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In the world of 1C and developer Best Way’s Nuclear Union, the USSR and United States wiped each other out with nuclear weapons following the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Scheduled for launch sometime in 2013 for PC, Nuclear Union is a role-playing game with an open progression structure.
ICY is a mature, narrative-driven post-apocalyptic survival RPG set in a new Ice Age where your life and the lives of your followers hang on every decision you make. It is up to you to take on the responsibilities and lead your new-found nomad family in their fight for survival. In addition to the elements and wildlife you encounter there will be weird loners, friendly cannibals, mutant cults, slave traders and spiritual tribes along with all sorts of other miscreants to deal with. Influence the plot with your choices, with numerous shades of morality that lead to multiple endings. Scavenge for items and hunt for food while facing the challenges of starvation, illness, harsh elements and other bands of survivors.
Customize your character by choosing how to distribute attribute points among 3 main character traits and 10 different skills that affects your abilities and experience through the entire game.
Qbeh is well worth your time and money as it’s a modern classic and a must play experience.
Qbeh take’s everything that made Portal’s puzzles great and mix’s it with elements of MineCraft and even Tetris and blends them all together to create something unique yet familiar. I really like it because of the character build variety it offers and also because of the gameplay. The thing I noticed is that even though you can keep playing forever, the content diminishes the further you progress the main story. GOOD:-Main story and side quests are great for a non story driven game-Gameplay and gameplay related RPG elements (perks)-'Dungeons' aren't more of the same, but feel like they're hand crafted one by one. It depends on your tolerance level for old school stat allocation, clunky interfaces and bugs that never got patched.
Well it's an old school turn-based RPG which modelled it's system off GURPS, so your ability to do literally everything is based off: SPECIAL + Stat Points + Perks. This was pretty straight forward for pen and paper players back in the day, but can be frustrating as fuck if you play 50% of the way through and find you aren't making thing work with the stats you allocated and can't just fudge things like you can in the FP games.
I am thinking if I super fortify my settlements the kidnappings and the other shit will stop.
I finished it earlier this week and clocked in over 100 hours just into the story alone and really enjoyed it throughout.
If any of you fallout fans like and particular Fallout merchandise, consider joining me on my New Vegas movie.
I didn't have much to do with Cass on my first, 'Good' playthrough, but on the second playthrough all bets were off.
Abbiamo provato la beta di Gears of War 4, disponibile per tutti gli abbonati a Xbox Live dal 25 aprile.
Intervista ad Evita Barra, Direttore della Divisione Windows di Microsoft italia, per conoscere piu da vicino Surface Hub, che ha fatto da poco il suo esordio nel mercato italiano. Sebbene i produttori raggiungano grossi volumi di mercato attraverso la fascia bassa e quella media, sono i top di gamma a trainare le vendite dei dispositivi piu a buon mercato. Questo dicono, intanto l'arte che si vede non e affatto male cosi come gli screenshots, poca roba e a volte pure scarna, ma quello che c'e lascia auspicare una buona cura per il dettaglio, bello il video di backlog. C'e anche un thread sulle stats, in effetti pare una davvero una via di mezzo tra special e d20, chissa venga buono come minestrone, cmq l'hanno chiamato SACPIC. A quanto pare MrNixon (admin del forum e capoccia dev) aveva anche progettato il FalloutD20 (se non ho capito male un mod di Fallout 3). Guys, I want you to take a look at the fact that, our concept art notwithstanding, you can’t quickly find powerful armor, and a plasma cannon and go off to take everyone out. Il video di presentazione adesso non posso vederlo, ma mi sa che hanno messo uno 0 di troppo. We’ve had some tough weeks since our graphic novel campaign, but as we promised all $40+ backers have received Co-Founder status on After Reset official forum, and you should have access to all the VIP sections with the extra content.
By tradition, I want to keep you all updated about our direct pledges that we’ve received through our Store page.
Unfortunately, we're still waiting for the money from the Kickstarter to arrive through Amazon Payments, but it looks like we’ll get $11,557 from the $14,299 originally pledged on Kickstarter. There are many different factions that emerged from the ruins of the former United States, and most of them have forgotten what it was like before the Reset (the “Past Age”).
Following the technology reveals, I need to say that within wide territories of the game, you’ll mostly find only tech in the LOW-FAIR range. We’d also like to show you several concepts of the weapons that you’ll be able to use in the Steam EA prologue, available this summer.
When we’re working on concepts, it means that we consult and discuss them with scientists, engineers, sociologists, physicists, futurologists etc. The PHELAR-17 (Personal High Energy Laser Assault Rifle) is a high-tech weapon that emits a concentrated photon impulse of coherent light, with a sufficient wattage to do considerable damage. With the compact high-energy sources availability and scattering issues solved laser weapons became very popular during the underground expansion of the UG. These energy weapons can be powered by Fusion Cells or by the more advanced modifications like Fusion Cells GO (Ground Operations). The PHELAR-17Mk2 (Personal High Energy Laser Assault Rifle, Mark II) is a high-tech weapon that emits a concentrated photon impulse of coherent light, with a sufficient wattage to do considerable damage.
By the 109AR, when returning to the surface became possible, military contractors launched new programs on assault and defense weapons modifications on common armament and equipment. These energy weapons can be powered by Fusion Cells GO (Ground Operations) or any other modifications of Fusion Cells.

The PHELP-14 (Personal High Energy Laser Pistol) is a high-tech weapon that emits a concentrated photon impulse of coherent light, with a sufficient wattage to do considerable damage.
That kind of energy weapons can be powered by Microfusion Cells or by its advances modifications like Microfusion Cells GO (Ground Operations).
The PHELP-14Mk2 (Personal High Energy Laser Pistol, Mark II) is a high-tech weapon that emits a concentrated photon impulse of coherent light, with a sufficient wattage to do considerable damage.
These energy weapons can be powered by Microfusion Cells GO (Ground Operations) or any other modifications of Microfusion Cells.
The MA7 Offensive Concussion Grenade is designed to produce casualties during close combat with explosive wave power alone while minimizing danger to friendly forces. Advances in explosive potency and reliability for this type of grenade are based on cocrystallization technology, was already thoroughly studied by Weisskopf Dynamics and many other small corporations before the Reset, and there hasn’t been any major improvements on it since.
The principle of explosive fillers of the grenades lays in science that most solid materials consist of crystals - with atoms and molecules arranged in a specific pattern that repeats itself time and again. The ML1 Close Quarters Combat Stun Grenade, also known as a flash grenade or a flashbang, is a non-lethal offensive weapon. The first and only civil mass unrest within underground cities of the United Governments happened in 87AR revived the demand for suck kind of cheap non-lethal incapacitants.
The principle of flashing and stunning fillers of the grenades lays in science that most solid materials consist of crystals - with atoms and molecules arranged in a specific pattern that repeats itself time and again. This Nail Gun, initially produced by Ishima Engineering, is commonly used by engineers and builders of the United Governments since 50AR, beginning with the period of Underearth Colonization.
Most of the population across Europe, Asia and North America died out in the aftermath of the war, but those in the Soviet Union were prepared. You’ll have a defined end goal, but the way you accomplish it is up to you, and you’ll be able to go back and freely explore any discovered territory.
Create your own character using a detailed stats system that influences your abilities to hunt, travel, scavenge, communicate and lead then begin a journey of survival across the white wasteland.
Do not take your role lightly for each decision you make, each word you speak, ripples through the lives of your community.If your words fail you, pray your weapons aim true. Decide well on who to trust and how to react or the snow covered landscape will become your icy tomb.
This free DLC is the first public accessible beta version of the long-anticipated, creative multiplayer mode. There's lots to explore and the fact that almost all perks are useful in some way or another is a huge plus for me. End game content is the only thing it really lacks, since side quests are no longer more of the same (apart from the minutemen, which is understandable), they are tied mostly to factions and even though there's alot of side quests, they get limited the further you progress the story.
On 1 hand, the side quests are better (more quality over quantity), but on the other hand, the end game content is just lacking. The interface is the same, but the dialogues, quests and choices are more fun, so you get a lot more out of it.
Because in the stats menu in pip boy there is this danger mark in front of my settlement names. I couldn't force myself to continue playing it and stopped after completing like 40% of the story.
I think I ended up handing her over to the Van Graff twins, who promptly blew her to pieces. Arcade ended up enslaved by the Legion, Lilly ended up with permanent brain damage and poor Boone got his head blown off (by me) before he could even leave his dinosaur vantage point. E stata l'occasione per mettere le mani su uno dei videogiochi piu attesi del 2016, che promette di rilanciare Xbox One.
Si tratta di smartphone senza compromessi con cui i brand riescono ad essere conosciuti ed apprezzati dalle masse, ma che al tempo stesso vengono venduti a prezzi molto elevate. A large part of the game takes place at the technological level of Fallout 1 before energy weapons are discovered.
Dico io: ok, abbiamo capito che la grafica potrebbe anche non essere da buttar via, ma perche farlo da 5 minuti praticamente uguali? If you forgot to claim you Co-Founder status, just contact us via Kickstarter and we’ll get you setup. Only second-hand stories and verbal accounts of the apocalypse remain for most of the world, with the UG being one of the few exceptions. Stalkers (very small groups of people somehow connected to the Artifacts left by aliens during the Reset).
The Indian Alliance has been naturally formed by many tribes of descendants of the Indians which were almost completely vanished or assimilated during the Past Age. The New Confederacy is based on hate and fear of the UG, and they approve of slavery in the same style as the Roman Empire, which drives their ideology and symbolism from the history of American Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as well as their economy. The Black Sand’s mercenaries, founded by descendants of the PMC personal, are a very small and closed-off militarized society that brings up its members mostly within itself like it was in ancient Sparta, and following some kind of impartial Mercenary Codex.
There are only a few Black Sand outposts, and UG forces are very rare (frankly the Gyes bunker could be the only one revealed outpost of the UG in the Great Desert), and this is where you’ll begin your journey. I always tend to make After Reset setting the most realistic it can be, while still honoring the best traditions of Hardcore Science Fiction.
When we work on weapons concepts we begin from the real technologies, and extrapolate them into possible futuristic alternatives. PHELAR effectiveness is proven at mid-range distances, and served the Police and Security departments of the United Governments well. Having no recoil or ejected shells, and no gravitational effect on beam trajectory, laser weapons have almost completely displaced firearms on the arms market and on the streets of underground cities by the 67AR.
Compared to its predecessor, it is has enhanced durability, radius and damage, and was redesigned by its manufacturer, MARPCO, for military ground operations. The Mark II modification was originally developed by the small family company, Jeremy Glover & Sons, but they were acquired by MARPCO right before it won the government contract for the PHELAR-17Mk2 development and manufacturing.

Being a compact sidearm variant of the previous rifles, PHELP was used for close range encounters by the Police Departments and corporations’ security units within underground megapolises of the United Governments since 53AR, right before the beginning of the period of Underearth Colonization of UG history. The Mark II modification was originally developed by the small family company, Jeremy Glover & Sons, but they were acquired by MARPCO right before it won the government contract for the PHELP-14Mk2 development and manufacturing.
The grenade is also used for concussion effects in enclosed areas, and for blasting or demolition tasks. Cocrystallization involves combining two materials into a new crystal architecture with the goal of producing an improved material. The first stunning devices were created long before the Past Age but lost popularity among civil and military structures by the end of it in favor of other more radical solutions.
The SW55 Flash Grenades that were in service at the time of that civil unrest (nick-named ‘Riot of Cans’ by mass media) revealed a range of constructive impairments. Though there have been a few modifications to the design since then, it has stood the test of time and hasn’t had any major design improvements.
Despite that this Nail Gun is just an engineering tool, it can be used as a firearm at close ranges, and is reloaded with Nail Blocks the same relative size of pistol clips.
I hope you like our progress and its quality, and thank you for making it possible through your donations and support! They went underground and life continued, until in 2012 they emerged from their subterranean networks to assess the situation on the surface.
Gameplay be presented from a third-person perspective and though battles will take place in real-time, you do have the ability to pause the action to better line up your aim. Yes, the game lacks in story RPG elements, but makes up for it with gameplay RPG elements where each level actually feels like you're getting stronger instead of weaker.
During your adventures (taking place after 132AR) through the Great Desert and State of Eagle, you will be able to meet five global factions.
They believe that the Gods destroyed the invasive civilization of the Past Age to save their ancestors and bring them to the celestial world, that those of their ancestors who deserved it were taken to that world, and those who remained on Earth should live decently and with respect to the traditions of the tribes, and earn the right to be invited to the land of Gods. It is still in its infancy, and thus overcoming growing pains, but is quickly rising and aiming to become the dominant faction of the region, and adopts the US traditions, as well as Machiavellianism. Though technically neutral, their members are known and feared in most regions of Eastern America by 132AR.
Once they were a united human civilization of roughly 2100+ years (on the Gregorian calendar). Before the Dallas Incident, there hadn’t been much evidence regarding their existence, only rumors and stories among survivors who caught brief glimpses of them, or the strange Artifacts they seemed to revere and protect.
You’ll initially be surrounded by technology that you’ll probably take for granted, but as soon as you begin your exploration in the world of After Reset, this will change drastically and you’ll have to adapt to survive. The shock waves (overpressure) produced by this grenade when used in enclosed areas are greater than those produced by its earlier counterparts. Based on that experience the Weisskopf Dynamics with the support from other minor corporations managed to get a long-term contract from the UG Social Corps to produce a new type of of non-lethal stun grenade, one that was safer and more effective. You’ll also be able to recruit certain characters encountered on your adventures and travel with one at a time, and can issue basic commands to them during combat. Most of all, I like it the most because it's the only game I feel like playing after a long day of programming applications. They actually comment on certain situations and react to your actions and certain circumstances. He didn't have to attack me because I tricked him into killing that crazy old conspiracy theorist guy.
Having a simple firearm and ammunition makes you practically a demi-god in this post-apocalyptic world. The Indian Alliance is based on the Toltecs’ traditions, and they’re generally very racist towards non-Indians.
During the Reset, this globalized human society converted into a canned version of a sci-fi future society, with a similar backstory to the Japanese after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Rumors suggested that the Artifacts are actually alive, that they could ‘talk’ with certain special people, even ‘change’ them in strange and often unpredictable ways. Our final concepts will always reflect that research, and as you can see there are no any extraneous or unreasonable details on them. Like many other explosives, this grenade is based on the same cocrystallization technology, actively lobbied by Weisskopf Dynamics. Playing as one of the pilots who bombed the United States, expect to encounter mutated monstrosities, bizarre anomalies and to defend yourself with Soviet prototype weaponry, including specialized assault rifles and tripe-barreled sub-machine guns. I expected a fight, the way the conversation went, but it was rather interesting to be called out on my bullshit in a full-fledged dialogue string.
By the end, the only one left was Raul, my faithful pack mule, making the occasional sarcastic remark. From the minimal amount of information available right now, Nuclear Union certainly looks like it has potential.
They are relatively prosperous in the apocalypse, with a strong sense of cultural identity.
Check out some early screenshots and artwork below to get a better sense of Best Way’s promising post-apocalyptic game. At times it helps make the experience more tense, but at other times it's just really annoying to the point where it causes me to rage quit. It does feel a lot more satisfying to get out of a gunfight alive though, so maybe it's alright.

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