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Energy expert Chris Yelland said that while the chance of a national electricity blackout occurring is low, the consequences can be devastating.
Energy expert Chris Yelland said that while the probability of a national blackout happening is very low, the consequences can be devastating.
Speaking at the 2015 MyBroadband Cloud and Hosting Conference, Yelland said a national power blackout occurs when electricity demand exceeds supply and Eskom does not take appropriate action. Such a blackout can last for up to two weeks, said Yelland, because it will require a full restart of the SA power system. He warned that a blackout will result in water, food, and fuel shortages, telecoms network downtime, civil unrest, and looting. To safeguard the grid against a blackout, Eskom implements load shedding to reduce electricity demand as it nears the supply capacity.
A second line of defence is under-frequency load shedding, when an automated system kicks in when the electricity frequency drops below 50Hz. A third line of defence is islanding, where the country is split into areas which are not interconnected. Yelland said the probability of a national blackout is very low because of the manual and automatic measures to reduce demand. However, because of the severe consequences in the event of a national blackout, an emergency plan is of value.
He provided the following equation to establish whether you should invest in an emergency plan. This followed reports that the South African government and the US embassy have emergency plans in place in the event of a blackout. The City Press reported that the US embassy in Pretoria “has drawn up an evacuation plan partly designed to get its staff out safely if the lights go off in South Africa once and for all”. The report further stated that “soldiers would be deployed at key sites such as the central bank and South African Broadcasting Corporation”. Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille said they have set aside R245 million to accommodate emergency preparations for a national blackout.
While most South Africans do not have the resources of the government or large companies to prepare for a power blackout, there are things which you can do to mitigate its effects. Other items which are always welcome include a first aid kit, a whistle to signal for help, and a wrench or pliers for turning off utilities.
Having some cash around can be a life saver, as ATMs, cash registers, and credit card machines won’t work during a prolonged blackout. A user-maintained wireless network, which covers over 2,500 square kilometres, provides users with free bandwidth to use for a variety of services. Eskom’s board has approved a new fleet renewal strategy based on the economic viability of a station as opposed to a purely age-based decommissioning of power stations. This was contained in a statement issued by the Head of Corporate Communications of the company, Mr Godwin Idemudia, and made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Lagos. He said that the company had repeatedly given reasons for the current power rationing and intermittent outage being experienced in areas under its coverage in the past few weeks. Idemudia said that the outages emanated from a drop in the national generation level as a result of incessant acts of vandalism on gas pipelines and transmission towers. According to the spokesman the areas worst hit by the resultant power rationing include Surulere, Lekki, Ajah, Ibeju, Mushin, Apapa, Yaba and their environs. Idemudia appealed to customers to bear with the situation, assuring that the company was doing its best to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of electricity to all customers, pending the time there would be improvement.

He said that the company’s customer help lines would be available 24 hour to receive complaints from customers and attend to the problems. Idemudia said that customers having localised faults outside the general power rationing should contact the customer care unit of the business district covering their areas or the central customer care centre at Marina. A Bangladeshi salesman interacts with a customer during a blackout in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Saturday, Nov. Over a year after Russia forcibly took the Crimea peninsula away from Ukraine it would appear that Ukraine has found the chink in the armor of the Russian Bear.
According to Crimean officials, only essential services and government offices are operating in Crimea following the attack on key electricity pylons connected to the peninsula in Ukraine. In addition to the cutoff of electrical power, Ukraine is planning new rules for cargo traffic for the southern peninsula, which was annexed by Russia last year. The leader of the Crimean Tatar movement, Mustafa Dzhemilev, said the protesters would only let engineers repair two pylons that serve areas of mainland Ukraine – not the two linked to Crimea. The damage to the transmission lines have left most of Crimea’s two million people without any power, and the blackout has also created water shortages in many areas.
Russia is angry at Ukraine’s decision to implement a free trade agreement with the EU on 1 January 2016. Meanwhile, Crimean authorities said they had managed to partially reconnect some cities using generators.
Get ready for more and longer blackouts, Toronto Hydro unions warn, if a crucial energy board ruling is unfavourable. Toronto skyline in 2003 power blackout, shot from the Pier at Polson at the end of Polson St. A 28-hour power outage in a Scarborough neighbourhood this week could become the norm throughout Toronto, unions representing Toronto Hydro workers are warning.
They say a yet-to-be released ruling by the Ontario Energy Board risks slashing Toronto Hydroa€™s budget for renewing its aging system by two-thirds. And that, they say, will lead to an increasingly unreliable power system a€” a conclusion that Toronto Hydro doesna€™t disagree with. To bring the system up to date, Toronto Hydro says it needs an annual budget of $600 million a year for the next 10 years, or more than triple its traditional level.
It has formally applied to the energy board for $1.5 billion for capital renewal, spread over the next three years, or $500 million a year. Ita€™s a sum that would add about $5 a month to a typical household hydro bill, Toronto Hydro chief executive Anthony Haines said in a speech earlier in December. And the board says only it will make a statement about the timing of its decision in the New Year.
But unions representing both the utilitya€™s professional employees and its hourly workers say the energy board is poised to issue a procedural ruling that in effect will limit spending on renewing the system to $140 million a year. They say the board has decided not to give Toronto Hydro a full-blown a€?cost of service hearing.a€? Thata€™s a formal proceeding where Toronto Hydro can make its case for heavy spending, and critics can challenge it. Instead, they say, the board is likely to set rates using a formula that bases renewal and maintenance spending on the utilitya€™s depreciation. The formula would limit spending to $140 million a year, and wouldna€™t allow the utility to make a case for more.
But if the energy board were going to order a full hearing, by now it would normally be booking hearing rooms and quietly setting schedules. Other intervenors at the energy board have suggested there may be a way for Toronto Hydro to make its case for higher spending, without holding a full, lengthy hearing.

John Camilleri, who heads Canadian Union of Public Employees Local One at Toronto Hydro, said the immediate impact of the cuts the unions fear would be hundreds of layoffs, mostly of younger workers. But he said it will also lead to more and longer power failures throughout the city, including the central business core, and that will damage its reputation. That would have a huge impact on customers, since nearly half the companya€™s equipment is either past its normal life, or will be within 10 years.
In his speech this month, Haines said that in order to renew its system, the company must string enough new wires over the next decade to cross the country from coast to coast. Sales in the first quarter of 2016 rose 15.8 per cent from the opening three months of last year, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board.
The City Press reported that Eskom secretly conducted a nationwide blackout simulation in March 2015 to test how its systems would handle a total loss of power. Reuters reported that president Jacob Zuma and his cabinet would be taken to a secret location if a blackout occurred.
This should include adequate water, food, a battery-powered radio, a torch with batteries (LED if possible), and personal sanitation items. The situation has led to acute power rationing in all areas within the company’s operational territory,’’ he added. Over the weekend, someone, or some group has blown up 4 Electrical towers that provide power to about 70 percent of the annexed area.
As a result, there has been disruption to road and rail traffic to and from Crimea since Ukrainian nationalists and Crimean Tatars began a border blockade in September. Russia says the deal will undermine its producers, because EU exporters are likely to use Ukraine as a back door into the Russian market.
While Crimean Tatar activists have not taken credit for the damage, they are planning on using it for leverage against the Russians. After his discharge he worked in Law Enforcement and Corrections for several years and was a member of SWAT before earning a degree in Computer Science. We have to address that head on,a€? Rod Sheppard, president of the Society of Energy Professionals, said in a news release.
For us, we think corporate success always stem up from the desire to rebel against convention. Bangladesh was struggling to restore power late Saturday, hours after being hit with a nationwide blackout that started when a transmission line bringing electricity from neighboring India failed, officials said. This has created a major power blackout and has caused all but essential services to be shutdown.
Russia does not have a land border with Crimea so short of building a new power plant in the stolen territory, there is no easy solution.
He also warned Ukraine would respond in kind if Russia introduced an embargo on Ukrainian products, as Moscow has threatened to do. In the 90's he received a Business Management Degree and became a Consulting Analyst to several Fortune 100 companies.
No digital media was reporting brand events like it understood the brands and its target audience. Even then it will only be the first step in a process that will take years to be completed and will allow Russia to become the areas main provider of energy.

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