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Most people would not do what I just did during a power outage, making pictures of the blackout block of houses. Here is the first picture of our block of houses completely in the dark without any power, while the block further down the street has regular electricity! While it was all dark, I took a couple more pictures in Black & White, to give the whole experience a more interesting look. Disclaimer: This blog and the content on this blog are my own and contains my opinion and observations. Disclosure: I am benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. SAO PAULO — Despite widespread speculation at the time, a massive power outage that left 18 out of the 26 Brazilian states in the dark for up to six hours last year was not the result of a cyberattack, according to a classified diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks last week. Coimbra said that while sabotage could have caused the outages, this type of disruption would have been deadly, and investigators would have found physical evidence, including the body of the perpetrator.
The blackout was caused by short circuits on high-voltage lines leading from the Itaburi substation near Sao Paulo, and was exacerbated by a number of factors, according to the cable, which appears to confirm the public reports of the blackout.
Raphael Mandarino Jr., Brazil’s director of Homeland Security Information and Communication, says it refers to a cyber-extortion attack launched by Eastern European hackers around 2005 or 2006. The intruders, Mandarino says, downloaded and deleted files on the machine, and then left a message demanding ransom money for the data’s return. No money was paid, says Mandarino, and most of the destroyed files were recovered from a backup. In truth, a utility company’s negligent maintenance of high-voltage insulators on two transmission lines is what caused the outage, according to government regulators and others who investigated the incident for more than a year.

Jose Parody, 18, a Berklee College of Music freshman told the Boston Globe, “It just kind of feels like a movie. Becky Ripley, 59, of Maryland was staying at the Hilton Back Bay Boston and told the Boston Globe, “It was nasty.
One man told CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod, “Our condo building lost power completely. The Boston Power outage spread from the Back Bay to the adjacent Theater District, Chinatown, Kenmore Square and the South End. City officials were urging people to take public transportation Wednesday morning and as well as seek alternate routes around the Back Bay area. No serious injuries are being reported, and there were no reports of looting, but police did shut down surrounding streets as a precaution.
10, 2009, blackout came just two days after the CBS News magazine 60 Minutes reported that an earlier outage in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo in 2007 was the work of hackers. 1, 2009 and classified Secret, describes the “strikingly open” conversations that followed. He also noted that any internal attempts by system employees to disrupt the system would have been easily traceable, a fact known to anyone with access to the system. The attackers penetrated an administrative machine at a government agency after the system administrator left the computer with a default password. Those measures were distributed to all the government’s branches and affiliates, including energy suppliers.
But the utility operation network is isolated, and has yet to be breached from the outside.

8, 2009, 60 Minutes cited unnamed sources in making the claim that a massive 2007 blackout that affected 3 million people was triggered by hackers targeting a utility company’s control systems.
A three-alarm fire in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood from a 115,000-volt transformer on Scotia Street behind Hilton Hotel caused 13,000 Hub residents without power and police having to direct traffic through intersections. Until then the utility will be relying on generators brought in from across New England and New York. I checked with the neighbors, just to make sure it was not me owing the PG&E some outrageous bill. Oliveira pointed out that even if someone had managed to gain access to the system, a voice command is required to disrupt transmission. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED.
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And while we have sufficient number of flashlights, I was more interested in making pictures of the blacked-out block of houses in our street.

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