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Recent natural hazards and man made catastrophes have forced the medical community to deal with the hazards of severe weather, the nature and scope of which were unheard of even a decade ago.
The study describes two cases where an interruption of care routines on two patients because of a prolonged power outage due to severe weather events had a lethal impact on these patients. The authors identify three resources that are underutilized, but that may be invaluable following a disaster: the 211 call center system, the Vulnerable Needs Registry systems and the offer of power companies to register a High-priority restoration status. In July 2000, the Federal Communications Commission established “211” as a nationwide access number for community information and referral services.Strongly supported nationwide by the United Way, statewide and community-wide 211 systems have additional support from both public and private sources. The Vulnerable Needs (or Special Needs) Registry System is a little-known but very useful resource.
Despite providing individuals with access to a variety of special health and other services, both 211 and the Vulnerable Needs Registry are largely unknown among physicians.
In addition, local media outlets often seek to engage health professionals for segments on news or public affairs programming, and this information would provide a great service through such a forum.
Many power companies allow persons who have electrically powered medical equipment at home to register their needs with the company for high-priority restoration status in the event of a power outage. Although these companies carefully note that they cannot guarantee power restoration within a given timeframe to anyone, they will prioritize customers within the constraints of each situation. About the only time people think about utility companies is when we get our bill, and then they do not win any popularity contests. Enter your email address to subscribe to Finding Homes for You blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Have you asked yourself what you would do if the power went out for a day or two or for even a week?  What would you do?
13.  Be wary of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is caused from exposure to odorless fumes created by charcoal grills, camping stoves or generators that are operated inside a home or garage. A word about generators:  Using a properly connected whole house generator of adequate size during a power outage will reduce or almost eliminate the impact a power outage has on your life. The best way to use a generator is to connect it to your home using a transfer switch installed by a licensed electrician. If you have not done so already, please be sure to like Facebook which is updated every time there is an awesome new article, news byte, or link to a free survival, prepping or homesteading book on Amazon.  You can also follow Backdoor Survival on Pinterest.
In addition, when you sign up to receive email updates you will receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide. Ambient Weather Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio: This is becoming a popular choice with Backdoor Survival readers. Coleman Rugged Battery Powered Lantern: This sturdy Coleman has a runtime of up to 28 hours on the low setting and 18 hours on the high setting but does require D cell batteries. Dorcy LED Wireless Motion Sensor Flood Lite: Don’t let the $20 price lead you to think this wireless flood light is wimpy.
EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove: Burning twigs and pinecones, this stove will cook a big pot of rice in under 20 minutes. Bicycle Canasta Games Playing Cards:  Heck, you need something to keep yourself entertained!
These are just two of the food storage items that you can purchase at Emergency Essentials.  And if you need some recipes?  Go to the Food Storage Recipes page of Emergency Essentials for lots of creative (and free) ideas for using the good you have on hand. I’m not sure how a radiant heater works, but if you have a Big Buddy Catalytic heater which uses propane, it burns the dangerous fumes produced by fire or gas. The Big Buddy is the largest of the Buddy line and kept the heat constant in my home even though it was cooler in the more distant rooms. If you get any type of heater, practice hooking it up and turning it on to insure you know how to make it work when an emergency occurs.
Also if you are new to having a fireplace, practice starting a fire without using newspaper and only kindling or small pieces of wood.
40 degrees is the limit, and a battery operated thermometer can be used with a remote sensor inserted in the refrigerator to monitor the temperature..
Note: while you may be stuck in the cold for an extended time, be sure to have your photo album available to review as a detraction.

It rarely gets to freezing here, and when it does, the cold blast is usually gone within a couple of days.
There is one problem with generators, NOISE they can be heard for miles around by the wrong people. I had a neighbor that ran the exhaust from his generator into about a 15 gallon water can, and there was very little exhaust noise. I was talking about 2.2kv portable generator with about 100cc engine air cooled like motorbike engine the mechanical noise from it is very high, not exhaust noise.
Having been through a MASSIVE ice storm here in the Ozarks a few years ago (some areas without power for over 2 wks): If you go to camping stores you can find 12v light sockets and 12v light bulbs. We also have a small generator that can power one major appliance at a time…most likely the fridge and alternately the freezer.
We have a few extra car batteries we can charge to use indoors for lighting or charging a laptop. The biggest problem during OUR ice storm was branches (or whole trees) breaking or falling over onto power lines (and fences) so remember to keep your trees trimmed so they will NOT be a problem for you or your neighbors.
Anyone calling 211 will be routed to that particular community’s agencies or organizations for an extraordinary variety of services, including basic human needs, such as food and shelter, disaster relief, and mental health resources. Generally managed by local health departments with developmental input from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the CDC, this system enables people with special needs to register so that in an emergency situation, such as a natural disaster, authorities will know to check on them. Yet healthcare providers could be instrumental in informing the public of the availability of these resources. This generally requires these individuals to have their physician complete a special form, which can often be downloaded from the power company’s Website.
Because these forms may not recognize certain medical equipment as life saving, it may be necessary to provide more comprehensive explanations as to the need for power in these cases.
They have some great up-to-date information that can be very helpful during a time like this. Could you fend for yourself?  Could you keep yourself warm in the winter and cool in the summer?  What about food?  Would your refrigerated and frozen items spoil?  And yikes!  What would you do about money if credit cards and ATMs no longer worked?  Did I mention that in all likelihood you would not have internet access either? Our appliances and work-saving devices rely upon a source of electricity for operation and even many gas powered appliances such as furnaces and hot water heaters need electricity to run.   The worst thing about it is that when the power goes out, it is likely to be the result of some other emergency such as a hurricane, tornado, or winter storm.
Many cordless phones will not work in a power outage.  Cell phone users should keep their cell phones charged and at the very least, pick up a cell phone car chargerso you can charge the cell in your car if it runs down.
Notify your power company in advance if you use special healthcare equipment like oxygen generators or dialysis equipment that require power. Before you buy such a generator, talk to an electrician about the size and type you need as well as the installation costs.
For the basics, a generator can be used to keep food cool, provide lights and electricity for stovetops, computers, telephones and television, and to power furnace blowers and pumps.  Less important is power for washing machines, dishwashers and ovens.
This unit will charge up to 2 pairs of AA or 1 pair of AAA batteries via USB or solar power.
I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here.
If you buy the 12′ hose and adapter you can hook it to you propane tank on you barbeque grill. They changed over the threads on propane tanks a few years ago, and if you get the wrong adapter you definitely don’t want to find out in an emergency. I started off using the little bottles of propane, which the Big Buddy will hold two, but they don’t last very long. If you buy the regular kind you find in most stores, they only work as long as the box stiker is in good condition.
A man had built a cabin, off grid, and used an old 6 cylinder ford engine hooked up to multiple 12 volts automobile generators.
Let’s not forget power inverters that you can hook up to car batteries and power other devices or appliances. I have a friend who has been a paramedic for nearly 30 years, so I will be picking his brain next month when he comes for a visit.

If you are out of water in your toilet, put a plastic trash bag in the toilet and do your thing in the plastic bag, everyone, in the house, and then change daily. If you have beef in the freezer, and there is no power, take out the beef and as it thaws, cut it up into thin strips and hang it to dry. In addition, regardless of which form disasters take, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that they affect older adults disproportionately, and those with chronic diseases and disabilities are especially vulnerable. Therefore, these preparedness tools remain unknown to many practitioners as well as to the very people they seek to assist. Physicians know well that patients in emergencies will likely call 911; they likewise need to know that patients in need of assistance should be informed about 211 for help in locating the services they need. People who are likely to need more assistance than what is available to the general public, including the frail elderly, disabled persons, and caregivers who provide care to vulnerable patients in facilities such as personal care homes, should register so that emergency responders will be aware of their needs and their locations. This means that the folks that are supposed to fix the problem may be spread wide and spread thin and it may be days before the lights are back on. Most power companies have the ability to note this in their records and will prioritize the response to your home.
Make sure whatever type of heater you purchase for a confined space, like your home it is a Catalytic heater. Also practice stiking a match, which sounds so simple, but you do not want to ruin a good match or think it will last longer than it does. Practice using them also, because they will burst into flame and might surprise you with how fast they burn and how hot they get.
If possible run indoors with good ventilation and outside exhaust pipe extension or as I have done 4 powerful fans from rear plate of server cabinet which fits over fireplace duct tape to seal with generator exhaust directly in front and powering it, in well ventilated room.
Hooked to the charged batteries or hooked to a vehicle you’ve parked close to the house. Otherwise you will only be able to fill up the toilet until it is overflowing and then what are you going to do. It is important to note, however, that 211 is not yet available everywhere, and it may not be available in more remote areas. Registration allows not only for more rapid and better-equipped responses to individuals in times of need, but also assists agencies in their planning for such times. Edwards School of Medicine, Marshall University, Huntington, WV and the Hanshaw Geriatric Center, Marshall University, Huntington, WV. When not involved in Real Estate he is checking out new apps and bringing new tech goodies to his clients. You can find Strike Anywhere matches in most Farm Supply stores or non-chain hardware stores, and some Sporting Good Stores. Buy a package of cottonballs, and after rubbing them with vasoline or cooking oil, store them in a plastic bottle, ie., pill bottles. When he ran the engine to charge a large battery bank, it would heat the water in the tank. We live in the country and a 3 sided horse shed (loafing shed) works well, so long as the wind isn’t coming in the wrong direction.
It seems like most cities have banned Strike Anywhere matches for the kind you can only strike on a box. I have inverters and large battery bank which charges from mains or generator to give 3-4 hours power before having to start to charge which is silent. I suppose you could install a propane carburetor on the engine and get a 500 gallon propane tank.

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