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Georgia Power crews have successfully restored power to all of the company’s customers in Demorest and Cornelia.
AFP - Residents in south-west England are counting the cost on Friday after torrential rain caused flash flooding across the area. This area shows Power Outages as reported by the CL&P and the United Illuminating web-sites. If there are other power stations responsible for the production and delivery of power that you would like to see here, please contact CT Weather. State officials say a power outage disabled telephones and computer systems in the Arizona Department of Economic Security Data Center for almost four hours. Friday’s outage also limited internet access for State Capitol mall employees of the Department of Corrections and Department of Education. The DES and state Department of Administration are implementing recovery procedures to restore all systems by Friday afternoon.

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Service was interrupted to more than 2,300 customers in Habersham County this morning after equipment failed inside a local control center. 4 minutes in the power went out to the building so I ended up having to give a 400 level technical presentation, complete with code walkthroughs all without notes and verbally describing everything.

Officials say internet connections have been restored for both the DOC and the administration department. The failure left nearly a third of the utility company’s Habersham County customers in the dark for more than an hour. Of course I was privately hopeful that the power just wouldn’t come back and I could go home early.

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