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It already is the end of April, so it’s time for the Post Apocalyptic Wallpapers collection of April 2014. Lynda on Best places to survive a (zombie) apocalypse?:I think a major airport would be a good place to secure and live. Apocalypse Zone - Apocalypse, Post Apocalyptic, Zombie movies, tv shows, audio books, podcasts, books and much more.
Take Shelter is a 2011 American drama-thriller film written and directed by Jeff Nichols and starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain. Coming in with a talented cast and crew, Revolution had a lot to live up to with its first season.
Falling Skies is an American science fiction dramatic television series created by Robert Rodat and produced by Steven Spielberg.
War, War never changes. With these famous words, spoken by Ron Pearlman the story of Fallout starts. Expanding upon the offerings of its predecessor, ZDAY Survival Simulator, Survivor Z deserves to be quite popular with adventure game book fans.
We tend to think of the zombie apocalypse with pyrotechnics, unspooling in the crowded streets of big cities with ample armed forces in place to protect the citizens from the ravening hordes (at least at first). From Familiar Productions LLC, director Ryan Lieske brings to life a gruesome little tale from acclaimed horror writer (and super-nice person) Elizabeth Massie. It’s going to be making the rounds of festivals, so with luck news soon about distribution. Don’t forget to add your suggestions for those worthy of winning GGSA merit badges and get your sashes at the ready!
Taking a break from the ANOS (apocalypses not otherwise specified) I thought I’d take a moment to showcase what would come top of my list of ‘desirable but not necessarily real weaponry’. With only a few months to wait until the full movie, here, for your educational entertainment is the trailer for the next chapter in the Chronicles of Alice. Beast becomes rabid, and for the safety of the kingdom he must be kept chained up at all times.
Geena Davis’s turn as Charly Baltimore in The Long Kiss Goodnight offers an excellent role model for the post-apocalyptic woman (Davis herself is no slouch as a role model, too). Nonetheless, the titular character managed to survive despite his lack of preparedness through the fortuitous discovery of some important survival rules. 2) Blend in — nothing helps you slip past innumerable hordes of shambling undead like the ability to mimic their lifeless stumble.
4) Trust the pub — The others pooh-poohed him, viewers doubted but in the end, Shaun was right. You know how, some days, you wake up and the Earth’s core has stopped spinning, condemning everyone on the planet to certain death within a year? What you need is a sensitive-yet-brilliant geologist (Aaron Eckhart), a sensitive-yet-brilliant pilot (Hilary Swank) and a decidedly insensitive-but-brilliant egomaniac scientist (Stanley Tucci) to jump-start the planet with a nuclear bomb delivered directly to its core in a laser-powered ship built of unobtanium. A film so exceptionally apocalypse-centric that it decided to throw all the rules of science out of the window (when last seen, they had settled into a steady geosynchronous orbit somewhere over Miami), this one is all about the set-pieces. With Cormac McCarthy's The Road hitting theaters this week, it made us think back on all our favorite post-apocalyptic films and videogames and consider just how we might survive them.
This month we have some game related wallpapers, like DayZ, Metro Last Light, The last of us and of course Stalker..

Below, you’ll find some of the Best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials For Designing Movie Posters Art which might help you will have all of the skills neccessary to make your own hollywood style movie poster in no time. Abed offers a unique angle on the zombie narrative, one that focuses the horror on the human costs. The ebook also contains a teaser chapter of Suckers, Billson’s satirical vampire novel.
It has everything a slayer might need – a high-powered, many toothed electric chainsaw and the cutting ability and reach of the elegantly deadly katana.
Ariel will look helplessly on as Sebastian, poisoned by irradiated seaweed, slowly loses his mind and turns on his friends.
Meanwhile, in the castle courtyard, Belle builds a bonfire of the books which have failed to help her find a cure for her beloved. The oil wells are burning and fuel shortages have left them stranded; exhausted and parched. You can’t remember the rest of your life and you settle into being a teacher and a mom and bake for the PTA. A numbing job in retail can be your best training ground to ape the listless movements and dead-like expression of the revenants, although there is much to be said for factory work as well.
While it may be encouraged to participate in athletic games and maintain a healthy lifestyle, this type of preparation may also lead to unhealthy levels of confidence and risk. With that in mind, we here at IGN whipped up our own "Post-Apocalyptic Survival Guide" to give you a fighting chance when the bombs fall or the sun dies out or the Earth stops spinning on its axis.
In the interests of full disclosure, I should say that some of the folks involved in the film are friends and I was part of the Indiegogo project that funded its filming (and thus get a thanks along with all the funders in the credits). The acting is mostly quite natural and convincing, especially stars Rachel Finan (Meggie) and Daniel E. Also be sure to check out the various collections of Billson’s writing on film including reviews and her column from the Guardian. By the time they stumbled back to the surface, Sneezy was showing the first signs of infection: sores, a shuffling gait, a green tinge to his skin and an unhealthy interest in brains.
Those who know themselves to be less well prepared and woefully out of shape maintain a reasonable level of doubt as to risky undertakings, leaving the heroics to those wearing their team jackets. He covers selections, creates a black-and-white image, and uses a Levels adjustment, layer styles, and layer masks to capture the style of the original. I think this will become more common as projects go direct to their potential audiences for funding and cut out the middle men. Charly kicks, shoots, knifes, skates, loves her husband and daughter and drinks vodka neat. But here are a few tips and tricks to try and survive what will no doubt be the worst thing to ever happen to you in your life. I found Mama, played by Vicki Deshaw-Fairman, a little too mannered at times, but not distractingly so.
You invest in the characters and believe in the lengths people will go to for the ones that they love.
There was an extra level of creepiness for me because it was filmed near where I grew up, so the familiarity of the landscape and accents made the story even more uncanny.
Make sure there are few enough entrances to control entry, but make sure they also have enough food to tide you over until the first break in the hostilities.

Turns out, this is also the key to surviving any kind of man-made or environmental world-ending holocaust. Let's face it, whatever way this breaks -- Mad Max-style wasteland, nuclear aftermath, etc.
If the deserts have risen up and covered the planet, you're gonna need a good set of lightweight boots. Mario Sanchez Nevado has put together an excellent tutorial that will touch upon a good number of different techniques. If the sun has died and the ice has reclaimed the earth, you'll need a warmer, heavier pair.
Lots of composing and photo manipulation is used here, make sure you have plenty of time set aside before delving into this one. Or at least know your size should you come across any freshly-dead, as-of-yet-unpilfered corpses.
People don't generally survive long enough in the deep freeze of another ice age to start up a fashion trend, but in the event of a cold-weather apocalypse, we'd suggest something Nordic inspired.
It'll keep you warm, but allow you enough maneuverability to combat marauders or climb to the next highest peak. Strange that we don't see more highly weathered Old Navy after "The Rapture." You'd figure that with all the looting, it'd be everywhere… See?
If it's a Matrix-esque, futuristic environment, you might want to get comfortable with both, but chances are good that the world will gravitate toward one or the other. The guns will probably be something you had with you at home, or stole from an empty Wal-Mart.
And for some reason, the roving bands of baddies will seemingly have raided a military base for all the firepower they're packin', but load up on ammo and snag yourself both a long-range rifle and a side-arm.
I can already see how this tutorial is going to become a classic masterpiece once it gains popularity, so just sit back and read, don’t forget to bookmark this website and subscribe to our feed, to make sure you never miss any of our future tutorials and freebies. Secondly, you could face a more organized band of intelligently savage and punkish marauders. These guys aren't former blue-collar workers driven to madness; these are crazy people looking to build their own lawless kingdom. It's also possible that you could encounter a morally grey and kingly despot, intent on rebuilding society at any awful cost, but that's a much bigger battle.
In post-apocalyptic society, the last vestige of your humanity is defined by your avoidance of cannibalism.
That is why today we have selected some of the best grungy Photoshop tutorials to help you make simple edits to your boring photographs  Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. All those Drupal 7 themes.20 Fantastic Responsive Free Joomla 3 TemplatesYou’ll find best Latest Free Joomla!

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