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I wonder how many days a young,hot, barefeeted chick can last in a post-apocalyptic landscape.
In this lesson we will learn some tricks for transferring the detail from our front view to the rear view. No matter what type of project you are working on, whether it be a game or a film, one of the most important processes you will work on is designing what the hero of your story looks like. In this manipulation tutorial I’ll show you how you can use a few stock images to create a post-apocalyptic scene in Photoshop using manipulation techniques to change the lighting of a scene. Open the image of the man with the gas mask and use the Quick Selection tool (or any selection tool that you like) to select the sky and them mask it. We are going to replace the original sky with a new one with a bit more details and clouds. If you use another sky image, try using a sky image that’s not too colored because it will not fit the background and you will have extra work if you want to make it fit your background. As you can see on image 2 the edges of the background are a bit too hard and they don’t blend too well with the new sky. You can place a destroyed car or damaged buildings on the background to add to the post-apocalyptic ambient. Place the isolated dead tree stock on the canvas leaving part of it outside the frame as shown on image 5 and resize as needed.

Add a Photo Filter adjustment layer above all the layers on the palette and choose the Orange preset, set the Density to 25% and change the layers blend mode to Darken. Tagged apocalipse tutorial, apocalyptic effect, photoshop manipulation, photoshop surreal effects, surreal, tutorial. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". This character is the centerpiece of the project and one that you will likely need to create a massive amount of artwork around to determine exactly what they look like. So open the provided sky or another sky image of your choice and paste in on a new layer below the image of the man and the background. In order to fix that use a layer mask and brush the edges with a soft brush or use the Gradient Tool and draw a linear gradient. If the light is too hard, try changing the settings on the filter, use the Softlight blend mode or reduce the Opacity which is less recommended but quicker. I added a new Photo Filter using the Sepia preset and Density 25% using the Normal blend mode. You need to be logged in to rate this entry and participate in the contests!LOGIN HERE or REGISTER FOR FREE Pxleyes Photography and photoshop contests We are a community of people with a passion for photography, graphics and art in general. You can use the Variations adjustment, add gradient maps or Color Balance or whatever you want in order to get the color effects you want.

Youa€™ll learn how to start out roughly sketching things like poses and even possible wardrobe options based on the story outlined for the character.
After walking through a few possible rough sketches, wea€™ll focus on redrawing one that we settle on and doing whata€™s known as a turnaround of the character. Next, wea€™ll focus on the head and hair and learn how we can quickly create some different ideas for the look of the character.
To wrap things up, youa€™ll learn how we can take one of our poses and set it up while painting so that we can quickly create some different color options for the clothing. After going through this course, you will have learned some things that you can begin to apply as you seek to develop your own character concepts. I might suggest a little cut & paste to rearrange some of the repeated structural shapes and make them more random, since they are randomly collapsed.

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