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The original Max Max is hailed by many as the best of the bunch, depicting a dystopian future world spiraling into chaos as authority, industry and society all fall apart. Jason Van Horne scavenges old, disused and discarded materials to create both apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic scenes in miniature.
Van Horne’s paintings take advantage of the brighter colors available from his palette. The 2002 remake of The Time Machine featured a rarely seen alternative ending in which the time traveler, having caused the destruction of the Morlocks, briefly visits a future world in which the peaceful Eloi have built a utopian society.
Some say the world will end not with a bang, but with a whimper… a slow slump into decay and decomposition. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is a Japanese animated film by Hayao Miyazaki dating from 1984 whose success led to the founding of Studio Ghibli.
Terminator Salvation is the most recent entry in the popular post-apocalyptic film franchise.
The messages are inscribed in 8 modern languages including, in clockwise order: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. These 25 sobering examples of post-apocalyptic art serve to remind the living that what remains are more often ruins.
Frozen World won’t appear so different compared to a visual novel and there will be a lot of common features, since the game will feature a narrative built with lots of texts and 2D images.
These 3 different components will allow us to create a deep and compelling experience, based on the main features of the setting. Life is hard in the Frozen World and we will continuously remember this concept to the player.
First of all, we want Frozen World to be a deep and consistent roleplaying experience, full of meaningful choices able to affect the plot.
Since the development is at a good point, we will now regularly post updates of any kind, stay tuned!

Will anyone be around to observe the final sunset, or will society and civilization be snuffed out long before? Though more lively than his sculptures, Van Horne’s paintings nevertheless convey a sense of reality that is disturbing yet exciting. Surreal to begin with, the artificial skyline by day and by dusk shifts between reality and fantasy the more one looks. Detroit, Michigan… built by American dreamers, its skyline reflects a scene of beauty from afar. Explains Nix, somewhat chillingly, “A panoramic cityscape comes alive only when you notice a person leaping to her demise from the bridge. Played with uncharacteristic understatement by current California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator introduces us to an all-too-plausible future world in which intelligent, deadly, self-replicating machines have turned on their creators. Steve McGhee paints fantastic pictures of shocking moments, finding beauty in unexpected places. This is easy to say, but usually hard to create, so let us give you some more detail about the gameplay structure.
But dialogues won’t be the only gameplay mechanic, because Frozen World is a game about survival in a dangerous world, where humanity is scattered and few in numbers. The Frozen World isn’t an easy place where to live, mostly because is freaking cold everywhere and every time.
That means correctly balancing all the different elements to create something that the player will be glad to play, hopefully more than once.
One of the book’s most chilling scenes was when, after retrieving his time machine and escaping the clutches of the degenerate Morlocks, the time traveler finds himself on a chilly, desolate beach in a far distant future where the only things living are monstrous crabs. A Siberian tin-mining town that boasted a population of 5,794 as recently as 1989, Kadykchan has less than 300 inhabitants today. Left to its own devices free from human interference, nature will take back what was once hers and against all odds, a tree spreads its branches in the concrete forest.

Mysterious yet monumental, this huge (240,000 pound) granite structure situated in Elbert County, Georgia, has been likened to an American Stonhenge. No one can say – the contractor, Elberton Granite Finishing Company, was hired in June of 1979 by someone calling themselves R. The player will be able to freely travel around the frozen waste moving his party on a map, which will also allow the player to hunt for food and scavenge in search for ancient treasures. The main plot, the secondary storylines, the optional dialogues: all narrative elements are born from the setting and will perfectly fit in it. That wouldn’t even be honest, why should someone buy a short game where all the good ideas are just underdeveloped?
Frozen World will feature lots of dialogues, but having tons of long and boring dialogues won’t create a fun game, it will only let us brag about the number of dialogues in the game. Six granite slabs comprise the monument which stands almost 20 feet tall at its highest point. Travelling is part of a nomad daily routine, but that doesn’t make it less risky since the world is full of dangers of any sort and quite often those dangers are born from other humans actions and needs. Placing thousands of fight into the game won’t make it funnier, it will only make fighting something boring and cheap. One slab has a small hole drilled through it so properly positioned viewers can see the North Star.

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