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LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.- A man says his two young children witnessed the moment a garbage truck driver attacked the family dog with a bat. Cape Ray, where the Maritime Link to Nova Scotia will connect with Newfoundland’s power grid. The Maritime Link and the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project are touted as the future of clean energy in Atlantic Canada, but can they survive our harsh winters? Former corporate executive Bill Black has extensive knowledge of the Muskrat Falls project and after combing through the 84-page review conducted in 2012 by Manitoba Hydro International, he is concerned about weather-related emergencies. Muskrat Falls is located in central Labrador and power generated will be carried over land and sea to reach Newfoundland. To cross the width of the island, nearly 900 kilometres of new transmission line will be put in place. Expected to be finished in 2017, Muskrat Falls will produce more than 800 megawatts of electricity, more than Newfoundland and Labrador needs. The sale of surplus power to Nova Scotia is a key component of the project as Emera, the parent company of Nova Scotia Power, is putting up 20 per cent of the estimated $7.7-billion required to complete the project, in return for 20 per cent of the energy produced. But recent weather-related failures at the Holyrood Thermal Generating Station on the Avalon Peninsula caused widespread outages in Newfoundland, highlighting weaknesses in the power grid and casting doubt on the reliability of the project. Jeff Myrick of Emera, blamed the blackouts on “a short-term peak in the system at the Holyrood Station.” He says the recent problems are isolated and not related to Muskrat Falls, and said he could not comment on the project’s vulnerability to winter weather.

Nalcor states on its website that the Holyrood station, commissioned in 1971, provides nearly 500 megawatts of energy, approximately 20 per cent of Newfoundland’s electricity needs. Holyrood will continue to be a main source of energy for the province over the next three years, until it is replaced by Muskrat Falls. Reports are now coming in that power has been resumed along Route 1 and adjoining businesses and neighborhoods.
When Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming lost control of 50 nuclear, inter-continental missiles last October, officials said a communication failure between the control centre and the weapons was to blame. But Robert Hastings says more was involved.According to Hastings, three missile maintenance technicians have agreed to speak to him on the condition of anonymity, revealing the military has kept UFO sightings that occurred during the power outage under wraps. His witnesses claim the power outage lasted several hours longer than officials reported.'I have detailed information about the events. He organised a press conference last September, when six former Air Force officers stepped forward to reveal they had seen or had been involved with sightings at missile sites. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Power has been restored to hundreds of residents on Captiva and Sanibel islands after a crash Monday night, according to LCEC.- Using our app? The Manitoba Hydro International review indicates that the proposed route for this line will pass through 11 unique climate zones, one of which, the Long Range Mountains, is especially prone to extreme wind and ice conditions.

The link, a $1.5-billion undersea transmission cable, will connect Newfoundland to Nova Scotia and allow Nalcor, Newfoundland’s provincial energy corporation, to sell surplus power to Nova Scotia.
2, resulting in a system overload that started a chain reaction of failures across Newfoundland.
However, three missile technicians stationed at the base have raised fresh questions in the case, amid reports UFO sightings coincided with the incident. The witnesses, he said, reported sightings of 'a large cigar-shaped object high above the missile field'.
CLICK HERE to watch videoOver 700 were left in the dark when a vehicle hit a major pole near the intersection of Captiva Drive and Osprey Way Drive.No one was allowed on or off the island for several hours while crews worked to remove the pole, which was blocking both lanes.
To compensate, Nalcor instituted rolling blackouts that left customers in the dark in temperatures dropping below -30 C. UFO researcher Robert Hastings says eyewitnesses claim the interruption to the power supply also lasted much longer than the Air Force admits. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices.

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