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Power electronics is considered as one of the most vibrant sectors owing to its presence, usage, and overlap with many other industry verticals. It is important to recognize the role played by power electronics as an enabling technology.
Its other important aspects include basic substrate technology, device technologies, electrical engineering, analogue and digital electronics, control, sensors, thermal management, mechanical engineering, and reliability science. This report is focused on giving a detail-view of the complete power electronics industry with regards to the products market and device market with detailed market segmentations; combined with qualitative analysis at each and every aspect of the classifications done by substrate wafer technology, devices, characteristics, products, application verticals (sectors), sub- applications, and geography.
12 Company Profiles (Company Snapshot, Products & Services, Developments, SWOT Analysis &Mnm View)* (Page No.
Power electronics is considered as one of the most vibrant sector owing to its presence, usage, and overlap with many other industry verticals. The market is divided into four segments; namely substrate wafer technology, power electronic devices, applications, and geography. The applications market covers the major applications of power electronics, which are divided into seven segments; namely ICT applications, industrial, power, automotive, aerospace & defense, and ‘others’.
Major players discussed in the power electronics market report include Texas Instruments Inc. The market report is a culmination of an extensive primary and secondary research that provides the current size of the market (both –in terms of the shipments and market revenue), and also forecasts the same for the period from 2014 to 2020.
Every effort is taken in order to maintain accuracy in the information contained within this web site. In this post, we will see How to design the zener shunt regulator and How to select the components, Constraints, Disadvantages etc. The diodes used as voltage regulators are called zener diodes. A regular diode will not work effectively as a zener diode,and vice versa.
The zener's function is to limit the voltage across the load, to nearly 18V, if the supply voltage is 18V or more. The series-pass transistor (or pass-transistor) is operating in the linear region of its voltage-current characteristics.
Driver circuits are most commonly used to amplify signals from controllers or microcontrollers in order to control power switches in semiconductor devices. The firing pulses are repeated several times in order to ensure that the pulses exceed the thyristor's latching current. IGBT and MOSFET drivers are very similar in that both components are controlled by voltage (charging the gate capacitor).
The IGBT gate voltage in switch off mode is generally approximately -8V to 15V in order to prevent an undesired capacitive switch on.
On the primary side of the IGBT half-bridge driver circuit above, input signals are received and error signals are sent back to the controller. Signal processing that takes place on the primary side of the driver circuit enables short pulse suppression in order to minimize glitches, prevention of both IGBTs in the half-bridge turning on simultaneously so to avoid short circuits, and monitoring of temperature and undervoltages.
Isolation of primary and secondary sides of the driver circuit is generally accomplished by use of transformers or optocouplers (LEDs and phototransistors). Some simple driver circuits forego the isolation between the primary and secondary sides, leaving this task in the hands of the user.

On the secondary side of the driver circuit, input signals are amplified and used to control the switching of the IGBTs. If overcurrent occurs, the secondary side of the driver switches all the IGBTs off and sends an error signal to the primary side. In general, optocouplers are inferior to transformers since they display higher susceptibility than transformers, less durability, limited performance, and limited isolation voltage.
The gate emitter capacitor is charged and discharged through the gate resistor by the driver.
In the diagram above, Rgon represents the external gate series resistance at switch-on and Rgoff the external gate series resistance at switch-off.
For many driver circuits, a switch to a higher Rgoff is made in the case of a short circuit, leading to a slower, or soft, turn-off.
High currents flowing within a short time are required in order to charge or discharge the gate capacitor.
The average driver current depends additionally on the clock frequency, that is, the number of switching operations per second. Maximum as well as average gate currents must be considered when selecting a driver circuit for a particular application. Semikron - who has written 189 posts on PowerGuru – Power Electronics Information Portal. It is the extension of solid-state electronics, away of treating communications and data into the business of efficient power handling, from milliwatts to gigawatts. Frequently, the performance and efficiency of a large and complex system can be critically determined by the power electronics within that system.
It should be noted that the power electronics systems’ manufacturers are not, in general, heavily vertically integrated: their core competence is systems design, and they buy components and technologies from a critical group of suppliers.
All the numbers, both –in terms of the revenue & volume, at every level of detail, are forecasted till 2020 to give a glimpse of the potential revenue base in this market.
There is an extremely high surge in the market for power electronics devices; and the applications in which these devices can be employed. The substrate wafer technology includes the differentiation of materials based on the type of end solutions.
The ‘others’ segment gives a brief understanding of the applications used in other industry verticals such as medical, retail, and photovoltaic. However, the author of this site shall not be held liable for the use of the information or of its consequences.
This type of regulator is typically used for very low voltage regulation for less than 200mW of a load. These diodes are available in the market for any reasonable power supply voltage. These voltage regulators are available in the form of ICs.
When a supply must deliver a lot of current, a power transistor is used along with the Zener diode as shown  below.
I want to change it to 24 v Line but would like to keep my 3w and 9w and 16w lights in the system.
Driver circuits often take on additional functions which include isolating the control circuit and the power circuit, detecting malfunctions, storing and reporting failures to the control system, serving as a precaution against failure, analyzing sensor signals, and creating auxiliary voltages.

Typical driver circuits can withstand voltages of 2500 V between the primary and secondary side. An optocoupler is made up of an LED (Light Emitting Diode) and a light sensitive transistor (phototransistor) all in one package.
In this way, overvoltages that can cause high currents and parasitic inductances which might otherwise damage the module are avoided. The higher the switching speed and the bigger the IGBT surface, the higher the peak gate current (up to 10A).
Some of these parts – for example standard power semiconductor devices - tend to be sourced from large multinational companies, whilst many others come from SMEs offering custom solutions, often employing proprietary technology.
The credit for power electronics becoming such a vast industry goes to the continuous advancements in the technology.
These solutions are divided into three sub segments that include high end, middle end, and low end solutions.
A series resistance(R) is placed between a higher voltage(Vin) and it is used to limit the current to the load and zener diode. For the thyristor to turn on, the gate pulse must continue until the current through the thyristor reaches the holding current, the minimum current required for the thyristor to remain in the on-state. A maximum voltage of 20V to 25V must never be exceeded in order to ensure that the oxide layers remain intact.
This is done by either comparing the collector-emitter voltage VCE to a preset threshold or by monitoring the signal of a current sensor. Power Electronics systems are the result of hierarchies of research, design, and manufacturing activities across many scientific and engineering disciplines. The companies invest most of their revenues in R&D so as to make the concerned improvements in their technology.
APAC is the largest market by geography due to the fact that the major part of the electronics and semiconductor industry is based in countries like China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and others. This excess voltage is known as ‘headroom’ of the linear regulator which has the value of Vo<Vin. Indeed, it is well-known that SMEs, alongside academia, generate a large proportion of the novel innovative technologies. Also, the supply chain in this industry is a major supporting factor that has helped the power electronics industry to reach new heights.
Another important role of power electronics, which is getting a strong emphasis recently, is the associated energy saving.
Power electronic devices are sub-segmented as the power electronic ICs, power modules, and power discrete devices.
Many companies are taking initiatives to intensify their R&D practices, to save energy with the help of modern power electronics devices and systems. Additionally, the components such as IGBT, transistors, and thyristors are also very well explained.

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