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These are some of the concept designs of Brito?s post apocalyptic commercial that will be shot later this year.
We are currently developing a 3D tool that will help us to previsualize the shots in order to find out which elements really need to be built. Following a nuclear warA that wiped out most of mankind, one small town nestled between some mountains is spared. The first survivor we meet is the young Ann (Margot Robbie) who has learned how to be self-sufficient since the end of the world took the rest of her family away. Roadside Attractions via YouTubeLoomis (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is one of the last human survivors on Earth. Things get a little more complicated for LoomisA after Caleb (Chris Pine), a man whoA happens to have a very biblical sounding name, comes into the picture. When watching "Z for Zachariah," strangely the first thing to come to mind is Fox's "The Last Man on Earth," which is basically the comedic version of this same story.

It may be surprisingA that the biggest basis of comparison here is a sitcom as opposed to something like 2009's "The Road" which follows a man and his son after the collapse of civilization,A but "Z for Zachariah" takes the approach that it could be more interesting to focus on the characters instead of a built-up futuristic world.
Roadside Attractions via YouTubeThings get complicated when Caleb (Chris Pine) comes along. While "Z for Zachariah" might look somewhat familiar, it makes you think about the end of the world in a way that a lot of apocalyptic films do not. Lynda on Best places to survive a (zombie) apocalypse?:I think a major airport would be a good place to secure and live.
I might be more inclined to recommend the comedic version of the concept "I wouldn't sleep with you if you were the last man on earth," but "Z for Zachariah" has a few new things to add to this well-explored territory. It is a world surrounded by mountains, rivers, and waterfalls contrasted by abandoned schools. There are only three actors in this entire film so if they didn't, then that would have been a disaster.

For example, they put extra emphasis on the fact that characters have to refer to friends, family members, and other elements of their past lives with a "was" instead of an "is." There is something subtly tragic about that. This love is formed out of necessity rather than passion, and so they decide to take things slowly. Plus, the apocalyptic world outside the house provides someA nice stakes for the love triangle to come. It simply shows what will be lost, and that no matter how many people are left, we will always simply be searching for love and connection.

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