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Founded in 1837, Abraham Moon are one of the oldest of the very few surviving woollen mills in Great Britain.
These are the fabrics of choice when producing some of the most famous traditional heritage men and ladies wear.
A pedal that can conjure a whole realm of classic tones with a few turns of the EQ knobs; a pedal that works equally well as a dedicated overdrive inspired by great, vintage FenderA® amps, or as a a€?preampa€? or a€?tone shapera€? that, when put at the end of your signal chain, just before your amp with the gain set low, can make any pedal before it sound and respond like youa€™re running it through whichever favorite amp of the time period you dial it in for.
History, after all, goes farther back than 1965, and so does the story of great tone.Brian Wampler is a confirmed tone fiend. He has to be, to make the kind of excellent sounding and great playing pedals Wampler Pedals is known for.

He knew that his work on the Black a€™65 would need to be followed up by another pedal to make the classic FenderA® amplifier inspired Wampler Pedals family whole.
When you go back in time, past the era that inspired the sound of the Black a€?65, you find yourself in the land of tweed, where raw, driven sounds offered guitarists new possibilities that they had never heard before, sounds that have found their way onto historic recordings. Creating a pedal that could do for the tweed amps of the mid to late 1950s what the Black a€™65 does for its amps would not be an easy process, but Brian has never shied away from a challenge!Enter the Tweed a€?57, a pedal inspired by historic FenderA® amps and their magic tone, a pedal which offers a wide palette of sounds and includes several features that youa€™ve come to expect from Wampler Pedals as well as some surprises Briana€™s cooked up just for this pedal!
With a full three-band EQ voiced carefully to let you get a wide range of tones from your amp, the Tweed a€?57 is not limited to trying to achieve one particular sound. And thanks to the fantastic a€?Input Simulatora€? switch, youa€™ve got flexibility and control just as youa€™d expect on an amp from that period, with Normal, Bright, and Linked input options that cooperate with the EQ and gain adjustments to give you control that is easy to use and rewarding to play with.

The pedala€™s dynamic response is extraordinary, and the overdriven tone is amazing.Play the Wampler Pedals Tweed a€?57 and youa€™ll understand exactly what inspired Brian to create this pedal, with a sound so characteristic and raw. Worked to perfection for his setup and yours, we bet after you experience this pedala€™s historic rhythm and timeless, leaping-off-the-frets lead, youa€™ll be grinning, too.

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