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In the Paint Basketball and Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation are sponsoring events at the site of the old Dominick's at 79th & LaSalle. Among the 30 recommendations: Make class sizes smaller, have teachers offer weekly office hours for students, and provide mediation alternatives rather than just suspending students. The students also had loftier suggestions -- such as adding to current graduation requirements two years of extracurricular activities and college-level courses, and application to at least five post-secondary schools. The students surveyed 400 teens on everything from discipline and teacher quality to school culture and curriculum.If only such a study was conducted in my time although what I have to say about high schools now would prolly be different that what I would have said when I was still in high school.
A Chatham resident, Worlee Glover, takes his problem involving a hole created by city workers to the Tribune.
When city workers dug up the parkway in front of his South Side house in early July, Worlee Glover figured they'd come back to fill in the hole days later. Every morning Glover looked at the construction site, and every morning he became more upset. Our friends at YoChicago have picked up several of our recent posts and the posts over at the CAPCC blog about the changes in Chatham. The following pictures in this post were taken from the slideshow presentations of Red Line extension alternatives. For example, if students at Julian & Corliss High Schools in addition to Olive Harvey College may have to get off at 103rd Street to get to their respective campuses. I can only imagine that the 106 will be eliminated especially if the 103 will no longer be routed to 95th Street. Also since there are stations along the way I could see other routes being changed such as the Pace 353 bus.
Well I know I can't figure out all the possible changes and before anything should happen the extension has to be built first. This may be very late news for most, but if you plan on taking the 75th bus (or even driving yourself) on 75th, from Indiana to King Drive, please note that there is construction goign on, and a re-route to 76th street.
Eastbound buses will operate via 75th, Indiana, 76th, and King Drive, then resume their normal route on 75th.
Westbound buses will operate via 75th, King Drive, 76th, and Michigan, then resume their normal route on 75th. Buses are rerouted due to sewer construction on 75th Street between King Drive and Indiana. Four boys, 13, 15 and two of whom who are 14, who are not being identified because of their ages, were each charged with one felony count of burglary to a house of worship, according to police. The four were arrested Thursday evening after allegedly breaking into the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 7941 S.
The victim told police he caught an 11-year-old girl for trespassing to the church and he made out a report for a burglary, indicating that one of the bathroom windows to the church broken into and a Bible, a white minister’s robe and one white CD player were taken, according to police. The girl allegedly told police she was present during the burglary and knew the four boys who were responsible and she told police where they live, according to police. Police said officers were able to recover the robe in a garbage can after a grandfather of one of the boys told police where it was.
I have tangent based on the conversation starting in this past Thursday's blog entry on more whites in Chatham. Krystyna Cyron, President of the Polish Association Cabramatta has received the award of Fairfield City 2010 Citizen of the Year.

Interested in reading a compelling and powerful historical biography on the life of a remarkable Polish Australian who grew up in India? Steorn is pleased to announce that the final pre-launch demonstration of its Orbo technology, "Proving Overunity" will take place at 1600 GMT on Saturday January 30th. Brendan at the Kosciuszko monument in ChicagoA friend of mine, Stan Kornel, a renowned violinist of the Sydney Symphony said one day: - Can you believe it?
This year’s festival celebrates the 170th anniversary of the discovery and naming of Mt.
Over the past 20 years Wojciech Pietranik has created a collection of striking art leaving a lasting impression in the history of coin design in Australia.
The security guard in charge when the infamous "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign was stolen from the former Nazi death camp Auschwitz has been dismissed, a report said. "We found that the fault was human error.
Two new films from Poland, which have won awards at international festivals, deal with teenage prostitution and examine the country's morality in a post-communist society. The film "Piggies" by acclaimed director Robert Glinski comes to Polish theaters this month. Danuta Mostwin, an author, psychologist and sociologist who had been a member of the Polish underground during World War II and whose fiction chronicling the experiences of Polish emigres earned her two nominations for the Nobel Prize in literature, died Monday of Parkinson's disease at her Ruxton home. During disasters and emergencies, the resources of local public safety agencies resources can be stretched to the limit as an incident expands in duration, size, scope, or complexity. The BCIMT operates the Barnstable County Multi-Agency Coordination Center, a NIMS standard entity. An IMT Operations Section Chief addresses a group of firefighters at wildland fire exercise in Truro. IMT Incident Commanders discuss tactics at Operation Patriot Guard held at Joint Base Cape Cod. IMT members staff the Incident Command Post at Operation Patriot Guard held at Joint Base Cape Cod. He's also behind the Facebook page, Concerned Citizens of Chatham and he not only posted those pictures there, but also forwarded those pictures to this blog a few weeks ago.
The workers had covered the hole in the 400 block of East 83rd Street with two-by-fours and boards, then placed blinking barriers on top.
Not only was it unsightly -- weeds had started popping through the mounds of dirt, and garbage had started to collect around it -- but he was convinced it had become a safety issue.
So he took his concerns to the Internet, posting photos of the construction site on Facebook's Concerned Citizens of Chatham Web site.Go read the whole thing.
Especially of focus is the post on young whites moving into Chatham and the questions and conclusions drawn from that. In the sidebar I have a feed for neighborhood real estate stories from YoChicago picking up different pieces from either blogs or the mainstream media.
Particularly the presentations you would have seen at either Woodson Library or Olive Harvey College on June 3 & 4, 2009. It would roughly leave 95th Street and would be elevated along the Union Pacific Railroad with stops at 103rd, 111th, 115th, and 130th streets. One aspect of the proposed L extension is to eliminate the long bus rides to the 95th Terminal. If a bus rider had to go north on Michigan they would have to change buses instead of being able to stay on the bus to ride North on Michigan Avenue. If the route of the 353 bus could terminate at the 115th Street stop instead of going to 95th.

Also feel free to contact the alderman yourself with the information you find on this letter.
Another boy allegedly told police the CD player was in his bedroom and officers found it there. A search on Google and Yahoo revealed nothing.Personally, I find it a bit funny that Taste of Park Manor is actually being held in the middle of Chatham, but again, it's on land owned by Park Manor Christian Church. This exhibition celebrates Wojciech and the art of coin and medal design and will showcase a number of coins, medals and sculptures from his collection. The descriptions of television programs are not compiled by "The Australian" (or indeed any other newspaper).
It uses ICS standard operating procedures within the framework of the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Personnel can be deployed as a complete team, incrementally, or individually as the incident warrants. But planned public events including parades, fairs and festivals, fireworks displays, flu clinics, and road races are a common occurrence. The MACC is designed to provide local Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) with resources and information during major countywide or regional incidents. Not only for Freshman, upper classmen, and the academic center but also for the magnet engineering program as well as the academic center.
There is no indication of where exactly the terminal would be although other stories about the CTA's approval of a Red Line extension would have the terminal near the South Shore rail line. If the Roseland L gets built I can only imagine that we may see another reorganization of bus routes along the extension.
Either way this routing should eliminate any concern there might be regarding our young people from area schools or any other traffic that comes into 95th on any given weekday.
By formal I mean that I haven’t been enrolled in any University or Acting Academy here in Australia or back in Croatia.
The BCIMT is available to assist public agencies and non-governmental organizations in the management of large-scale planned events. The MACC captures, consolidates, and coordinates local requirements and communicates and coordinates with regional, state, federal, utility, and non-governmental resources to deliver requested resources back to the local EOCs. Only by delegation of authority from the local Authority Having Jurisdiction would the BCIMT assume incident command. Lyle is quoted, she attributes the lack of attention to this hole with the financial problems the city is facing at this current time.
Hopefully that issue will be resolved as their plan revolves around tearing down this building and having more parking spaces for their operations.
Although I have no problem with their plan for a dining room across the street from the Leak & Sons Funeral Home. For example, Commonwealth Community Church (140 West 81st Street) has hosted NACA seminars , which give some homeowners (especially those who want to stay in their home for 2 or more decades).
Church West Chatham Park Advisory Council West Chatham Improvement Association Crown Commercial Real Estate and Development Inc.

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