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A huge branch came down on 106th SW No large areas in and around Everett without power this morning just scattered outages where trees have come down over power lines. My Everett News is a hyperlocal news website featuring breaking news and events in Everett, WA.
EVERETT — Detectives are investigating a homicide at a complex of town homes on the 8200 block of 5th Avenue W after neighbors say their friend was stabbed several times trying to protect a woman early Monday morning. Everett Police say they were called down to the town home complex for the stabbing at about 2 a.m.
Neighbors say the incident started with a fight between the suspect and the suspect’s girlfriend. Police searched the scene and couldn’t find the suspect, but he was found several minutes later a few blocks away with the help of a K-9. Neighbors say it is a shame their good friend died this morning, and called the victim a hero.
The Edmonds Salmon Chapter of Trout Unlimited is hosting a presentation by Jeff Duda, a research ecologist for the Seattle-based U.S.
Lynnwood police said that Christine King, the woman reported missing Saturday night in Lynnwood, has been located and is back home safe with family.
The Edmonds City Council during its Tuesday night work session will receive an update on progress being made to regulate signage in Edmonds.
Custom LED retrofits from SimplyLEDs and Bridgelux rejuvenated a Boise, Idaho aquatic center while reducing energy usage by 80 percent. Finally, an elaborate truss system held the existing 66 lighting fixtures and tearing it out was cost-prohibitive.
After weighing several options, including blanket replacement of the metal-halide luminaires and several different LED vendors, the YMCA decided to work with a provider of task-specific LED lighting, SimplyLEDs (Garden City, ID), and LED array provider Bridgelux (San Jose, CA).

The replacement kit for each fixture consists of 4 Piazza Series LED modules and two power supplies, which consume 150W (see photo). Other advantages to the LED installation include increased lighting uniformity in the pool area and reduced glare off the water (see photo). Everett said the strong drivers for adopting LEDs were really the terrific energy savings, fast installation and reasonable ROI. Sponsored Content is made possible by our sponsor; it does not necessarily reflect the views of our editorial staff. Subscribe to the magazine or email newsletter today at no cost and receive the latest news and information. We also cover City of Everett information and items of interest to those who live and work in Everett. The altercation started to get physical and neighbors say the victim stepped in to break it up.
Trailer with Miller Bobcat welder makes a great combination to make those repairs around your farm or ranch. But fifteen years into operation, the lifeguards couldna€™t see as well as they needed to and it was heading toward a safety issue,a€? described Jim Everett, CEO of the Treasure Valley Family YMCA. Together, they provided a drop-in replacement for each of the 66 fixtures, keeping the still functional and attractive truss system intact.
This kit compares to two 400W metal-halide bulbs with ballasts, which consumed approximately 920W each. They experimented with various reflector shapes, finally settling on a gull-wing type design for optimal lighting effect.
Although the total lumen output is lower than with the metal-halide bulbs, SimplyLEDs was able to increase light output levels on the pool by 50 percent by taking advantage of the beam angle of the LEDs and the custom-designed reflector (see photo).

In addition, whenever there was a power outage, the YMCA had to wait approximately 30 minutes until the metal-halide lamps cooled and could be restarted. It's written by Leland Dart a former Snohomish County based radio reporter born and raised in Everett. Published by Leland Dart, a former Snohomish County based radio reporter born and raised in Everett.
When they arrived they found a man who was not responding and a woman administering CPR on the victim.
Everett had other issues as well: maintenance on the lighting fixtures tended to be difficult because of the high ceiling and having to work around the pools. I play a lot of water polo, and I really notice how much better I can see in the pool now,a€? said Everett.
The willingness to work after hours and work quickly made a big difference on this project. The metal-halide fixtures, designed to reflect light off a white ceiling, had burned out in several cases. Each fixture had a changeover time of approximately 20 minutes to remove the metal-halide light engine and ballasts and install the LED modules and reflector. Moreover, because the maintenance cost of the LEDs is nearly zero, Everett estimated a maintenance savings of $5000 per year.
We needed people who understood our business model and could work within our constraints,a€? he said.

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