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Hurricane Isaac has knocked out power to 85 percent of residences and businesses in Orleans and Jefferson parishes. Latest live event and breaking news, weather, sports and entertainment updates as they happen.
Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader said most of the victims were targeted while they were sleeping.
Health officials say they allowed XO Asian Cuisine to stay open despite health violations because owners took initial steps to improve.
The Deflategate fallout isn’t over for the former University of Michigan player turned pro. Davenport Panthers head coach Lou Esposito stopped by Sports Overtime to talk about building a program from the ground up.
A map showing where Consumers Energy plans to shut off power for about an hour Thursday evening.
The outage lasted less than an hour and affected about 4,366 customers in area bordered by Lee Street, Burlingame Avenue, 44th Street and Wilson Street. When you are safe, stand by for instruction from University officials or from Public Safety personnel.
Unless otherwise directed or it is unsafe to do so, employees are expected to remain at work until their scheduled shift ends and students are expected to attend their classes as scheduled. ANN ARBOR, May 7, 2015: Power outage maps for those utility companies that provide it are listed here by state, alphabetically. The list is known to be incomplete, but the list from Wikipedia (outage management system) is also incomplete. Wherever possible, I'm also capturing service area or service territory maps, mobile device apps, high capacity transmission interconnection maps, media contact information, regulatory agencies, and regional coordinating bodies. You might want to have an battery backed emergency sump pump or a water powered backup sump pump, plus a basement water sensor and alarm. August 28, 2012 updates several Louisiana electric cooperatives in advance of Hurricane Isaac, as well as details for Mississippi Power. January 12, 2012 adds the service alert map from Puget Sound Energy, which serves Washington State. November 30 - December 1, 2011 looks at the Santa Ana winds that are affecting California (LA Times), causing power outages and a risk of fires. A November 9, 2011 update starts to collect media contact pages, especially for utility companies that do not currently publish maps, and I'm looking at Alaska, Michigan, Washington, and Wisconsin.
The August 25 and 29, 2011 updates includes nine new maps along the US east coast, covering power outages due to Hurricane Irene.
Michigan (Central Upper Peninsula, Ishpeming, Negaunee, Escanaba, Houghton, Hancock): Upper Peninsula Power Compan Current Electric Outages. Michigan (central, western, northern Lower Peninsula) Consumers Energy: Report an Electric Outage (no outage maps).
President Obama did not intend his comment as the premise for an intellectual discussion of the role of society in individual achievement. While this has the potential to become quite contentious, permit me to offer a couple of points.
The entire quote runs to about two paragraphs.  It is clear that his meaning is that no one who succeeds can take all the credit for having succeeded, because the government made his success possible. His semi-inarticulate blunder — the money quote — amounts to a Freudian slip of epic proportions.

This is what gun control should mean…just think how peaceful Chicago beaches would be if law-abiding citizens carried openly! Handy tool if you are planning on traveling to any area that may have suffered a power outage recently. LAS VEGAS NV June 27 2012 – A group of Nevada Highway Patrol troopers and a retired police sergeant have filed a racketeering complaint against the NHP and Las Vegas Metro Police in U.S. From now on before we agree to create a government bureaucracy the first question we should ask is what is the worst thing that Department could do. Assembly lines may be slowing as consumers temper purchases of vehicles and other goods and companies limit investments in new equipment. Machine Gun Fire From Blackhawks Flying Over Miami…Military Goes Dumb Police Go Dumber! In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. University officials will remain in direct contact with Southern California Edison, along with other governmental agencies, and will provide updates to the University community as they become available. Advise the dispatcher or coordinator of the situation and of any additional locations that are without power. To be overly comprehensive, if there are screen captures that I can gather, I will; they will not be current when you look at them, but I will time and date stamp them as best I can. Be aware of approaching weather with a weather alert radio and a hand crank emergency radio. Added load shedding page for Eskom (South Africa) and PGCB (Bangladesh) after large scale power outage in both countires. Added load graph from ERCOT, map for San Bernard Electric Cooperative, map for AEP Texas, entry for Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, map for Austin Electric. This map is only activated in severe weather; PSE reported 220,000 homes without service due to heavy snowfall. If you don't know who to call to report an emergency associated with a power outage, call 911. Regional coordination of wholesale power transfers in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and Manitoba. Southern California Edison Outage Center, Outage Maps (new), Outage List View (suitable for mobile use). The Emera Maine outage map also includes detail on every single outage in the service territory, and a total count of outages system wide. Minnesota Geospatial Information Office Public Utilities Infrastructure Information for Minnesota. Being the contrary bastard that I am I need to say that while I agree that the owner is a powerful spokeman, Romney nails it when he declares Obamas statement to be foolishness. This Is What Obama Revealed…Most Republicans Don’t Understand Just How Evil Obama Is! The “context” the Democrats would have us consider is a logical argument for raising taxes on a minority for the purported benefit of the majority. We created this monstrosity to defend ourselves from another terrorist attack…did we consider that maybe DHS is a bigger problem than the terrorists themselves? If we don’t like the answer then the bureaucracy isn’t the answer to whatever problem we think it will solve.
So which politicians are sitting behind their desks thinking that what this economy needs is a REALLY BIG tax increase?

The Left Emboldened By The Marxist In Chief Exposes Themselves— Jeff Goldstein Rings The Alarm! Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. Additionally, the University has emergency lighting that activates during a power outage to provide limited emergency lighting to assist in the proper evacuation of facilities. The dispatcher or coordinator will immediately notify the appropriate department or agency of the outage.
Public Safety officers, or the fire department, will be dispatched to your location for assistance.
If you are in western Massachusetts, a WMECO ratepayer has built their own outage page suitable for even very dumb mobile phones.
Aggregated information about power outages, their causes, and the relative impact of each one; not real time. In addition to showing customer level problems, Entergy Arkansas also shows lines that are de-energized in its distribution system. To improve service to you, we are working to enhance our online outage information to include interactive maps in the future. Outage map shows diamond-shaped outage grid, plus a per-county report showing the percentage of customers out in each area.
Detail view shown; note that the outage reporting lets you gather detail down to the substation and feeder level. Yes indeed, foolishnesss…how terrible is it that we have a President of the United States who is foolish? It is a justification for using the force of government to confiscate private resources for government to “invest” as it sees fit regardless of the intention and values of the individuals who created them. If the Malibu campus loses power for a period of time, messages from the Emergency Operations Committee will be posted at four predetermined locations with updates and instructions. Call (800) 228-8485 with outage reports, or use the Progress Energy outage reporting tool to report online.
This PDF file, Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States, 1970 to 2008 January 31, 2012 written by the Department of Homeland Security should be considered traitorous.
Georgia Power uses NaviGate from Gatekeeper Systems for visualization of their distribution network (case study). A subscriber has built their own WMECO service outage page suitable for mobile phones. Yes I know that is a radical thing to say about our once great government but when we start describing people as terrorists who are fiercely nationalist (as opposed to universal and international in orientation), suspicious of centralized federal authority, reverent of individual liberty we have gone seriously off the rails. The map below was produced in response to the December 1, 2011 Santa Ana winds and shows over 114,000 customers without power in LA. Progress Energy merged with Duke Energy in 2012; though the Twitter account is still listed on the Duke Energy site, it appears to be down. Entergy also serves adjacent Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas customers with outage reporting on the same map.

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