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In the world of 1C and developer Best Way’s Nuclear Union, the USSR and United States wiped each other out with nuclear weapons following the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Scheduled for launch sometime in 2013 for PC, Nuclear Union is a role-playing game with an open progression structure. Skills available are plentiful though they have a max cap of 10 just like attributes; these range from combat ones like improved weapons mastery to Information skills such as lockpicking, safecracking, demolitions and computer tech. Most of the population across Europe, Asia and North America died out in the aftermath of the war, but those in the Soviet Union were prepared. You’ll have a defined end goal, but the way you accomplish it is up to you, and you’ll be able to go back and freely explore any discovered territory.
They also revealed a fair bit of what players can expect as far as the choice of skills and attributes are concerned.

General skills such as barter, leadership, Field Medic and Weaponsmithing are also some of the choices available to players. They went underground and life continued, until in 2012 they emerged from their subterranean networks to assess the situation on the surface. Gameplay be presented from a third-person perspective and though battles will take place in real-time, you do have the ability to pause the action to better line up your aim.
What all this means is that Wasteland 2 empowers you to create a varied team with each member retaining distinctive useful skills allowing for very varied gameplay experiences and multiple paths and outcomes.
You’ll also be able to recruit certain characters encountered on your adventures and travel with one at a time, and can issue basic commands to them during combat. Playing as one of the pilots who bombed the United States, expect to encounter mutated monstrosities, bizarre anomalies and to defend yourself with Soviet prototype weaponry, including specialized assault rifles and tripe-barreled sub-machine guns.

From the minimal amount of information available right now, Nuclear Union certainly looks like it has potential. Check out some early screenshots and artwork below to get a better sense of Best Way’s promising post-apocalyptic game.

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