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Worst blackout to hit India in ten years highlights country’s struggle to meet growing demand for electricity. NORTHERN INDIA’S power grid crashed today, halting hundreds of trains, forcing hospitals and airports to use backup generators and leaving 370 million people — more than the population of the United States and Canada combined — sweltering in the summer heat. The blackout, the worst to hit India in a decade, highlighted the nation’s inability to feed a growing hunger for energy as it strives to become a regional economic power. The northern grid crashed about 2.30 am because it could no longer keep up with the huge demand for power in the hot summer, officials in the state of Uttar Pradesh said.
By late morning, 60 per cent of the power had been restored in the eight northern states affected by the outage and the rest was expected to be back on line by the afternoon, Shinde said. New Delhi residents were roused from sleep when their fans and air conditioners stopped and came out of their homes in the heat as the entire city turned dark. Map showing the eight states suffering from the power outage in northern India including Jammu  and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi,  Uttarakhand and Rajasthan. While the outage was unique in its reach, its impact was softened by Indians’ familiarity with almost daily power outages of varying duration. The Confederation of Indian Industry said the outage was a reminder of the urgent need for the government to fix the power sector, ensure a steady supply of coal for power plants and reform the electricity utilities. Shinde deflected criticism, pointing out that the United States and Brazil also had huge power failures in recent years. India’s Central Electricity Authority reports power deficits of about 8 per cent in recent months. The power deficit was worsened by a weak monsoon that lowered hydroelectric generation and kept temperatures higher, further increasing electricity usage as people seek to cool off. Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation chief Avnish Awasthi blamed the grid collapse on states drawing more than their allotted power to meet the summer demand. Earlier this month, angry crowds blocked traffic and clashed with police after blackouts in the Delhi suburb of Gurgaon that houses many high-rise apartment blocks and offices. Employers should stick to questions that interrogate the candidate’s experience and deliver measurable evidence, writes careers expert Eoghan McDermott. Austerity and spending cuts have made second-class citizens of people with disabilities, writes Tom Clonan.

Sandy is going to hit us Monday or Tuesday almost to the day when New York and New England was hit by the Halloween Nor'Easter 2011. Until they know where it hits, it could be anything from a mild annoyance to all out crazy. If it hits farther north then we will not get snow--but if it hits around Delaware, we will likely get snow. And like last Halloween, there are still a lot of leaves on the trees so there will be carnage if we get a heavy wet snow like last time, in addition to gale force winds that they are predicting. Imma preparing the snowblower and getting some wood stacked, because the power will be going out regardless.
I feel guilty for seeing 80-degree temps, nothing but sun and 0% chance of rain through the extended forecast here in AZ. We know a family that is presently on a cruise in the Carribbean and are supposed to be at Castaway Cay tomorrow. Starting September 17, Dominion Power began providing a new interactive power outage map and outage summary list for its customers. The outage map is the first of several planned outage communications project phases at Dominion Power. Using the map, Dominion customers can explore the map to see general locations for all outages in Dominion’s service area, or search for a specific location to get status information and an estimated restoration time for any nearby work requests.
In a news release about the outage map, Becky Merritt, vice president of Customer Service for Dominion, said, “This new outage map provides greater access to the information customers need to help us restore their power quickly in the event of an outage.
The CBS coverage noted that because the Dominion outage map is available on mobile devices (such as an iPad) customers can access the map even during a power outage.
Dominion is one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy, with a portfolio of approximately 24,600 megawatts of generation, 12,200 miles of natural gas transmission, gathering and storage pipeline, and 6,455 miles of electric transmission lines. The utility’s power outage map showed service out in an area stretching from east of North Wagner Road to Zeeb Road.
If only those new smart meters were installed, as mentioned in yesterday's news, then the power would have been restored in 1 hour and 45 minutes instead of 2 hours. The outages are affecting customers from Cambie to Nanaimo Street, including the neighbourhoods of Chinatown, East Vancouver, Olympic Village, Mt.

However, Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said he was not sure exactly what caused the collapse and had formed a committee to investigate it.
The grid was drawing power from the neighbouring eastern and western grids as well as getting hydroelectric power from the small neighbouring mountain kingdom of Bhutan.
Hospitals and major businesses have backup generators that kick in when during power cuts, and upscale homes run on backup systems powered by truck batteries. Transmission and distribution losses in some states are as much as 50 per cent because of theft and corruption by employees in the power industry. But India’s demand for electricity has soared since then as its economy has grown sharply.
Shivpal Singh Yadav, the power minister in the state of Uttar Pradesh, home to 200 million people, said that while demand during peak hours hits 11,000 megawatts, the state can only provide 9,000 megawatts. The new map provides updated information every 15 minutes, and is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Future project phases will provide enhancements to administrative tools and an additional portal for secure access by external stakeholders. The outage summary list shows the number of customers out of power and the total number of customers served by area and county, and also provides links to each area and county on the outage map. Dominion operates one of the nation’s largest natural gas storage systems with 928 billion cubic feet of storage capacity and serves utility and retail energy customers in 13 states. Tuesday for about 1,600 DTE Energy customers northwest of Ann Arbor after an outage of about two hours, the utility said.
Muslim families were forced to eat their pre-dawn meals by candlelight before beginning their daytime Ramadan fast. The outage was a reminder of the country’s long road ahead in upgrading its infrastructure to meet its aspirations of being an economic superpower. The local CBS news affiliate in Charlottesville, Virginia featured a video of the outage map in a story they covered about Dominion Power’s restoration planning and training.

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