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Today’s Metro newspaper features a short(!) article on the subway ceiling collapse at the 181st Street subway station on the (1) line. Now if you want to complain about something, how about complaining about NYCT’s deplorable operational response to this incident?
Last night, apparently part of the ceiling collapsed at the 181 St station on the (1) New York City Subway line, causing debris to fall onto the tracks.
Bad news for residents of Van Cortlandt Park, Riverdale, Spuyten Duyvil, Kingsbridge, Inwood, and Washington Heights, though the latter two have the (A) train to make up for it. My Bx10 driver correctly announced several times that there was no (1) service, and to take the Bx7 or Bx20 to 207 St for the (A) train. This morning, the DesignLine EcoSaver IV hybrid electric bus made its passenger-carrying debut for New York City Transit.
The DesignLine EcoSaver IV bus is different from other hybrid buses already in the NYCT fleet because it is a series hybrid.
The story of how this bus design, which originated in New Zealand, came to be for sale to bus authorities in the US, is interesting, and worth the short read. I came away from my ride on the bus’s maiden voyage pretty impressed with its quietness and performance.
Edit: As pointed out by Joe in his comment, the other hybrid buses in the NYCT fleet (Orion VII) are also series hybrids. Why exactly does a switch problem at Dyckman Street cause the suspension of southbound (1) train service??
There’s a temporary loss of power between the Prospect Park and Parkside Avenue stations on the Brighton Line.
And this is after there were big problems out in the Rockaways this morning, affecting (A) and (S) service. Walking past the construction site Monday, I saw that a door was open, allowing me to see and photograph (with cell phone camera) the empty space where a staircase once was, and where an additional escalator will hopefully soon be.

The latest advertising wrap on the outside of the subway cars that run on the 42nd Street Shuttle between Times Square and Grand Central is for the new TNT television series called Dark Blue.
As announced here on the Railfan Window Blog first, the G line extension to Church Avenue is still scheduled to begin on-time on July 5, 2009. Here is the Service Changes poster than New York City Transit finally uploaded to their website. SOLITUDE, Utah – Solitude Ski Resort lived up to its name Friday, but not in the way managers would’ve liked. Rocky Mountain Power spokesperson David Eskelsen said crews had to wait for the storm to pass to try to repair the lines, which meant leaving the area in the dark overnight.
Solitude marketing managers say the resort is working with guests who pre-purchased tickets to get refunds.
The latest headlines, breaking news updates and information on new contests, right to your inbox! I remember as infants at the Green School in Southwick, that we built a large model of the Brighton A and B power stations out of cardboard in about 1957.
If you read the life story of James Rook of Southwick (c1810-1890) you will find a few passages in it when he was actually involved in the building of the first power station there.
Alan, That photo shows one of two identical towers that were built at Shoreham for the purpose of protecting the English Channel from enemy submarines. There's a scale model of a mystery tower at the Marlipins Museum in Shoreham, also you can buy a leaflet for 10p giving the history of the towers. If you're already a registered user of this site, please login using the form on the left-hand side of this page.
In each row, the photo on the left is from before the renovation, and the photo on the right is from after the renovation. That means that the engine, in this case a turbine, is only used to charge the batteries, and not to directly power the vehicle.

The first one mentions Bowling Green-bound (5) trains, when (5) trains go all the way to Flatbush Av.
As you can see in the photo above, not only is the old staircase gone, but the old escalator is gone too. Solitude General Manager Kim Mayhew said it was a frustrating situation because there was nothing the resort could do.
Many guests who came in from out of state ended up going to nearby Brighton Ski Resort for the day, but they say it was tough to look at the freshly groomed slopes and not be able to ride.
There are many advantages to a series hybrid, and for this bus overall, one of which is the fact that the bus can operate in pure electric mode, with the turbine off (producing no emissions), in some situations. My only reservations are over how well the not-so-glamorous parts of the bus will hold up in the severe service conditions experienced here in New York City.
So I’m not sure if this delivery is of a new escalator, or maybe of the old, but possibly refurbished, escalator.
In all other situations, the turbine is running at the most efficient speeds to keep the batteries at an optimal charge, totally independent of the bus’s immediate acceleration needs. One of the towers was towed to Southampton Water and became known as The Nab Tower, a shipping aid.
Maybe the nice white tiles and walls have gotten dirty since the renovation, but dirty does not equal old!
I’m getting tired of wincing every time I see people struggling to carry large suitcases down the stairs (when there are clear signs pointing to other entrances with escalators).

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