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Lights show charred metal left behind after a felled power line sparked several fires in eastern Las Vegas on Oct.
For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. Well, it seems winter weather strikes again, this time in Tunica, Mississippi with power outages in many hotels and casinos that left many guests without power and some even without rooms. The widespread outage occurred when 40 power lines snapped because of the wind and the ice. While many casinos around the area are dealing with the same outage, Gold Strike is the only hotel and casino in the area that has fully closed. Despite not having any electricity, heat, or hot water in any of the rooms, many hotels have managed to keep the casino portions of the hotels up and running through the use of backup power and generators.
As seen in this TMCNet article, casinos are some of the worst places for outages because of their extreme dependence on power, both in terms of downtime and security. Minuteman’s diverse line of UPSs, or uninterrupted power supplies, is purposed just for incidents like this one in Tunica.

Come see Minuteman in booth 214 at the Gaming Technology Conference March 17-19th in Las Vegas! This entry was posted in PowerNews, Uncategorized and tagged casino, hotel, power outage, powernews, winter weather on March 12, 2014 by Samantha Wade.
Some aerial shots of Las Vegas, wonder what would happen if there was a major power outage there. Without the (relatively) cheap electricity generated by the Hoover Dam, Las Vegas as we know it could not exist.
You could buy a 1 bdrm condo for under $8000 but no one in their right mind wanted to share it with the multitude of homeless squatters.
The outdoor signage at the Target near Sunset Road and Stephanie Street in Henderson was dim during a power outage on Nov. Today, Gold Strike Resort and Casino made an announcement to its guests that the hotel would be closing entirely, leaving many “to fend for [themselves],” as Judy Callies, a Gold Strike guest put it. One guest described a hotel as having completely dark and cold rooms but fully functioning casino services.

UPSs providing backup power to these hotels and casinos could have saved many from downtime associated with these kind of power problems. To participate in the discussions, please register, the registration is completely free and takes only one minute. Two other hotels, Sam’s Town and Fitz Tunica, are also without power but are allowing their guests to stay at the powerless hotel. With these backup power supplies and generators, many hotels and casinos were able to keep their doors open and saved them from detrimental downtime, as the Gold Strike experienced. Other hotels are accommodating current guests only and some are even accepting future reservations if the guests are willing and able to put up with the road and weather conditions. I have been told by the international pilots that nothing beats flying into Paris at Christmas time.

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