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Emergency workers were at the scene of an accident on Friendship Road in South Brunswick Tuesday.
The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) offers safety tips to keep families safe if a power outage occurs. According to the National Weather Service, in 2013 extreme cold and winter storms resulted in 46 deaths. The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is pleased to offer the travelling public access to its highway cameras as well as cameras operated by Brun-Way Highways Operations Inc.
These cameras are located next to the highway at specific locations across the province as part of the Departmenta€™s Road Weather Information System. March 13, 2010 - A storm causes 50,000 businesses and homes to lose power in New Brunswick. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged 2010, lights, march, new brunswick, new jersey, outage, power, storm. There are pockets of power outages in New Brunswick Thursday, as the remnants of Hurricane Patricia pass over the province bringing heavy rain and windy conditions.
Saint John's Fairville Boulevard was been closed from Manawagonish Road to Keirstead Road because of flooding. RCMP are saying that wind and heavy rain can make driving hazardous in New Brunswick Thursday. By popular demand, the panel discusses the Gallant government's announcement of free tuition for post-secondary students from low-income families. Michael Stemm used a DJI Phantom Advanced camera drone to take to the skies of Fredericton, N.B.
Harlem Globetrotters' dunker Zeus McClurkin shows his skills before their upcoming appearance at the Moncton Coliseum April 24. Premier Brian Gallant announces free tuition for low income family post-secondary students. Some of the thousands of New Brunswickers who lost power during Wednesday night's snowstorm may be in the dark for days to come, says the public safety minister.
Power-wise, the Fredericton area was the hardest-hit, with more than 21,000 homes and businesses without electrical service at one point.
Meanwhile, he is urging motorists to avoid travelling if possible, citing downed power lines and hazardous driving conditions. Marie-Andree Bolduc, an NB Power spokeswoman, said heavy, wet snowfall combined with strong winds led to trees falling on to power lines and damage to power poles, causing the bright flashes of light people in Fredericton reported seeing overnight Wednesday. In Fredericton, hard hit during Wednesday's winter storm, snow coated trees and power lines overnight.
The electrical grid in the Fredericton area was also battered in post-tropical storm Arthur in July when high winds and heavy rains uprooted large trees and plunged more than 140,000 NB Power customers into darkness at its peak.

Virtually all homes and businesses in the Fredericton area lost power as a result of Arthur with thousands of trees toppled or damaged in the capital area. More than 80 NB Power and contract crews along with some from municipal energy companies from Saint John and Edmundston are working to repair the latest outages, said Bolduc. Crews are focused on restoring high-risk and emergency calls, and outages that can get the most customers back online at one time.
They were positioned prior to the storm to allow restoration work to begin as soon as possible, officials said. The city of Fredericton has opened two reception centres for area residents without power, offering a warming area and an opportunity to charge electronic devices.
The centres, located at the Grant-Harvey Centre, on the city's south side, and Willie O'Ree Place, on the north side, will be open 24 hours a day until power is restored in the city. The Fredericton Fire Department reported it responded to 33 downed power lines, 15 electrical fires and three motor vehicle accidents overnight Wednesday. The nor'easter that moved into New Brunswick on Wednesday evening and raged through the night was forecast to dump more than 25 cm of snow and ice pellets on the southern half of New Brunswick, with the Moncton area in southeast New Brunswick possibly seeing as much as 60 cm. Environment Canada's forecast calls for yet more of the white stuff Thursday night a€” between five and 15 cm in most areas of the province. Mike Walker, the manager of streets and roads in Fredericton, said crews have been working to clear streets in the capital city but they are being slowed down by low-hanging power lines. He said those low, or downed, power lines are keeping snow-removal equipment from clearing some streets. Felicia Murphy, a spokesperson for Brun-Way, said the highway between Quebec and Longs Creek is icy and snow covered. The winter storm caused schools in several districts across New Brunswick to announce closures.
Some schools in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island schools were also closed because of the storm. Wintry mix predicted this week in the area prompts the nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) to offer the following 21 tips to keep families safe and warm if the power goes out:Family Safety1.
The Hyatt hotel shown here had emergency lighting that illuminated the hallways partially, with guests roaming in the dark. By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. The storm dumped 35 centimetres of snow on parts of the province a€” and Environment Canada says more is on the way.
AT, the number of customers without power across the province still hovered at around 4,600, according to the utility's website. Even when the snow stops, Murphy said, high winds will a€?wreak havoc on visibilitya€? by blowing around all of the snow.

Host Ramona Dearing is joined by Ruby Hoskins, the president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils. Keep your car fuel tank at least half-full, gas stations rely on electricity to power their pumps.5.
Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. Keep extra cash on hand since an extended power outage may prevent you from withdrawing money from automatic teller machines or banks.6.
Check on elderly neighbors, friends, or relatives who may need assistance during the outage.Keeping Warm7. If you are using a gas heater or fireplace to stay warm, be sure the area is properly ventilated.9.
Go to a designated public shelter if your home loses power or heat during periods of extreme cold. Text SHELTER + your ZIP code to 43362 (4FEMA) to find the nearest shelter in your area (example: shelter 12345)Food10. Keep a supply of non-perishable foods, medicine, baby supplies, and pet food as appropriate on hand. Don’t plug emergency generators into electric outlets or hook them directly to your home’s electrical system – as they can feed electricity back into the power lines, putting you and line workers in danger.15. Consider purchasing and professionally installing a permanent home generator.When Power Returns16.
When power comes back on, it may come back with momentary “surges” or “spikes” that can damage equipment such as computers and motors in appliances like the air conditioner, refrigerator, washer or furnace.17.
For as little as $1 per 6’ of insulation, you can stop pipes from freezing and save energy.19. Place an insulating dome or other covering on outdoor faucets and spigots to reduce the likelihood of the water in your pipes freezing, expanding and causing a costly leak.20. Even if the pipes freeze, you have released the pressure from the water system reducing the likelihood of a rupture. If you are going out of town, and suspect that temperatures will drop or a power outage will occur, turn off the water to your home and open all of the taps to drain the water system. If the smoke is sucked out of an opening, seal the leak with caulk, spray foam or weather stripping.For more information, tips and resources for winter safety visit the Great Winter Weather Party preparedness campaign.

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