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We deliver orders to all pincodes across India via Fedex, Bluedart, DTDC & SpeedPost (remote areas). Women no longer have to wear unflattering, masculine, ill-fitted clothes - gone are the deforming, boxy shoulder pads and the bulky shoes. Black is one of the best colors for authoritative fashion, according to most power dressing tips. Usual power dressing tips suggest that you stick with the same color, but modern fashionistas call for a unique, monochromatic look. While most power dressing tips are leaned towards finding the right clothes, do remember that it’s about choosing the right fit as well. Our team will reply to you with an approval email containing the instructions and return shipping address to which you need to send back the product.
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Our team will reply with the instructions and return shipping address to which you need to send back the product.

This means that we can very well wear trousers, vests, jackets, shirts and suits with pinstripes and visible suiting details, while infusing them with a more subtle and delicate shade of undeniable feminine appeal. Instead we now have carefully tailored suits, high-waisted, button-up jumpsuits and pencil skirts, all blended in with a touch of glossy make-up and an unmistakable air of refined power. It's a good idea to wear such a suit with high heels - however, keep in mind that high heels may be uncomfortable to walk in if you have to be on your feet all day long.
Command the attention you deserve – even if you are not high above the ranks – with these noteworthy power dressing tips. But if you want to truly rise above the ranks, then pair your ebony outfit with striking gold jewelries. So even if you are not wearing an all-black ensemble, you can still capture a supreme look by wearing simple yet stylish jewelry. That’s why for these power dressing tips, suiting up in pieces made of cashmere or silk is advised.  These fabrics can magically transform your look from simple office girl to beautiful boss. Hemming your pants or adjusting the waistline of your coat can mean the difference between fab or drab. The first step towards achieving such a look is to invest in a smartly tailored suit with a jacket and trousers in a dark tone. If you've got an important presentation lined up for the day, however, nothing spells "fashionable and powerful" like a pair of heels with pointy toes. While it will help if you got the real ones, you can still look like the boss with exquisitely-designed fashion accessories. Avoid going over the top, as this will make you look like you are wearing fancy accessories.

While they might be expensive, these luxurious goods can beautify you in a flick of a finger. It goes without saying that the classic black pump is perfect, but you can always go veer away from the usual. We apologize for not offering reverse pickups at this point and plan to introduce that soon. The second suit you buy should be a pinstriped or even a subtly checkered one, also in dark or neutral shades. Heels will also make you look taller, but mind the length of the trousers and select an appropriate hemline. Tasteful jewelries and big-faced watches are just some of the pieces that can help you become a certified power dresser.
Wear these suits with white shirts and tuxedo vests - here you can play with colors and go for more visible shades, depending on the context.
For the finishing touches, don a wide belt, a masculine watch and cuff links and you're all done.

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