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I wanted a power supply that would be simple to build, inexpensive, and easy to use on a solderless breadboard. Headers plug into both power rails of the standard solderless breadboard with dual rails on both sides. No concern about the matching connector, just cut the unnecessary connector off and insert the wires. Only concern is that your power source output at least 3V more then you want the module to output. The schematic below shows the bridge rectifier which allows for AC or polarity independent input connections. The unregulated power connection is ideal for powering up devices that need a lot of current but are not sensitive to the exact voltage. If you need to make a current source or a variable supply then the adjust pin will be very handy. If you are selected to receive a free kit, I will let you know by replying to your email message. Thank you for the nice article, but is there any chance you could repost the schematic without the background grid of points on it? I hope to use the power supply in testing guitar mini-amp circuits, and also with an electret mic project. May I suggest 3.3v 5v etc being available directly on the board, but with like a jumper that would allow easy selection. I am doing a respin on the board and would welcome any comments or sugestions for improvements. The major change will be the addition of a set of pins that plug in like an IC would (0.3 centers) to allow for breadboards that have different spacing.
I received my kit a little while ago, but haven’t had any free time to play with it yet. I am a GPS guy and have worked with NMEA for years and have had some experience SIRF chips as well. Hi David, I received my kit the other day, and will be putting it together and using it for something very soon.
The adjust pin is available on the breadboard so you can just remove the resistor and add the pot to your breadboard. I received it Thank you for the kit, Its been awhile since I soldered, so it was fun putting it together.
I really appreciate the extra care and attention in your instructions and your explanations about why you did what. I assembled mine and it works great, 5v 1.5amps, the wallwart im using is 9v 650mA, with an open voltage of 13-14volts. If you use a regulated supply you would connect to Vin on the Arduino headers rather than the power jack. Yeah, I figured out what you meant after I posted earlier, about a Diode after the Regulator output. For the output voltage to be greater then the input the 330uF cap would have to discharge faster then the capacitance on the output side of the regulator. If the bridge were not there and this supply were tied to a power system such as in a car, it’s possible that the input capacitor could discharge back into the source causing the input to the regulator to be lower then the output.
SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Pulse Electronics Corporation, a leading provider of electronic components, expands its high isolation gate drive transformer line with a new surface mount series using its patented Sidecar package. Feel simple and relax in every movement of time and sense the small piece of nature over your wrist. EDGE bluetooth speaker has a great design, is compatable with all 3.5mm audio devices such as iPod and iPhone. Design inspiration of this clock is from bud in spring, we copied the real tree branch to our design. This Chocolate Cup is made by 1380a„? high-temperature firingi??which is durable, safe and easy cleaning.
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We have traveled our minds back to the origin of 'time', and rethinking it's essence, then we found out a new concept - BACK TO TOMORROW. Generally we ship the item by Hong Kong Post, which is more economic than express delivery. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news, updates, free stuff and new releases by email. In a move that heralds a performance revolution in energy-efficient power electronics, Cree, Inc. The SiC MOSFET can be used today for solar inverters, high-voltage power supplies and power conditioning in many industrial power applications. The addition of the SiC power MOSFET to Cree’s world-class silicon carbide Schottky diode family enables power electronics design engineers to develop “all-SiC” implementations of critical high power switching circuits and systems with levels of energy efficiency, size and weight reduction that are not achievable with any commercially available silicon power devices of comparable ratings. Compared to the best silicon IGBTs, the Cree device improves system efficiency up to 2 percent and operates at 2-3 times the switching frequencies. Cree’s CMF20120D is ideal for high voltage applications where energy efficiency is critical.
I also plan to give away some of these kits as I have done in the past with the Arduino boards. I wrote about the PCB pre-order check and the adjustable current sink I used to test the design in previous articles. There are several similar modules available but none had all of the features I felt were important. I did have to create many of the PCB footprints and at least one schematic symbol but the process was very straightforward.
Things like motors and relays can be connected here to keep the power dissipation in the regulator down. You can leave off one or both of the adjust resistors and adjust the supply voltage output from your breadboard.
They have a fantastic search tool which gets you easy access to data sheets, pricing, and availability.
The module is designed to allow for a heat sink as the regulator is mounted flush with the edge of the PCB. The same rules as specified in the original giveaway program apply as well as a few new ideas I want to try. You will need to send your mailing address at that point, you do not need to send your address prior to knowing that you will receive a kit. Joan, Brandon, Wayne, Daniel,  and another Wayne have all found errors or typos, kits will be shipping soon. If you use NMEA the code is harder to do but the code will work with amost every GPS receiver.
Ill actually have to think about it, and work it out when I have some free time before I actually do it, because I dont want a value out of the Voltage Regulators Range, Ive also thought about getting one of those 6 pin PICs and a 7 seg display, build me up a tiny DVM that will fit under it SO I can see the tuning voltage or something. From USB which is already regulated well enough, from a DC jack, which has a regulator, or from it’s 5V input pin which is not regulated. In some applications this diode is necessary to insure that the input voltage is always greater then the output voltage. The bridge prevents it from discharging into the source so I believe its not possible to have the condition where the diode would be necessary. The PH9400 series provides isolation in MOSFET and IGBT drivers in industrial applications such as motor drive circuits and solar inverters and for power supplies for a range of medical devices.
Over the next several years, SiC power switches and diodes could also expand into motor drive control, electric vehicles and wind-energy applications. Setting Cree’s SiC MOSFET apart from comparable silicon devices, the RDSon remains below 100m? across its entire operating temperature range. It can meet or beat silicon MOSFET switching speeds and reduce switching losses in many applications by up to 50 percent. Solar inverters are an example where SiC MOSFETs can be used in both the boost and inverter sections of the DC-to-AC converters.
In addition to potential efficiency gains, the low switching losses of Cree’s SiC MOSFETs and diodes can enable design optimization at switching frequencies up to three times those built with commercially available silicon devices.
Cree has been awarded more than 50 patents on SiC MOSFET technologies, with numerous patents pending.

I used Kicad for the schematic capture and PCB layout work and ordered the boards from Gold Phoenix as I had done with a previous project. I added two internal connections for the rectified but unregulated input supply and for the regulator adjust pin.
I wanted the bottom layer to be a ground plane but did end up running three traces in this layer. The most important thing is that I am doing the giveaways as a way to help promote this site, not to collect your personal information. Maybe with a higher value item, given away randomly each week to people that submit a typo or error report on any article. From my perspective the question boils down to deciding if you want to support some other GPS in the future.
I’m looking forward to assembling it and giving it a try as soon as some hobby time opens up. If you are using a DC jack or the USB to power the Arduino you would probably not need another 5V supply as you can get the power from the Arduino board already regulated. This series offers a SMT alternative to the existing THT P058xx series while increasing the volts-second capability by up to 300%.
We love this work so much which we cana€™t separate from, because the product designing has been a part of our life.
This establishes a new benchmark for energy-efficient power switches and can enable design engineers to develop high-voltage circuits with extremely fast switching speeds and ultralow switching losses.
The market for power semiconductors in these applications is estimated at approximately $4 billion today, reaching nearly $6 billion by 2015. This consistency of performance characteristics across operating conditions, along with a true MOSFET device architecture (normally-off), makes it ideal for power electronics switching circuits. Kicad has a great feature that lets you fill a layer with copper after specifying which net you want connected to the fill.
The Wall wart used to power the air freshener RGB LED and heater is rated to output 9VAC at 350mA.
Basically I will give away a few of these kits to people credited with tipping other sites about uCHobby.
I will have no way to know for sure and will have to go with the first one to make the claim. If things don’t go well, I will delete this part of the article and the related comments. Please do not stop sending messages with any flaws you find but I can not promise to give out more kits.
Binarly formats are very easy to handle, you just need a set of C structures and some message sync management. NOT suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkelling, water related work and fishing. While designing the REVERSION, the well friendship was established between us, even the two families. I cut the wires, stripped them and used the handy screw terminals to connect it to the power supply module. This is like paying you to help me get the word out and is similar to giving away kits in exchange for incoming links.
As with the incoming links the tipped sites must be related to electronics hobby and you must claim the tip first. It must be easy to tell who did the tip and you must have sent the email with the link showing that the tip was posted before someone else does.
This configuration isolates the coil from pins achieving a greater creepage distance between them,a€? explained Gerard Healy, Product Manager, Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit (Pulse Power Division). Basic and reinforced insulation versions are offered which are compliant with IEC 60950, IEC 61558 and IEC 60601. Pulse Electronics has a long operating history of innovation in magnetics, antennas, and connectors, as well as the ability to ramp quickly into high-quality, high-volume production.

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