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Sustainable Plant - Manufacturing Best Practices for the Energy Efficient Industry Professional. Students learn about the process of generating electricity from coal, then research and present new methods of using coal to create electricity. Begin by explaining to students that electricity can be generated in many ways, including the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and gas), powering nuclear reactors, or through solar or hydro (water) generators.
Ask students if they know how a natural resource such as coal is converted into electricity. Ask students if they know how the electricity generated at a power plant gets to homes and communities. Ask students if they can think of any challenges or problems that using coal for fuel presents.
Explain to students that they will be researching other ways of using coal to create energy, aside from the method described in step 2.

After groups have had time to conduct their research, form new groups with representatives from each area of research.
Have students create their own word find or crossword puzzle using the vocabulary covered in the lesson.
Some students with either visual impairment or attention deficit disorder may benefit by having their own copies of the illustrated processes from the “Electricity from Coal” pamphlet.
Encourage them to think about air pollution, acid rain, sludge, and alterations to the landscape.
Assign teams of 2 to 3 students one of the following methods: fluidized bed combustion (FBC), gasification technologies and combined-cycle systems. Have students share their findings in their new groups and discuss the pros and cons of each method.
Explain that more than 50 percent of our country’s electricity is generated by burning coal.

Walk students through the illustrated steps of generating electricity from coal: pulverizing the coal, burning the coal to create steam, generating energy to spin the turbine, creating electricity by spinning the magnets within the turbine, and cooling the steam to begin the cycle once again. Does the location of the mine or power plant have an effect on the economy of the immediate area and the cost of electricity? If you have a tour guide, be sure she knows you are studying how electricity is generated and delivered, and ask her to speak directly to what role the facility plays in this process.
Do students know of any new technologies that are being used to minimize the effects of coal mining and burning on the environment?

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