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The discovery was made after inspection tests, conducted last year, and SEB received the formal report in March. Yet, the situation was kept confidential until Sarawak Report leaked the information on Friday. He also claims that the major operation to repair and re-weld the turbines on site provide no cause for concern about extra costs or delays. Worn and uneven – the blades which should all have been smooth and perfectly calibrated. If Mr Sjotveit was back in Norway he would now be facing some probing questions and major media scrutiny, as he well knows. One key question would be on what criteria could this inspection be described as having taken place at an “early stage”?
Experts have also confirmed to Sarawak Report that to attempt to repair the blades in situe at the dam site, is not only difficult and dangerous, but is highly likely to be unsuccessful, especially in the medium to longer term.
Such serious erosion is hard to fix perfectly so every blade is exactly the same weight and balanced.
Faulty turbines, like those at Murum, will grind down their bearings and soon enough break. And the only point of this damaging and controversial dam at Murum was supposedly to produce electricity! So, why didn’t Torstein get his turbines checked when they first pitched up in Sarawak? We now release our leaked copy of that document and the accompanying letter (see also bottom of page). They show that the SEB Technical Manager, Frankie Chin, was most anxious and concerned that a number of important issues needed to be evaluated and addressed with respect to the unusual decision to attempt to fix the unsuitable turbines, which were already in situ. Top of the list was worker safety for Mr Chin. The documents shows that he wants assurances from Three Gorges that the potentially dangerous conditions for welders working at great heights in the turbine areas could be made safe. Mr Chin makes clear that a great deal of new equipment is going to be needed along with new personnel.
It is, of course, entirely possible that a furious SEB, who have taken delivery of such a defective and expensive product from the Chinese contractors (without realising or checking) are demanding that all the extra costs should carried by the manufacturers and Three Gorges Dam Company. If so, Mr Sjotveit ought to spell out what has been agreed with the contractor and manufacturer on this matter to the public, who have been forced to finance this controversial dam. However, instead of tackling such questions, Torstein Sjotveit has concentrated his efforts on his on-going charm offensive against the local journalists covering SCORE. Such largesse is, of course, peanuts compared to the huge sums being spent on Murum and the SEB CEO must be congratulating himself that a compliant media has come so cheaply.
He, the Chinese contractors and the manufacturers all therefore need to achieve just one thing, which is to provide the appearance of a working dam that will last for a year or so, until they are well back in their home countries, clutching their share of Sarawak’s borrowed money on the project.

Most of the rest of the profit has gone to companies owned largely by the family of the former Chief Minister, who commissioned the project. So, If instead of lasting decades, the Murum turbines break down in a short time after a half-baked repair, will any of these people who have profited from it care? Last, but certainly not least in our list of questions, is how does Torstein Sjotveit intend to substantiate his headline claim that the Murum power plant is “completely safe”, despite admitting to the problems outlined in the report?
Worse, his chosen method for dealing with the embarrassing problems which have arisen (ie mending the turbines in situ) is certainly not the one most recommended for ensuring the best outcome. SEB’s repair plan is at best experimental and uncertain, whereas experts have made clear that, to be sure of a proper job, these turbines should go back to the factory or be replaced altogether.
The report by Norconsult spells out clearly the best and worst case scenarios for such turbine failures. It has been pointed out already in the Malaysian media that as recently as 2009 a strikingly similar turbine problem caused a shocking accident at the Sayano–Shushenskaya hydroelectric dam in Russia.
So, what exactly did Torstein Sjotveit mean when he said that, despite these same problems being identified at Murum, the dam is “completely safe”? Your views are valuable to us, but Sarawak Report kindly requests that comments be deposited in suitable language and do not support racism or violence or we will be forced to withdraw them from the site. The first thing I’d like to say about mind mapping is how upset I am for not knowing about it sooner!
Mind mapping is certainly not a new idea, and many different folks have probably come to it on their own.
Instead of listing ideas vertically on one or more sheets of paper, you arrange your ideas on paper in a web-like structure.
In addition to keywords, a good mind map makes use of color and images to help stimulate the brain and facilitate fast recall. When listening to or reading an article, you can make a mind map that includes all previously unknown vocabulary. If you are working with your tutor via Skype, for example, you could both view the same mind map using a tool like Tony Buzan’s iMindMap 7 (which is the app I used to create the mind map above). And perhaps the most powerful use of mind maps is organizing your thoughts before you begin writing. Keeping focused on both the big picture and relevant details without getting lost in minutiae. Here 75 dam workers were left dead, after a badly calibrated turbine sheered through its moorings and shot into the pump house, causing flooding and destruction. Why wasn’t it taught to me in elementary school, junior high, high school, or even university?
We owe its popularity, however, to one man: British author, speaker, and memory master Tony Buzan.

It is important to use only one sheet as this forces you to be brief and keep all of the ideas centered around the main idea written in the center.
Don’t worry if you look childish; this is one time when doodling is actually constructive!
Put the title of the article in the center of the map, and then fan the words around the center. Your mind map can act as both an agenda for the conversation and a visual tool to aid your listening comprehension. An initial time investment of 10 to 20 minutes often saves hours of lost time thinking about what to write next and second guessing and changing what you have already written. If you just start writing paragraphs, it is easy to forget the main idea you presented in the introduction whilst filling out the details of supporting paragraphs. I was lucky enough to get to know mind mapping when I was at the university, and since then I use it for everything! I’m John Fotheringham, an author, linguist, vagabond, entrepreneur, and full-time silly goose. Why did I labor through so many classes, books and professional challenges without this amazing tool? He is the author of countless books on using mind mapping to improve your performance at school or work, and how maximize one’s memory with both ancient and modern memory enhancement techniques (check out either The Mind Map Book or How to Mind Map). This is a major advantage over using traditional writing which often makes it easy to lose focus on the main idea and get lost in interesting but distracting tangents.
You can then add one-word definitions, synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech, translations, drawings, etc. After the call, you can refer back to the mind map to quickly review any new language that came up. But if you have a mind map to refer back to you, you can quickly and easily check the relevancy of what you are typing. It helps a lot when learning a foreign language and I try to make my students to use them as much as possible.
I have been learning and teaching languages for over a decade and have seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t. If meeting a private teacher or tutor face-to-face, you can accomplish the same thing on paper.
The Language Mastery site, podcast, and guides provide adult learners the tips, tools, and tech needed to create fun, engaging, immersive environments no matter where in the world one happens to live.

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