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Powell Police said a car crashed into a pole near West Olentangy Street and Sawmill Road, causing the outage.
CRF Frozen Foods is voluntarily recalling 15 frozen vegetable items that have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria. President and CEO Saed Mohseni said a€?Performance at each of these locationsa€¦was not meeting expectations.
A federal appeals court has ruled that New England Patriots Tom Brady must serve a four-game "Deflategate" suspension imposed by the NFL, overturning a lower judge and siding with the league in a battle with the players union.
The city has reached a $6 million settlement in a lawsuit over the death of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old shot by a police officer while playing with a pellet gun outside a recreation center. A Franklin County grand jury has indicted a central Ohio man for providing heroin that nearly killed two users. Authorities say they found marijuana-growing operations at three of the four locations where eight family members in rural southern Ohio were found fatally shot.
Students at Piketon High School are still in shock over the death of 16-year-old Christopher Rhoden Jr., who was one of eight people massacred last week. Residents are reminded that when approaching intersections where the traffic lights are not working; treat the intersection as a four-way stop. Several homes, businesses and stop lights were reported without power near Schrock Road and Busch Boulevard in north Columbus. On Friday June 29th our area experienced a severe storm with 80 mph winds that knocked out power for over 600,000 American Electric Power (AEP) customers in Ohio and it took a week or more to get the power back on.
The word derecho is a Spanish word, meaning “straight” or “right.” In meteorology, the term is used to describe a long-lived, violent straight-line convective wind storm. Griffin says that starting 15 years ago, Pepco stopped hiring workers to replace retiring electrical workers and offered incentive-laden buyout deals to get electricians to retire.
Despite having a negative -57% tax rate from 2008 to 2010 and making nearly $822 million in profits during that period, Pepco has not hired a sufficient number of electricians to properly maintain the system. Also my family in Findlay suffered for 5 days with no power but what did I see at a power company camp at the Lima Mall on the Monday after the outage? To give somewhat an idea of how it use to be, back during the Blizzard of 1978 Findlay lost power at most for 12 hours after the storm hit.
But I guess AEP made a good business decision, I mean why spend the cash on having enough workers on hand for the worst case scenario or to keep your equipment up to date. The funny thing is that AEP will try to pass on the large sum spent now on to customers when it would have been much less had they spent the money on having enough workers and modern equipment.
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The picture I posted wasn't posted to point out that the workers were eating lunch, it was to point out a Findlay division truck was in Lima.
Leading Ohio Superintendent Of Schools Candidate Has History Of Lying About School ReformSen. Proudly powered by WordPress Published using DougTheme 2013, created by Doug Berger, a child theme to Word Press' Twenty Twelve theme. Grove City Police have put out temporary stop signs at intersections and are reminding driver to treat those interesction as 4-way stops. Crews are making progress this evening to restore customers affected by today's winter storm. AEP says about 14,000 customers are currently without power in their service territory in Ohio and approximately 11,000 of those are in central Ohio, mostly in Franklin County. ANN ARBOR, June 25, 2012: Power outage maps for those utility companies that provide it are listed here by state, alphabetically.

The list is known to be incomplete, but the list from Wikipedia (outage management system) is also incomplete.
Wherever possible, I’m also capturing service area or service territory maps, mobile device apps, high capacity transmission interconnection maps, media contact information, regulatory agencies, and regional coordinating bodies. Western Electricity Coordinating Council. The Principal Transmission Map and the Planned Facilities Map are available to WECC members only or on receipt of approval from WECC’s Manager of Planning Services.
Northwest Council: Power Generation in the Northwest map shows  top power producers in each category, or those producing more than 25mw. Maryland (Baltimore area, BWI): Baltimore Gas and Electric power outage map. Power Out or Downed Wire? Michigan (Central Upper Peninsula, Ishpeming, Negaunee, Escanaba, Houghton, Hancock): Upper Peninsula Power Compan Current Electric Outages. Michigan (central, western, northern Lower Peninsula) Consumers Energy: Report an Electric Outage (no outage maps).
Black River Electric Cooperative: To report an outage, call (800) 392-4711 or Automated Customer Service Hotline at (888) 461-COOP.
New York (Rochester). RGE Outages plots the approximate locations of power outages in Rochester, New York, and is updated every ten minutes. Columbus school officials said they expected power to be back before they had to send students home. AEP claimed the storm was more than their system could handle with the amount of damage not seen since the remnant of Hurricane Ike passed through in 2008. A derecho usually takes the form of a squall line or large bow echo, traveling hundreds of miles.
There are wood poles that get knocked over and trees that get blown over taking power lines with them.
In order to address understaffing problems, Pepco has at times hired non-union temporary contractors, instead of hiring new workers. Griffin claims the insufficient number of linemen causes Pepco’s system to go out more often not just during storms, but on hot summer days when electrical grids are maxed out from air conditioners and fans. The small village of Forest in eastern Hancock county got their power on before my family did in Findlay. We had 50 to 60 mph winds, below zero temperatures, and at least a foot of snow blown into 10 to 20 foot drifts in places. I pointed out that cost cutting by AEP means it takes longer to repair damage like what happened on June 29th.
Additional resources were brought in by the company to assist with the repairs and restoration. Restoration to all customers is expected to go into Monday because the winds continue to cause new outages.
To be overly comprehensive, if there are screen captures that I can gather, I will; they will not be current when you look at them, but I will time and date stamp them as best I can. Be aware of approaching weather with a weather alert radio and a hand crank emergency radio. Aggregated information about power outages, their causes, and the relative impact of each one; not real time. Regional coordination of wholesale power transfers in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and Manitoba. Pacific Power Outage Information For California (no maps). To report an outage or if you do not see your outage listed and would like an update, call us anytime toll free at 1-877-508-5088.
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. For real-time outage information, please call us anytime at 1-800-DIAL DWP.

Southern California Edison Outage Center, Outage Maps (new), Outage List View (suitable for mobile use). Call 1-800-Edison-1 to report a downed power line. For News Media Inquiries, contact ComEd Media Relations at +1 312 394 3500.
Indianapolis Power and Light Company OutageMap. If you are currently experiencing an outage, please call 317-261-8111.
Minnesota Geospatial Information Office Public Utilities Infrastructure Information for Minnesota.
Omaha Public Power District Power Outage Map. Outages are reported on a grid, either as absolute numbers or as % of total subscribers (shown). There might be another explanation as to why restoration is taking so long in recent years. Derechos produce widespread wind gusts to severe criteria (50 knots or 58 MPH), and wind gusts to 80 MPH (and even 100 MPH in rare cases) are possible. Griffin estimates that Pepco currently employs 1,150 union workers and approximately 400 non-union contractors.
When big storms do hit and knock down the system, PEPCO hires outside contractors from far-away states to help in repairs.
We have tornados which are stronger than 80 mph yet unless it is a direct hit, substations don’t get knocked out. There would be a snow plow followed by an electric truck as they went down county roads to restore power in the rural areas of the county. In addition to showing customer level problems, Entergy Arkansas also shows lines that are de-energized in its distribution system. To improve service to you, we are working to enhance our online outage information to include interactive maps in the future. Outage map shows diamond-shaped outage grid, plus a per-county report showing the percentage of customers out in each area. An option on the map shows an outage history with restoration progress, as well as a breakdown of outages by county. Power companies seem to be more interested in profits over service and they want you to pay for their cost cutting. Derechos are not very common, as many atmospheric conditions have to come together perfectly for one to form. Even after an aggressive tree trimming program after that got the blame for the long outage in 2008 due to the Hurricane Ike.
It is a fact that after the wind event in 2008 AEP seems to have done nothing to try to prevent the massive damage that happened again.
Call (800) 228-8485 with outage reports, or use the Progress Energy outage reporting tool to report online. Sometimes, extreme winds caused by derechos are mistaken for tornadoes, due to their violent and turbulent nature, the appearance of swirling vortices of wind that can sometimes be observed along the leading edge of the gust front, and the significant amount of damage they cause. Georgia Power uses NaviGate from Gatekeeper Systems for visualization of their distribution network (case study). A detailed Minnesota electric transmission lines and substations map from 2007 shows service of 60 kV or larger; this map is an excerpt. The map below was produced in response to the December 1, 2011 Santa Ana winds and shows over 114,000 customers without power in LA.

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