post-blackout world.

I'd suggest checking out some video footage and determining whether or not you'll enjoy the game in its present form before spending any money. His team includes God of War writer Marianne Krawczyk and Saints Row technical director Alan Lawrance. Every minute will be a fight for survival as you encounter Super Mutants, Ghouls, Raiders, and other dangers of the Wasteland. Players are thrust into this post-apocalyptic world five-years after a viral outbreak that ravaged the human population and left, in its wake, a nightmare of epic proportion. The mutants rule the surface, and anyone who tries to pioneer into the wasteland is met with lethal opposition.
What results in frequent and deadly clashes between the Raiders of the surface and the migrants from the underground. Designer Ken Rolston of Elder Scrolls and Kingdoms of Amalur fame is the "designer-in-residence".
Hordes of undead zombies roam the cities, and the few remaining human beings have devolved into a lawless, nomadic society where the sole objective is to survive at any cost.
This is a very dangerous task only suited for the youngest in the village, as the wasteland is full of the cannibalistic mutants and merciless Raiders and so the adventures begins in the wasteland. Players must use skill and cunning in order to acquire food, weapons and other supplies necessary for survival.
While navigating the vast landscape, they will discover cities teeming with the undead as well as other players that may or may not be friendly.?The response in the first week since we announced the game has been incredible and it?s totally inspired the team,? said Eric Nordin, senior game designer for The War Z.

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