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One of the most popular genres in the world of movies and television is post-apocalyptic themed. After a virus is released, this film follows 4 survivors as they looked to live their lives in the world they never thought they would be a part of.
Mel Gibson starred in this 1979 Australian movie that looked ahead to a future Australia where energy shortages cause mayhem and destruction.
Currently getting ready to begin its 4th season on TNT, this series starring Noah Wyle of ER fame is near the top of most post-apocalyptic television show lists and anyone that has seen even a single episode knows why.
Denzel Washington starred in this 2010 movie that takes place 30 years after a nuclear apocalypse.
Starring Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis and Madeleine Stowe, 12 Monkeys was directed by Terry Gilliam and inspired by the 1962 short film, La Jetee.
What else needs to be said of this 1994 mini-series aside from the fact that it was written by Stephen King. Home > Opinions > Entertainment > Is American TV obsessed with post-apocalyptic stories?
Challenge00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitAnd apocalyptic news American TV is obsessed with post-apocalyptic stories, and this is symptomatic of our culture's obsession with disaster and apocalypse that we see in the news and on fictional TV shows. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitPost-apocalypse Obsession Reflects Obsession With Technology Television is a reflection of pop culture. Apocalypse Zone - Apocalypse, Post Apocalyptic, Zombie movies, tv shows, audio books, podcasts, books and much more.
Take Shelter is a 2011 American drama-thriller film written and directed by Jeff Nichols and starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain.
Coming in with a talented cast and crew, Revolution had a lot to live up to with its first season. Falling Skies is an American science fiction dramatic television series created by Robert Rodat and produced by Steven Spielberg.
War, War never changes. With these famous words, spoken by Ron Pearlman the story of Fallout starts. Expanding upon the offerings of its predecessor, ZDAY Survival Simulator, Survivor Z deserves to be quite popular with adventure game book fans.
Lynda on Best places to survive a (zombie) apocalypse?:I think a major airport would be a good place to secure and live.

Nineties artifact Tank Girl has been given the full remaster reissue treatment in a new Blu-ray and DVD combo pack.
Tank Girl tanked back in 1995 but it’s gained a cult reputation over the last few years as youngsters have discovered it in VHS and DVD bargain bins.
Ice-T proves he can hit his marks and show up for work, answering the biggest questions studios ask about musicians who want to be actors. Tank Girl was based on a popular underground comic book created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. The movie didn’t have the budget to build one of the fantasy tanks from the comic books, so they settled for having Hewlett customize what looks like an M5A1 Stewart. The new Blu-ray transfer looks great: just compare it to the DVD, which looks to be the same muddy transfer that’s been out there before. So, Tank Girl: recommended for anyone wondering how the dream of the 90s ran aground, Gorillaz fans, Ice-T completists and anyone who gets excited by girls with machine guns. From zombies to nuclear bombs and natural disasters to man-made machines of havoc, these shows and movies allow fans to see what life could be like in the future.
If you need to know more, a weaponized version of influenza is released and the rest is history. American TV is obsessed with all sorts of things that are fantastical, but this is just representative of what our culture thinks is entertaining these days.
We are also obsessed with shows about mystical monster creatures (like werewolves and vampires) and shows about horror and gore (American Horror Story) and serial killers (Dexter). As such, the claim that American TV is obsessed with this particular aspect of pop culture is rendered false by design. The movie features Army veteran Ice-T in one of his first high-profile acting gigs back when he was trying to make the transition out of his hip hop recording career.
There’s a bombed-out world full of mutant kangaroo super soldiers and a powerful cabal who control the world’s limited power supply. For a movie with “tank” in the title, there don’t seem to be many shots featuring the vehicle. Lori Petty’s Tank Girl wears a Clockwork Orange-style bowler hat  early in the film and Malcolm McDowell later shows up as the bad guy. That clarity highlights the fact that the filmmakers were trying to make a movie that looks far more expensive than their budget would allow.

Many of the best post-apocalyptic movies and television shows are known by the common entertainment fan, while some are classics and not as widely known. So a story on an interesting Mayan calendar becomes the end of all times, it is alarmist and not necessary but it is what sells ad space, clicks on a link and drives our consumerist society. We all sort of sense that our culture is decaying and we sort of like the stories about how we triumph in the end. While these stories may be popular right now, they have always existed and will continue to always be around. There’s also a highly modified tank, girls with guns and a mainstream movie studio’s take on the punk rock underground. Factory has put together a series of new bonus featurettes and a new commentary from director Rachel Talalay and star Lori Petty. He’s obviously intended to bolster the dystopian cred, but his performance seems more like a continuation of his career-long tradition for showing up to star in anything attached to a paycheck.
It’s never been clear if the animated sequences in the movie were a creative choice at the beginning or an afterthought to paper over scenes they found out they couldn’t afford to film.
The hook is that the wisecracking Arnold Schwarzenegger role is played by a tiny blonde girl with dreadlocks. Malcolm is never bad in anything but he does give the impression that he makes no distinction between a role in modern noir classic Gangster No.
These programs are like another drug that we can use to de-sensitive ourselves from reality.
It seems that the obsession is most frequently expressed in the country which is in constant pursuit of new technology, but, unlike other countries equally, if not more advanced, the state of human connection and the challenges technology has been presenting to that reality of connection are only beginning to significantly complicate our idea of humanity. Our post-apocalyptic scenarios range from moments after the cataclysmic event to decades or even centuries later, yet they have a commonality to them. If technology is a tool and tools shape our society and society shapes the individual, are we really okay with what we are becoming?

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