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Home > About Us > The Emerald IsleThe Emerald IsleThe Emerald Isle is the newest and largest vessel and was designed by Timothy Graul Marine Design in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and was built in East Boothbay, Maine by Washburn & Doughty Associates, Inc.
Emerald water and beet red roofs contrasted the ominous grey mountains that wrapped around the bay and the slate houses.
The weather turned from bad to worse as we descended on Montenegro via Dubrovnik, including a hail storm and power outage once we reacher Herceg-Novi on empty stomachs.
2013 was a red-letter one for me as a professional and as a traveler, but only now, two years after our trip, do I feel like I found Kotor to stir up some weird feelings in me. Arriving in the early morning, we were told to take the stairs out of town that led to the old fortifications and a smattering of old Via Crucis and roadside temples. Always privy to climb to the highest point of any given city to see it from above, Kotor didn’t disappoint. Back in town, we tucked into a cheap local beer and greasy pizza slices before wandering the small but stunning well preserved old town.
Nothing exciting, nothing unordinary, nothing particularly great or not great describes my day in Kotor, and even the way I’m beginning to feel about travel. Afterwards came Romania, Turkey, Andorra, and Montenegro (and then Slovakia and India), and I surpassed that goal before turning 28. A close friend asked me recently about my upcoming travel plans and I realized I hadn’t been on a plane sine January, and that was to Barcelona.
Since money again became a concern after the house (those things cost a lot of money to maintain – who knew?), my trips have been limited to weekends and any place I can reach by car. Back in Kotor, we bought and wrote postcards, sipped free beers as we checked our emails and caught up on Facebook, occasionally popping into a shop or craning our necks for a photo. I have no big trips on the horizon, and even our post-wedding road trip to New Orleans is an afterthought for me.

As it turns out, my senses feel most alert in the very place I live, so I think I’ll be sticking around here for a while.
Needless to say, I cant really plan much so flights are outrageously priced on top of the already high Korean airfare prices. After leaving Spain finally I went home and did a few weeks of travel in the USA but since entering Korea, over 9 months ago, I have left Seoul on only a handful of occasions and only once did I cover more than 150KM.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with feeling like you’re in a travel “slump”—you’ve found your sweet spot and you love Triana, which is hardly a terrible place to be in right now!
I can definitely understand that – hopefully you’re saving up for a cool trip somewhere! The Comcast Bite of SeattlePresented by Emerald Queen Hotel & CasinosEvery time I pay my cable bill I certainly feel the bite Comcast takes out of Seattle. She is 130 feet in length, 39 feet wide, and draws 8.5 feet with a top speed of 14.5 knots and maximum capacity of 294 passengers with capability for a semi-truck! I can nearly savor the fried grasshoppers in Beijing or hear the call to prayer in Marrakesh (maybe those are just the annoying church bells at my local parish). From our base in Herceg-Novi, we spent a few days doing our normal travel thing:  wake up, drive the car around until something pretty caught our eye, gorge on cevapi sandwiches and local beers (and the addictive JOST!
An unblemished Old Town, traces of Venetian, Ottoman and Napoleanic prowess and a varied population make it a popular destination and UNESCO World Heritage city.
I can’t recall many details from the afternoon, save the pristine city streets juxtaposed with the jagged rock face of the surrounding mountains, the cats leaping onto cafe chairs, the domes of the Orthodox churches. Travel hasn’t lost its sheen completely, but my preferred web sites are decidedly devoid of budget airline sites. That’s meant a bachelorette party in Malaga, a solo hike on the Caminito del Rey, scattered weekends in Madrid or San Nicolas.

Walking back over the Triana bridge on a balmy late spring night, I felt tears fill my eyes as the sun was setting. When not cavorting with adorable Spanish grandpas or struggling with Spanish prepositions, she wrangles babies at an English language academy and freelances with other publications, like Rough Guides and The Spain Scoop. Once you travel a lot I think it takes a different approach to get that novice traveler feeling. I am enjoying being settled in one place for a while, but I can’t wait to get back out there.
We only spent a day there, and I really enjoyed it and found the city beautiful, but I wouldn’t be rushing to head back. Layer by layer, I took off my scarf and blazer as we climbed closer towards the castle and the gradually lightening sky. I told myself 25 by 25 would suffice, and pulling into an abandoned bus terminal in Prague at the break of dawn before my 25th birthday meant I’d have to rethink my goal. I still get delight out of pinning places and reading blog posts about travel gear and news apps and far-flung destinations, but I’ve strangely not had much urge to travel. The gentle buzz of traffic, the smell of churro grease, the cobblestones under my feet. But finally i’m starting to get antsy so this weekend is a puente and I am headed to the east coast to camp on Hajodae beach.

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