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Severe thunderstorms with winds surpassing 80 mph impacted the Commonwealth on the evening of Friday, 29 June, and continued into the early morning hours of Saturday, 30 June. As Hurricane Irene moves at 13 miles per hour north north east along the eastern seaboard of the Unites States massive power outages are following in its wake.
Dominion haven't issued any press releases as yet, but they have released some videos. Reuters are reporting that there have been four deaths so far, since Irene's landfall this morning. Kalamazoo and Calhoun counties were the hardest hit with outages, with over 23,000 customers without power. Restoration times will vary, but Consumers Energy is hoping to have all the power restored by Monday evening. Hurricane Isaac has knocked out power to 85 percent of residences and businesses in Orleans and Jefferson parishes.
Latest live event and breaking news, weather, sports and entertainment updates as they happen. Isn’t it a little bit of a double standard to be condemning Worley for his radical and out of line comments but not calling Reverend Wright* on his?
I mean, Worley preaches to a congregation that doesn’t have a president as a former member. The NRA and the gun lobby has worked hard to pass laws in all but one state to allow people to carry guns around in public places.
Clearly she is talking about people licensed by the state to carry firearms in public, right? Stories like the one above show that carrying a loaded gun around in public places has not worked out the way the NRA said it would when conceal and carry laws were passed in almost every state of the country.

With Wisconsin’s concealed carry law being in effect for just over three months, a recent national study suggests armed citizens prevent more crimes than previously thought. Everyone has seen the recent reports of the drug crazed murderer in Florida and I’m sure the psychotic break of the New Jersey man will soon be making the rounds. But the fact that two separate people at two separate Jack In The Boxes decided to try to murder cops might not make national news. Given the fact that only 18% of all violent crime occurs in the home, why does the Brady Campain not support  Concealed Carry? Everyone should have the right to sit in a coffee shop or a restaurant with their families, including their children, without being confronted with the threatening presence of openly-displayed guns. Apparently they want to make it safer for the criminals and not people who legally carry firearms. Turn out is expected to be light (again and more so then normal), so your vote will mean all that much more if you cast it. Joe Chow – not the best candidate but a good candidate with the best chance to beat Joe Barton. I say celebrate because life is meant to be lived and enjoyed ; those that have fallen in service of our country knew that,so celebrate. That would be reckless and it would be irresponsible, and we take our public safety and the safety of our employees very seriously, so were just not going to do that. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Saturday morning, there are over 29,000 Consumers Energy customers without power after severe weather hit the region Friday evening. She can head home and spend time with Tennessee Father In Law who is in town for a graduation.

And then, I have also written many times before on this blog about incidents of those guns carried by law abiding permit holders discharging accidentally in public places. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Remember this Texas woman who was shot in her buttocks by an accidental discharge of a gun in the pocket of a man sitting in the same restaurant? I don’t even have to provide a link, Joan freely and fully admits the teen was illegally carrying the firearm. However, the authors, Clayton Cramer and David Burnett, said the actual number of cases is much higher, as many instances are not covered by the media.
Permit holders are in the news often enough for having shot someone in a homicide to raise concerns about our gun culture and our gun laws. And one teen who was illegally carrying — as example of how dangerous us licensed gun carriers are. 2188), would force virtually every state to allow Zimmerman, and dangerous people like him, to legally carry loaded and hidden handguns in our communities. Sometimes, people are injured and sometimes people are lucky and no one is injured or killed.
Surely you remember the Wyoming teen who had an illegally concealed gun in her purse, given to her by her law abiding gun owner father for self protection, when her gun discharged when as dropped her purse.

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